Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Not through yet

Casa Grande, AZ
Sticks and Bricks

I can't understand why businesses don't have hours for customers.  We went to Chandler early for our eye appointments as I wanted to stopped at Anna's Linens for some valances.  It was after 9 am and they didn't open until 10 am.  No problem we went to the Chandler Mall and the stores there didn't open until 10.  In Arizona we have no daylight savings time so most people from the state are used to getting up early.  I know it is winter, but the hours don't change in the summer.  If you want to shop in the morning, you can't do it before 10 am.  Do you know the difference in temperatures at 8 am versus 10 in an Arizona summer?

Today Bill had his check up from yesterday's surgery and everything looked fine and doesn't have to return until the 17th.  I had decided to have an eye exam after seeing how professional and  thorough they were when they checked Bill.  My father is legally blind and with a family history of macular degeneration and glaucoma.  I was a little startled when I made the appointment for today and they said it would cost $210.  For what it's worth, I didn't have to pay the $210 because I now have medical problems and medicare will kick in.  I was told that my pressure is high and needs to be checked again and that I have a separated retina.  My doctor said I needed to see a retina specialist and they wouldn't be at the office until Monday so I have an appointment then. I guess we'll be making another trip to Chandler.  

My eyes were dilated so Bill decided since only one of his were dilated he would be better to drive home.  

On our way home we stopped to see how Polly Folger was doing.  I should have had my camera with me she looked so good.  She seemed to be doing fine.  She can't put any weight on her foot so she's confined to the couch and using crutches to get around.  She seemed to be in fine spirits.

Polly had a gift for us.  It was this unique saguaro cactus surrounded by barb wire.  
This photo didn't come out well but trust me it goes well with western decor.  

I'll probably have withdrawals not having to drive to the valley tomorrow.  I can't believe in my working days I drove up there everyday in rush hour traffic.  

Turtle Safely.......


Monday, January 27, 2014

Boring, Boring, Boring

Casa Grande, AZ
Back at the Shack

What's the most boring topic seniors can have?  Why it's about all your doctor visits.  You can stop reading now and I wouldn't blame you.  

Thursday Bill went for his annual check-up with the dermatologist.  He had skin cancer and he got a good report.  The doctor took off some pre cancerous spots but nothing that needed a biopsy. Good for another year. 

Friday we were back up to Phoenix for his pre-op tests.  Once again he got a very good report and a go for the surgery.

Saturday we drove up to Scottsdale for Nancy Moritz's service.  I know this probably doesn't sound right, but it was a very nice service with a lot of laughter. It was the nicest service I've ever attended.  It was nice to finally meet the rest of the family even if the circumstances could have been better.  Nancy was a very special lady.  She put a lot of happiness in a lot of lives.  

Nancy also served as the "Sunshine Lady" for the Escapees Chapter 45 RV club.  She brought so much sunshine for so many people.  I was surprised by how few from the chapter showed up.  Polly had surgery the day before and Jim and Sandie were in Yuma and both asked us to extend their condolences.  There wasn't an empty seat in the funeral home.  

Today was Bill's surgery in Mesa.  He was over his surgery and back home by 12:30.  He's in never never land from the anesthesia but in no pain.  We have to follow up in Chandler tomorrow with the doctor.  

Bill let me take this photo.  He must be in never never land because he forgot about his haircut he got in Quartzite.  

On a happier note, Susie and Bud Walsh are coming to Casa Grande on Wednesday.  We're looking forward to showing them why we love this area.

Nothing is for sure about the Winter Blast until Bill gets his final check up.  It seems like I always drive in that direction for one reason or another.  He's not allowed to bend or lift anything over 20 pounds for this week.     

He'd feel better if he looked outside and saw a clean polished truck.  Oh well, he can wait a week before he can tackle that.     

Turtle Safely......

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Casa Grande, AZ
Home Base

Bill and I both agree that we had the best time ever at Quartzite this year.  I don't know if it's because we combined Pilot Knob, Parker and Quartzite into one perfect package, the perfect weather, the perfect friends, the perfect Circling of the Wagons, the perfect parking at the big tent, the perfect repairs on the truck, perfect driving weather, perfect sunrises and sunsets, perfect social hours, perfect Susie's Happy Hour, perfect VCR's dinner, you get the idea.  It was perfect.  

Yesterday we were probably the first ones to leave.  When we woke up were out of propane.  Decided not to shower or wash our hair until we got home.  Bill didn't have any hair left anyway after his terrible haircut.  We could have run the fireplace and turned the hot water heater to electric but wasn't sure how long it would take to heat up enough for a shower.  

This was our view as we went outside to hitch up.
I'm sorry not everyone can experience Arizona in January.  Another glorious day.
This hot air balloon has been soaring overhead and I've always forgotten to get a photo.

Three big waves good bye from Roger, Mike and Sharon.  I got a wag earlier from Hickory.
This photo was taken of the circle from Plomosa Road.  Notice the shadow of the rig. 

Jim and Sandie were moving over to La Posa while Roger and Sharon were headed over to meet up with Tony and Peggy, for their wedding day.  

When we stopped in Gila Bend to empty our tanks there was a few other rigs with the same idea.  We were surprised by how little water was in the gray tank.  According to our gauges we had 2/3 of our fresh water left.  If it weren't for Bill's appointments we could have stayed much longer.   

Unloading was pretty simple but we couldn't figure out why the freezer had so much food left.  We gained a few pounds.  I wonder why? We hosed off some of the dust but realized it might need more some other time.

We took the rig back over to storage and George Obrien was there to greet us.  He told us about his bad experience with the Escapees in Quartzite and how he didn't get one hug.  Well he got one from me.  We plan to change his opinion of the Escapees soon.  

Bill was upset that we spent my birthday on a hitch up day but it was fine with me.  I had this cake base in the freezer and Bill put it together for my birthday.  I just wanted a l-o-n-g hot bath.

Didn't get it because the phone rang the rest of the day and evening. Some were happy birthday songs to me, some were of bad news.  

I didn't look at my e-mails while riding home and there was one yesterday morning from Bob Moritz telling us that Nancy passed away.  Her health had been very bad for a very long time but she was always so up beat and never ever complained.  She will be missed.       

Turtle Safely......

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Party is Over

Quartzite, Arizona
Polomas Road BLM

It was another busy day.  We left in the morning to take the truck over to Redland Trucking for the manifold gasket.  We made another pass through the big tent while we were waiting.  Saw some things we missed but nothing we wanted.  

Stopped for a 25 cent coffee and then Bill decided to stop at the barber shop.  There was the barber shop pole and an older man was the barber, should be perfect.  Bill said trim it up and the barber asked about medium? I can't imagine what a lot would have been.  If you see Bill, you won't see him without a hat.  He got a military cut.  I've never seen his hair so short.  

We stopped for fish and chips for lunch and it wasn't nearly as good as before.  We walked back over to see how the truck was coming along and saw it parked over on the other side.  Things are looking up--we thought it would take longer.  As we went up to the counter to pay, we found out they hadn't even started.  Needless to say, we were not happy.  I asked them to take us back to our coach. I didn't want to walk around any longer.  

When we arrived back at the Montana Circle and our driver had left, I realized he had our keys.  Lucky for us we have the digital entry door lock.  I then realized that the gas can for the generator was in the back of the truck.  I visited with Jim and Sandie and then my phone rang.  It was Redland asking if we had another key to the truck.  They locked the key in the truck.  The driver came back out and picked up the key and said Josh was working on the truck.  I really couldn't believe that because I couldn't figure out how he could get the hood up with the door locked.  We started putting away the rug, grill and all that stuff you put out and the next thing I knew here comes our truck.  We drove the truck back to pay for the repairs.  Ouch....

Roger and Sharon were back when we returned.  The dealer got the slide to go in but can't fix it for awhile.  They'll find someone down the road to do the repairs.  

Happy Hour was already in progress and we joined the group.  We talked with friends who we may join up with us at the Winter Blast in Lake Havasau City. 

Tomorrow Roger and Sharon will head to California, Jim and Sandie are heading to La Posa for 2 days and we'll be heading home for Bill's pre-op appointment.  

This has been so much fun.  It's so nice to spend it with friends and to also meet new people.  John Kohl has done a great job of organizing this event.  We look forward to seeing everyone in Goshen for the national rally.  

I wanted to attach an e-mail from Hickory, family dog of Roger and Sharon.  Sharon sends these e-mails out every once in a while and I don't think she realizes how entertaining they are.  Tell me what you think.  I think Hickory should have her own blog.  

Well, I woke up today to my regular schedule and then I observed my Mom and Dad and I KNEW it was TRAVEL DAY!!  Yep, they were stowing things away.  I knew I needed to stay alert and get ready to load up as soon as the back truck door opened.  Road trip day….on to new smells and sights. 
Well, I loaded up just as easy as can be and I waited…..and waited…..and waited…..and then I fell asleep.  I thought, boy this is one quiet ride.  And then I noticed that the truck back door was still open.  And then I noticed all these people who kept coming by to look at me.   A few even petted me and said, “What a good dog!”  Well, yah….of course I’m going to be good today.  It’s travel day and I’m NOT going to be left behind.  Then I heard someone ask, “How many hours has she been in the truck?”  Hours????  We have NEVER taken hours to hitch up.  Maybe I’d better mosey on out and see what’s up.  Hmmmmm!  Is that a ladder I see?  And men pushing on the side of the rig?  And who is this new guy with the truck full of tools?  He smells alright.  Maybe they are just a bit slow loading up.  Guess I’ll just hop back in the truck so I don’t miss my ride.
Okay, I give up…my stomach says it’s time for DINNER.  I give up.  Are we traveling today or not?
And the answer is NOT………  Dad says he refuses to leave with the slide still open….the one that was just repaired on Monday…..only this time it is stuck OUT and won’t come in…no matter what the man with the truck full of tools did and no matter how much fiddling around they did.  Dad says he’s not  sure if we will EVER leave.  I sure hope we have lots of dog food. 

Turtle Safely......

Monday, January 20, 2014

Deletions, Repairs and Additions

Yesterday we decided we needed a day of doing nothing.  Roger and Sharon Hime decided to stay an extra day and go with Mike and Maureen Woodward to the Desert Bar in Parker.  

We went back over to the tent to see some things we missed.  We found a parking space right against the fence.  In all the years we've been coming here, we've never found parking this close.  There were less people than opening day.  It was such a beautiful day we walked the rest of Tyson Wells flea market.  We came back in time to watch part of the ball game.  

Sandie and Jim came over and we grilled some burgers.  Sharon and Roger joined us when they came back.  I think we all solved the world problems.  
Roger and Sharon Hime
Jim and Sandie Dixon

The MOC didn't have a happy hour because everyone wanted to watch the ball game.  

This morning Roger and Sharon started packing up.   Hickory somehow knows when it's time to head down the road.  
Hickory jumped into the back seat of the truck to wait for them to finish hitching up.  

Roger went back to getting ready to leave.  The next think I knew, Bill, Roger and Mike were pushing on the dining room slide.  

They tried everything to get it in.  Roger is someone that can repair anything.  I couldn't believe it when this stumped him.  

Jim came over with a screwdriver and said he was going to adjust our screen door from sticking.  In no time at all, he'd made the adjustment and it doesn't stick.  
Roger and Jim were talking about the hitch that they have in common.
Roger is explaining some of the alterations he's done to his hitch.  

During all this time Hickory has been in the back seat of the truck even though both doors were open, she wasn't moving.

Jerry, from Lippert Components Industries, was coming out to install our new steps so Roger asked him if he could help.  Jerry spent a couple of hours trying to get it closed.  These are the new style slides with the cables.  I'm not sure what they are called.  Jerry called the manufacturer and asked them what to do.  They wouldn't talk to him because  "he was the competition."  Jerry explained that they were in the middle of the desert far from any dealer and couldn't move with the slide out.  The fellow hung up on him.  

This is a 2014 Open Range that had the slide repaired last Monday.  Roger called a dealer in Quartzite and they said they'd try and come out but it would be late.  They didn't make it, so hopefully, they'll be out in the morning.  Tony and Peggy are getting married on Saturday and Roger and Sharon are anxious to be in California to help in the preparation. 

Since it was Monday and 15% discount day at Beall's Maureen took Sharon and I into town to check out the store.  

What a pleasure it is to have someone do installation work who tells you how happy he is working for Lippert Components.  

While we were in town Bill said these two women would take crap from anybody.  Roger and Mike decided to give them some crap.  
Happy Hour started at 4:30 and even though quite a few pulled out there were a lot of people there.

Redland Trucking called to say they have the parts and to bring the truck in at 10 am tomorrow.  

I know I comment on how helpful the MOC members are but here's another example.  I mentioned that we needed to back on the 23rd for Bill's pre-op appointment for his scheduled surgery.  John Kohl said not to worry, if the truck didn't get finished in time he'd see that we got back as long as we didn't have a pull-rite hitch.  MOC members are really family.  

Turtle Safely......

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Quartzite--RV Show

Quartzite, AZ
Polomas Road BLM

It's been a very long day, so this will be a very short blog.

Sandie and Jim Dixon picked us up at exactly 7:45 am.  We were going to park at the city park and take the trolley, but then we realized Jim wanted to get an inverter.  We had absolutely no problem parking right near the fence around the big tent.  The normal crowds seemed very light to us.  By noon we were through the big tent.  
I can't believe the number of people that care so little about their pets that they would bring them into the tent with all those people.  I almost stepped on a couple of small dogs.  I would think that would make a dog very nervous surrounded by all those people and the noise.  We even saw people with strollers for their dogs.  What are the owners thinking?

I was surprised at the number of RV parks that had booths.  Even the place we store our coach was there as well as I think 4 other parks from our home town.

Do you think Jim and Bill are up to no good? 

I talked with the Redland Trucking representative of Pacbrake and told him I had a whistle when the exhaust brake was on.  It was one of those high pitched sounds that Bill couldn't hear.  He said it was probably a clamp and to bring it right in and they'd take care of it.  

We went back to the Montana Circle and brought the truck back. 

Bill and walked across the street to Tyson Wells while the truck was in their bay. 

We saw the mechanic underneath the truck and then under the hood.  After a few hours they said it wasn't the exhaust brake it's a gasket leaking.  They will get the part on Monday and install it Tuesday.  

They invited us to stay for a barbecue dinner, but we were both exhausted and came on back.  

Here's an ultralight flying over Jim and Sandie's home. 

We visited at Happy Hour for awhile and finally saw Dick and Joyce.  I knew they were coming but hadn't seen them. 
We were going to ride over with Jim and Sandie for lunch with Jenny and Mickey who are at Blythe for the Blue Grass Festival tomorrow, but we're so tired I think we'll pass.  

Turtle Safely......

Friday, January 17, 2014

Quartzite--Circling of the Wagons

Quartzite, Arizona
Plomosa Road BLM

This is a picture of the moon going down this morning while we were fixing breakfast.  How can you not love the desert?

It's been so busy, I can't begin to tell you everything. Tony and Peggy headed out today as Peggy was still sick and wanted to see a doctor in California.   Roger and Sharon needed to go back to the LED light store for Tony so they took Mike and Maureen Woodward with them to show them the town.  They attended Mac, the fire guy's seminar, before they left the circle.  We debated about attending, because the seminars are all good but knew we needed to be back from town in the early afternoon for the potluck and we were getting a late start.  

Jim and Sandie needed a few things in town, so Bill crawled behind the wheel and took us back to town.  First stop was the Dollar Store as Sandie needed some things.  Bealls was next door and Sandie found a bathing suit.  

I saw something for Dennis Hill, didn't buy it, because we didn't know when we'd see him again.  There was an orange web belt in a package with two other colors.  There was only one package, and we probably should have bought it.  

We tried to find a parking place at Tyson Wells but couldn't find one.  We went over to the flea markets on the west side of town.  
  Bill said every man should have a big belt buckle but I said this wasn't RV compatible in size.
It probably looks better on the bear, than it would holding up Bill's pants.

Sandie spotted a barbecue food stand and we stopped for lunch.  I had beef brisket that was very good.  
Bill was impressed with this large kachina since he makes much smaller ones.  

Bill decided to stop and water this unique camel.  

Here's Jim and Sandie by this camel.  I suppose those  are Chevy wheels or Jim wouldn't get that close.  

Since we were so close we drove over to the Hi Jolly Cemetery.

There actually is a lot of history in this tiny (without RVers) town.
Here's the circle potluck photos.

One thing that I like about the circle is that the rear windows all face into the circle.  Instead of people setting their chairs by the doors they are set up at the rear of the rigs.  It just seems like it's easier to get to meet people when you walk the circle and they are sitting right there.

Did I tell you how much we're enjoying this group?

Turtle Safely.......

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Montana Circling of the Wagons

Quartzite, Arizona
Plomosa Road BLM

I've been so busy and having fun, I have been neglecting my blog.

Tuesday we started the morning off with a french toast and sausage breakfast for the Chapter 21 attendees.  

The prize drawing followed breakfast.
Here's a photo of the happy winners.

We gathered up all the supplies and returned the pavilion key to park host as everyone wanted to have Happy Hour outside since the weather was so warm.

Bill and I drove downtown to get some laundry done.  Every laundry was packed--someone ought to take the hint and build a bigger one.  Don and Sharon were finishing up their laundry when we arrived.  

I read facebook while I was waiting for the laundry and saw my girlfriend, Karia, was at a meeting in Parker.  I didn't know where, but we were trying to get in touch with her so she could join the fun.  

We rushed back to La Paz in time for Happy Hour.  Everyone was waiting to hear the correct answers for the Jeopardy Tour.  Gene Struble had the most correct questions.  Everyone who did the tour received a trophy (RV compatible size).  

Here's a photo of Gene wearing his prize hat.

Don, Sharon, Karen, John, Carol, Tom and us went to the Steakhouse for dinner.  It is just a short jaunt from the La Paz County RV park.  
The Wounded Warrior Windmill had a place where you could pitch a coin.  All donations benefit the Wounded Warriors and families.  We already liked this place and we haven't even gone through the front door.  

The food and service was very good.  We were glad to have the chance to get to know Carol and Tom better.  

The next morning we were up early and made our way to the dump station.  There were two RV's already in the dump station but we came from the other end so we didn't have to wait.  We followed Sharon and Don down to Quartzite, registered and proceeded out the road to the MOC Circle.  Don and Sharon are staying with Chapter 21 and 6 which is located near us.  

Jim and Sandie were already at the circle and there was a spot saved right next to them.  We thought Dianna was coming back and then Dave told us there was another area where the other three rigs from Florida we were meeting could go.  We opted to leave the one site for Dianna and go farther down the oval.

No sooner than we got parked and said "hello" to everyone it was time to leave for the Escapees Happy Hour sponsored by Susie Orr.  It was so nice to see people we hadn't seen in a while.   

Each of the chapters and BOF's could set up a table and recruit members.  Unfortunately, Chapter 45, our home chapter didn't have a table.

You do find Dennis Hill in some strange places.  
There was lots of snacks and hugs.
Don and Sharon added some new members to Chapter 21.
All it took was for Carol to get up and dance and then the dance floor was full.  

The entertainment was enjoyed by all who attended.

Sharon Hime called to say they had arrived at the circle and checked in. We had a dinner to attend so told them we'd catch up with them later.  The local dealer in town had brought out some new Montana's for viewing along with pizza, beer and entertainment that Roger, Sharon, Tony and Peggy enjoyed.

After the Happy Hour we had a few extra minutes so Don drove out to Boomerville.  We stopped long enough to say "hi" and to sign the flag for the military.  

From Boomerville Don drove to Silly Al's.  He told us we needed to be early (Isn't that the middle name of an Escapee?).  We may have been early but there was only one parking space left.  

Art and Caroline Fennell were already there, but soon everyone started arriving.  Susie had made the reservations for the VCRs--Volunteer Club Representatives.  I couldn't believe how many attended.    
Dennis Hill did tell us that he'd dressed up for the occasion. 

Look how pretty Carol's hair is.  She told me a story about how she burnt it.  Does it look like she burnt it?  
Our hostess, Susie, talking with Gloria King.
Mac McCoy, the fire guy, was in the other section of the restaurant and came in to see where all the noise was coming from.  He wasn't surprised to see it was Escapees.

The moon was just coming out, when we headed back to the circle.  Roger and Sharon Hime were parked next to us.  We stopped over for a few minutes to visit with Roger and Sharon and to meet Tony and Peggy.  The few minutes turned into a lot of minutes.  By the time we left them, we were ready for bed.  

This morning Sharon and Roger and chef, Tony, cooked french toast and sausage outside for breakfast.  She makes the best homemade bread.  

Roger needed propane and some LED lights.  We drove over to the vendors near the big tent and wandered around.  Of course, Roger found the 25 cent coffee shop.  

A trip to Quartzite has to include the bookstore.  The owner is called, Three Socks.  He doesn't wear anything else, so maybe you can figure out where he wears the third sock. I didn't take the camera today, but I also didn't want a picture of Three Socks even though there is a sign that says you can photograph him for free.  

As we were driving by Tyson Wells, Sharon saw a place she wanted to stop.  Bill found a parking place fairly easily and we did a few rows of the flea market.  Tony came over to look at some chairs as his bride to be was sick.

Roger saw a fish and chips sign so we all crossed the street for lunch.  Tony and I wouldn't order until we saw what Roger's food looked like.  Surprising to us, it was very good.  
We came back to the circle and it was about happy hour time.  The Montana owners have to be the most welcoming group we've been around.  

We came in when it got dark and missed the campfire again.  Just too much going on, maybe tomorrow.  

Turtle Safely.......