Sunday, December 22, 2013

How to Have a 3 hour Breakfast

I haven't blogged in a while.  Today is the last day for my medication and I will be happy to have that behind me.  

Greg and Kate Kerlin were in town to swap from their "Doghouse" aka truck camper to their Montana fifth wheel.  If you have been following their blog, Tails from the Highway, you know about their adventures from North Carolina to Arizona.  

Note that this photo was taken with Bill's camera but my new indestructible one will be here tomorrow.  Hopefully, it will arrive before our luncheon in Mesa tomorrow.  

We met Greg and Kate for breakfast because they had a lot to do moving out of the truck camper and back into the Montana.  They are staying a stone's throw from our house.  We didn't get much of chance to talk with them in Goshen this past summer, actually to be truthful we probably talked more to their dogs,  but we made up for it today.  Our breakfast lasted almost three hours and now I feel a little guilty because I know they were pressed for time.  They are headed back to Kartchner Caverns park tomorrow.
Every RVer knows that we never are a loss for words.  

We're so looking forward to seeing them in Quartzite at the Circling of the Wagons.  I know it won't be long before we leave and there are a lot of things to get done before we go.  Kate has a neat craft class she is planning to do while in Q.  

Our plans now include meeting up with two other friends in Yuma before we head to Parker.  They will also join us in Quartzite.  The Florida bunch, Peggy and Tony, Roger and Sharon, and Mike and Maureen will meet up with us in Parker.  

Jim, Sandie and Paul do you think our two hours for lunch tomorrow will be enough time?

Turtle Safely......

Thursday, December 12, 2013

You Don't Say!

Casa Grande
Home Base

It's a wonderful time of the year.  You have the normal excitement of Christmas but you also have those RV friends that are heading this way for warmer weather.  Everyone wants to get together for a meal, drinks, coffee or a party. 

I saw my family doctor again today.  He put me back on two medications for my infection of my voice box.  Hopefully, I won't have to go back for a more invasive procedure and this will do the trick.  

The only real restriction I have is to not talk.  Now how do you go to a party and not talk?  Bill has never said I've been at a loss for words but he was smiling when the doctor told us this.

This is going to be a very busy three weeks.  We have five doctor appointments in the Valley before we leave for Parker.  The Escapees Chapter 21 is drawn out in pencil but coming together nicely.  There are still all the supplies to get for the rally.  It's been more difficult than I thought to find beach stuff this time of the year.  The beauty is no one really cares, they just like getting together and also meeting new people.  Being a rally host is no big deal.  Everything just sort of falls into place.  If you haven't had the fun of being one, volunteer the next time someone needs one.   I can't believe there are RVers out there that haven't heard of the Escapees, but if you are one of them, you can attend their events without being a member.  

We are joining the Circling of the Wagons with the MOC in Quartzite right after the Parker Rally.  This will be our first time with the MOC circle, but we are looking forward to it. 

We haven't been over to storage except once to empty the refrigerator since I've been sick.  I need to think about going over and seeing what we left in there when we parked it.  I only know if Bill is looking for something to wear, that's what was left in the Mountaineer, aka "The Turtle".  If I'm looking for an ingredient to cook with, I remember it's still in the trailer. 

Boondocking in Quartzite usually means easy, fast meals.  Since there aren't any great nearby stores a little thought needs to go in the stocking of the pantry and freezer.  

I know I must be getting better, because I might have a slight case of hitch itch.  Not my full blown case of it, but a small case of it.  

Turtle Safely.........

Monday, December 9, 2013

I Couldn't Wait Until Christmas

Casa Grande
Home Base

Yesterday Sandie and Jim Dixon came in with a beautifully wrapped gift.  With everyone arriving about the same time, Bill set it under the Christmas tree. 
Bill said, "let's wait until Christmas to open it".  I started watching TV and waited for Bill to say it's time for bed.  When he went in the bedroom, I grabbed the present and opened it up.  
What better present for someone who is into cowboy Christmas!  Bill is a Luchesse boot fan and he said these lights were done as well as the handmade boots he has.  He examined all detail on the boots.

I was going to  take a photo of the chocolates that John and Karen Knoll brought us, but I'm ashamed.  They have heard the story of how much I love the dark chocolate covered blueberries from Costco.  I've had to ask Bill to lock them in the safe and hand me one serving a night.  Well I didn't have him lock them up and I must confess I overdosed on them.  I'm too ashamed for anyone to see how many I ate in one evening.  

We did have very good news today.  Bill had his follow-up appointment with his heart doctor today regarding the tests he had in November.  He said everything looked good.  Bill had a quadruple by-pass in 2005 and he said 7 to 10 years is usually when things change.  He said as long as he didn't develop diabetes and he kept exercising, he should have no problems.  

Now if I can just get my strength back from my little health problem everything will be perfect.  

I finally got in touch with someone at the casino.  I knew they were having the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit but I couldn't get anyone who knew the actual dates.  The exhibit starts on January 11th and I wanted this to be one of the options during the Escapees Chapter 21 Rally.  I tentatively planned on January 12th since we don't have the pavilion that day.  The best part is they will give us a $5 discount per person on the tickets as a group.  I hope everyone enjoys it as much as we did.  We saw it in Butte, Montana and I'm sure we paid a lot more to see it.  

I never realized how much trouble it would be to find beach party stuff for the rally this time of the year.  I thought since this is Arizona there would be pool stuff available.  Oh well, that is what's going to make it fun.  

Turtle Safely.......


Sunday, December 8, 2013

All Ready for Christmas

Casa Grande
Home Base

There's something exciting about taking out all the Christmas decorations.  We actually put up two trees.  One is a cowboy tree.  If you've ever been to our house, then you'll understand.  The second tree is what we call "Our World Tree".  This is a smaller tree but whenever we traveled internationally (before RVing) we would buy an ornament from that country.  In some cases, we bought a key ring representing the country as was the case in Swaziland which didn't have ornaments.  Bill always put the date on them.  It's 20 years of memories every time we take them out.  

This is our "world" tree.

This is the cowboy tree.  

Now what goes with a cowboy tree but a cowboy nativity set.
And since it was so difficult to find one, we found another one outside of Yellowstone that we had to have.
And of course, you need to have a larger cowboy and cowgirl to go with it.

This is a cowboy music box.

How about a cowboy bobblehead?

Friends never are at a loss for words.
Do you think Jim wanted to get his hands in there?
I think they've solved all the world problems.
And they say women talk a lot.
Vern and Polly Folger are two special people in our lives.
It's truly amazing how you meet someone RVing and it's like you've known them your entire life.  The strange thing we've all said, is we met them all across the country and the following morning departed.  But some unknown force kept us in touch and now they are family.
As usual, I didn't think about taking pictures until it was almost too late.  

It's just the beginning of great fun this time of the year.  

Turtle Safely........

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I'm baaaaaaaack!

Casa Grande, AZ

I just want to thank all of you who sent  get well wishes.  What would I do without such dear friends?  

I finished up the antibiotics Saturday.  Bill did a show in Casa Grande and I thought I could handle it but ended up coming home.  Yesterday, I told Bill I thought I was almost back up to normal.  It's a good thing because we had one of those house projects going on.  Today I declare I'm 100% back to normal, whatever that is!

I've slowly gained back most of the 7 pounds I lost the first couple of days.  Darn it!

My dear friend, Karia Basta Hanson, stopped for a visit while I was still in the PJ's all day stage.  It was great seeing her.  We just never seem to find enough time for visiting.  

I had a call from Sharon Hime, our friends from Florida who were so supportive when Bill was in the hospital in Kentucky.  They are coming out for a visit and going to Quartzite with us.  Mike and Maureen, who we will be meeting tomorrow,  will also be joining us.  I love seeing the reaction to Quartzite, the Woodstock for Seniors, the first time someone goes.  

It's amazing some of the things that run through your head when you have a scary situation.  I've always handled the bank statement and bill paying.  Today was spent making sure Bill knows how to handle that stuff.  

Bill did see another eye doctor and he has agreed to have the cataract surgery.  This doctor did not recommend spending the $5,000 for a special lens.  This doctor also said his cataract was ready to be removed while the one last May made it sound like it had to be done immediately.  I'm so thankful Bill walked out of the local eye doctor in town.  They will call us when they have the schedule for the surgery.

I'm getting anxious for the circling of the wagons at Q.  This will be our first year to stay with the Montana Owners Club.  They've already asked for the names of our guests so that they will have name tags ready.  

Plans are coming along for the Chapter 21 Rally to be held in Parker on January 10th to the 15th.  I've placed phone calls to a business and they still haven't returned my call.  Why do you have an answering machine, if you aren't going to return calls?  

Are you going to the Escapade in Goshen this year?  I finally got our registration in.  Let us know if you are going and we can arrange to have a meeting place close by so we can go in as a group.  

Thanks again to all of you.

Turtle Safely..........

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Free, Free for Seniors

Parker, Arizona
La Paz County  Park 
Lagoon #1

What another gorgeous day.  Sometimes I worry that I 
take them for granted but on reflection I decided neither of us does.  
Here's a picture of the Pirates Den right next door from us.  
Bill and I wrote out our jeopardy tour for an event for the rally to be held here in January for the Escapees Chapter 21 Rally.  This is the Parker Dam which is the deepest at 320 feet in the world which will be in the tour.  

As we passed over the Colorado River into California we saw this sign.  
No sooner than we passed the sign, we saw a small herd on the side of the road.

And a little further down the road, we saw another group of them.

After we finished the tour, we decided to drive up to Lake Havasu City and check with the visitors center to see if anything will be happening the five days of the rally. Of course, the last time we were there we had a great meal at the Elk's and it would be lunchtime when we got there.
There weren't many people visiting the London Bridge.  In the past the parking lot was much fuller.  

Okay, now it's lunch time and I had my heart set on the Elk's club.  We drove up to it, walked in, walked back to the dining room, looked around but couldn't find anyone in sight.  After standing there for a while, I saw the lunch sign advertised as a hot dog and fries.  I said forget it.  

We knew there was a Black Bear Diner not far down the road,  so off we went.  It was very reasonable, good size portions, and the service was excellent.  We both got the steak salad and the tri tip was good still, just not quite up to the Del Rosario's.  

By the time we got back to the coach it was almost dark.

This morning we decided to stay another day at La Paz County Park.  Our morning walk took us to the office to pay for another day here.  We drove into town to top of the fuel tank on the truck.  Diesel was $3.68  Of course, we did have to stop at Wal Mart for a few things.

We've seen flyers everywhere announcing a free spaghetti dinner for seniors at the Blue Waters Casino.  Why not?  Not only did they offer the free buffet but they had it going on from 11 am to 11 pm.  Four o'clock sounded like a good time to go before it got crowded.  We walked up to no one in line and the cashier asked us what year we were born.   She handed us a receipt with all zeroes.  They didn't even ask for your player's club card.  

The meal included the salad bar, dessert, ice cream bar, and two different kinds of sauce for your pasta.  The garlic bread was delicious.  I was glad I wasn't in the kitchen, because they apparently ran out of clean silverware.  The service was excellent and the waitresses were very busy but very attentive.  I watched two different couples who got up and left without a tip.  As we were leaving the line was growing fast.  

I think tomorrow we will head down to Yuma a few days early for the Chapter 25 Rally.

Turtle Safely........


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Perfect back in except.......

Parker, Arizona
La Paz County Park, #1

What a beautiful day for a drive.  I know how to pick them!
I told Bill I'd drive over to Gila Bend. 

We have to be back for a doctor visit on the 26th so we knew we wouldn't be gone long.  We didn't load the coach yesterday or go over and turn the refrigerator on.  It didn't take long to throw the stuff in the truck and take it over to storage and load it.  

By 9 am I was behind the wheel and looking at the storage area.  They've added some extra spaces near our site and it takes a very tight right hand turn to get out of there.  I opted to make a tight left circle to get out of there.  Bill can do it, but I'm not that confident. The traffic was very light on I 8 and made for an enjoyable drive.  I asked Bill if he wanted me to stop when we got to the Shell station in Gila Bend.  He said he was fine so I kept on going.  He must have been to a shooting part of the audio book he was listening to and didn't want to stop. 

I pulled into the rest area on I 10 for a break.  When Bill came out of the bathroom, he climbed back into the co-pilot seat but not before admiring his headlight lids that he recently installed. 

 I guess I'm driving the whole way.  I must say his co-pilot tasks are getting much better.  He programmed the GPS, turned on the tire monitors and made sure I had snacks and coffee all without my asking.  

When I pulled into La Paz County Park the host took us on the golf cart to show us a spot he thought we'd like.  We are on the southern end of the park in the "Lagoon".  This is where they have the flea market on the weekend.   There are only 4 sites here and we are the only ones in this section.  We have a great view of the Colorado River out our window.
But wait, someone has to back this coach in!  Bill got out of the co-pilot seat and said I needed to turn it to the right. Well I backed it in and it looked perfect except for one small problem.  I'm now in site 2 not site 1.  I said no problem, I'll just go to the office and ask them to change the site number.  Bill says "no problem just pull it out and move it over to the next site."  I got it in, but not as quickly as I did in the other site.

The host told us that the park is a mile long.  We took a walk before dinner and was amazed at how many RV's are here.  They have over 100 sites rented on the monthly rate.  

That's California across the river.

I hope the weather is this perfect when we come back in January 10th to the 15th for the Escapees Chapter 21 Rally here.  There is absolutely no breeze whatsoever.  

Turtle Safely.......

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bill's new eyelids!

Casa Grande, Arizona
Home Base

Since my last blog, I spent Thursday and Friday with Bill at the Cardiologist's office for tests.  Monday we went for his eye appointment but the office didn't have the right doctor for his cataracts and Tuesday was spent going down to the VA in Tucson for Dad.  

We did manage to find time to go to the movies to see Last Vegas.  It really was a good movie, with a good message.  We both enjoyed it and highly recommend it.  

I received an e-mail from  Susie and Bud Walsh who we met at the MOC rally.  Susie wrote that they were coming to Casa Grande for the week and did we want to get together for lunch.  Food, isn't that every RVer's middle name?  Of course, we'll do lunch.  

Susie called the next morning to say she had to fly home for some personal business.  We chatted for awhile and it brought back memories of all the fun we had in Goshen at the Montana Owners Club Rally.  She gave me Bud's cell phone number as he stayed here with the dogs.  As it turns out they are in a RV park two blocks from us.  

Bud called while we were out today, but I told him we'd call him back when we got home.  When I called Bud, he said he'd be over in about 45 minutes.  Why is it when RVers get together they never run out of things to talk about?  The next thing I knew, it was completely dark outside.  We enjoyed our visit with Bud and look forward to seeing both of them.  

    Everyone who has ever met Bill knows how clean he keeps the outside of his truck.  It's a 2006 and has never been in a garage.  He has tried everything on the headlight lens from the sun damage on the plastic.  Some products help, but nothing lasts.  

We found some headlight covers on Amazon and Bill couldn't wait to install them.  

I think they look pretty good.  Bill never even hesitated about installing them.  They came with no directions.  
Is he happy?  A new accessory for his truck and he installed them all by himself. 

Turtle Safely........

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Our Bedsaver Is In the Bed

Casa Grande, Arizona
Home Base

I love it when everything comes together.  

The morning started off very early for us, well not as early as I wanted.  Bill was reading a book last night and couldn't keep his eyes open any longer.  I noticed he was in the bathroom for longer than usual this morning and I hollered through the door "how many pages are left".  Thankfully, he only had a chapter left.

We were taking the Mountaineer up to RV Trader to repair the closet door that was broken while we were in Goshen.  I told them we'd take it in early and pick it up later in the day.  I still can't believe how fast it is to hitch up with the 6 point level ups.  

One observation I've made, the dumpsters for Sundance RV Resort are right by the gate to the storage.  How does the trash company know exactly what time we want to get through the gate?  Every time we go to pick up the 5er, the trash company is backing in to dump all the dumpsters for the park which has over 700 sites.  That's a lot of trash!

We always go across the reservation to get to the valley.  This morning I 10 was closed down to investigate an accident.  All the interstate traffic was routed through there.  When we got to the first intersection, there was someone across from us who wanted to turn left, someone in the turn lane coming from Coolidge wanting to turn right and we needed to turn left.  It was bumper to bumper traffic.  Bill finally got out, but I don't know how he did it.  

We arrived at RV Trader around 9 am.  They were trying to be so helpful and help with the unhitching, but I finally said, I can do it.  Bill and I have our routine, and help just isn't helpful.  We drove over to Apache Junction to Jim and Sandie Dixon's site.  No sooner than we arrived, RV Trader called to say the repairs were done.    

Jim was going to "help" Bill install a bedsaver.  Everyone knows that means Jim is going to install it.  Jim said it wouldn't take long because it was just 4 bolts--maybe a half hour.  Sandie said if he said a half hour, plan on an hour. It took exactly one hour.  

 We knew we needed to leave around 11 for the first of the season Escapees Chapter 45 luncheon.  Bill and I headed over and told Jim and Sandie we'd save a seat for them, while they walked the "girls".  

It was so nice seeing everyone that we haven't seen since the chapter picnic in April.  David and Lynn Cross, Nick and Terry Russell and Jim and Sandie  and Bill and I were at one table.  I didn't get a count, but nearly every seat was taken.  It was very very noisy in there, and hard to try and carry on a conversation. 

One quick stop at The Ranch Market and we were off to pick up the trailer.  Once we arrived at RV Trader all we had to do was sign on the dotted line that says zero and have a nice day.  

Traffic going home was much lighter than what we experience in Casa Grande.  The interstate must have opened back up because the traffic was very light across the reservation.  

Bill and I did not like the king size mattress in our RV.  This was a good time to do something about it.  Sherry and Dave came over to help us remove the king mattress.  I'll put it in the homeowner's yard sale this Saturday or give it away.  It was awkward to get it out, but Bill and Dave managed it.  Dave then cut off the bed platform to fit a queen size bed.  It looks a little strange without the mattress. Now we have to add buy a mattress to our "to do list".   

It was just about getting dark when we took the trailer over to storage.  It was a very full day.  

Thank you, Sandie for today's blog pictures.  

Turtle Safely.......

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Going to the Dixon repair shop

Casa Grande, Arizona
Home Base

Bill and I haven't been doing anything exciting the past few days.  

Sunday was our 17th wedding anniversary.  We both agreed many years ago to not  buy gifts as we feel every day is a special day.  We always say how lucky we are to have each other.

I checked the movie schedule and it had "Lost Vegas" playing.  We jumped in the car and drove over to Harkins.  When we got there we looked for the movie.  It wasn't showing but half of the theaters were showing Free Birds.  Next time I'll call and confirm.  

Bill fixed the barbecue grill.  Yes, you heard me right.  He changed the regulator and it works just fine.  

Monday Bill had a stress test and that took up most of the morning even though we had to be there at 7:30 am.  Today he had a 2-D echocardiogram and he is scheduled Thursday for an abdominal aorta duplex test and Friday a carotid duplex.  In the past, he had all the tests done in one day.  Medicare has changed and won't pay for more than one test per day.  Does this make sense?  He now makes 4 trips, has 4 different days scheduled, see's the receptionist, gets weighed every day, has his blood pressure taken and goes to the same office.  Only our government would think this will save money.  Thursday we also have a dentist appointment and next Monday Bill has an appointment to see about his cataracts.  I hope that will be it until our 6 month check ups in the spring.  

Did you notice we didn't have anything scheduled for Wednesday?  We are driving the 5er up to get the closet door replaced that was broken during our repairs at the MOC Rally.  We'll drop it off, and then head to Jim and Sandie Dixon's place.  I read Nick Russell's blog and how he has Greg White to fix things, but he doesn't have Jim like we do.  He can fix anything.  

While we were at the Amado Rally I was reading about a bedsaver.  If you have a motorhome this won't mean anything to you.  I ordered one from Amazon at $128 including free postage.  Since we now have the 6 point level up system, I've been worried about pushing the wrong button.  The jacks move so quickly, I don't know my reaction time would cancel it quick enough if I pushed the wrong button.  It moves so much the truck has to be pulled away from the rig.  Jim said bring it up and he'll install it for us.  

After we visit the Dixon repair shop, we'll head over to the Chapter 45 luncheon.  I think if Nick and Terry Russell get the day right, they'll be there too.  When the luncheon is over we'll pick up the Montana and bring it back to the house. 

I've decided since our homeowners association is having it's annual yard sale Saturday now is the time to get rid of the king size mattress.  Ever since we got this trailer we've complained about the bed being too big.  We like snuggling and want a smaller bed.  Since we'll have the trailer out anyway, we'll pull the mattress out for this Saturday's sale.  We'll buy a new mattress before we leave in two weeks.  

Like I said, not much has been happening.  

Turtle Safely.............

Friday, November 1, 2013

Back to the Shack

Casa Grande, AZ

Yesterday when we awoke the temperatures were in the 30's.  It didn't take long to warm up.  The RV park served pancakes and sausage for breakfast.  

A lot of the people heard us talking about the copper mine tour and decided to take it.  We just hung around the RV park.  Bill fixed the brake light on the truck with some help from Jim and John.  It turned out to be the bulb, but no one could see that it was burned out.  Of course they checked everything else before changing the bulb.  

Before the Happy Hour, Joe Knox took a group photo that I'll share when I get a copy of it.  

The dinner provided by the RV park was either a steak or chicken dinner.  I knew better than to order a steak when they are doing a group but I still ordered it.  I like mine rare and this was very well done.  No problem, Sandie took it home to Skittlez and Scooter and I'll bet they enjoyed it.  The RV park is noted for their margarita parties.  There was someone playing CD's but unfortunately he didn't interact with the people.  Everyone just stayed and socialized.

This morning they had pastries and fruit. The rally ended with everyone saying "See Ya".  A lot of us were making plans to see each other again.  The rigs started rolling out around 9 am.  

Once again, we felt like we were forgetting something.  Those new 6 point level ups are so fast and now that I have the water softener installed in the basement there isn't much to hitching up.  

We rode home with absolutely no wind.  It didn't take us long to empty the refrigerator and take out the dirty clothes.  We ate some lunch and then took the coach to the storage facility until Wednesday.   It hasn't been in storage since May.  I've been keeping a record of the days we use it and so far we've had it out 188 days this year.  

Turtle Safely......

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Chapter 45--Day 2

Amado, Arizona
De Anza RV Resort

Breakfast started at 8 am this morning.  I was surprised how many were already in the dining room when we got there.  
Our breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, juice and coffee.  Once again we had large portions.  They really know how to do things right here.  

You can definitely pick out the ones who hadn't had their coffee.  

We stayed and visited for a while and then Jim Dixon said they were going to drive over to the store and he'd be right over to help me with my project. 

When we were at the Montana Owners Club Rally in Nebraska we were shown how to install the water softener permanently so that you did not have to move it in and out of the basement.  I explained to Jim how I thought it would work.  Jim drilled the holes for the water lines.   Bill took some unflattering photos of me helping with the project. For those of you who I've caught before in some not so flattering photos I hope I've evened the score by posting this shot of myself. 

Jim and I had it almost finished when Vern came over to help.  It all worked with no leaks except for one time the water was suppose to be off and it was on.  Thanks, Jim,  that was fun and we finished just in time for our copper mine tour.  

Since Arizona is known as the copper state and supplies 65% of all copper supplied in the US, I thought it would be fun to check out the copper mine.  Sandie  made reservations for the 12:30 tour at Asarco Mineral Discovery Center.   

I was impressed when we arrived at the open pit copper mine tour.  The grounds were beautiful.  

Here's a photo of a crescent saguaro cactus.  Karen and John educated us on how rare they are.  

Here's Sandie, Jim, Karen, John and I (Bill's taking the photo).
Sandie took this photo.

The grounds had historic equipment displayed.
The gift shop had some beautiful unique items.  None of the Chinese junk souvenirs.  

It was like walking through the craft shops in Tubac but with much better prices.  
There were so many facts and figures I couldn't remember all but I'm sure Sandie will have them on her blog.  She's much better at giving all the details than I am.  Her blog is:
One figure I do remember is that one of the teeth in the photo above costs $350.00 to replace.  They also said that the electric bill for one month is 1.6 million dollars. 
 That isn't a new hair style, but it was very windy here. 

This was a huge tire and I believe that Ed Long, our tour guide, said it costs $55,000 per tire to replace one.  This was made by Michelin in the USA.

Our tour guide, Ed Long, was very informative, entertaining and fun.  

We were allowed to take some copper rocks which contain silver and gold.  

This machinery is run by computers.
 Bill wasn't excited about touring the copper mine, but he said he really enjoyed it.  One thing we learned was that the mine had cattle and wild horses running free on the mine acreage.  

Bill got a new belt buckle and I came back with some new earrings from the gift shop.

We arrived back and were late for social hour.  At social hour Joe Knox invited everyone to describe interesting places we've toured that weren't the usual national parks.  Social hour was followed by a chili dinner and side dishes provided by the attendees.  

Turtle Safely........