Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Home of Dorothy

Liberal, Kansas
Seward County Event Center
Site #4

Our drive today began around 8 am and we continued up US 54 through Texas, Oklahoma and then into Kansas.  Sounds like a long drive but it was about 108 miles.  I ended up driving the whole way as we didn't make a stop.  

The wind was blowing but in the 20's mph not the 40 plus of the past days.  There was no blowing dust and it turned out to be a pleasant drive.  

I backed in the trailer and poor Bill was outside trying to help me.  The winds were blowing at a pretty good clip, but the temperature had fallen drastically.  

They have a strange fee structure. Why would you charge $15 for sewer hook up?
You can see by this photo how much the winds were blowing.
After lunch we decided to visit the Coronado Museum.  Don and Sharon had seen it before so they didn't go with us.  It's a good thing.  If you've been reading this blog for a while you know the problems I have with a calendar.  
Open Tuesday through Saturday.  Funny, I really thought today was Wednesday.  
Here's the outside of the Coronado Museum that's not open on Wednesday.
The Museum is right next door to Dorothy's House and the Land of Oz.  You just follow the yellow brick road.  
It was constructed like the movie site.

Bill and I walked across the street to read the Historical Marker and check out a bronze.  
I like the part about Seymour Rogers who settled here in the mid-1880's and was said to have been "mighty liberal" with his well water.  The town of Liberal was established in 1888.

This is a statue of Francisco Vasquez De Coronado who was in this territory in 1514 looking for the "Seven Cities of Gold".

I suggested the Mid-America Air Museum, but Bill didn't want to go.  
After a fuel stop and Walmart stop we arrived back to find this prairie dog through our window.  It looks like this little creature was giving us his best side.

He did turn around and give us a better photo.

Ever since we missed the Italian dinner in Deming, Bill said he was craving spaghetti.  I think it might have been worth waiting for.  
 I didn't get the details on the building and dates, but I'm sure Sharon will post them in her blog.
It was difficult what to choose.  I finally ordered the pasta sampler and it was perfect for someone who couldn't make up her mind.  Dinner was perfect.
 It's hard to believe that last Thursday we went to Benson for dinner with Don and Sharon and to drive to Deming the next day for dinner at the Adobe Deli.  We've had such a great time with them that we kept changing our plans to stay another day.  Don suggested we drive to Minden, NE with them tomorrow.  We spent nearly a month in Nebraska last year and visited Minden, along with many other towns and sites, and while we really enjoy their company and the state, we have other plans.  

Turtle Safely.........

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Did We Say Windy?

Dalhart, Texas
Elks Lodge

If you been reading my blog the last few days and you're tired of hearing about the wind, stop reading now.  Today was the absolute worst day of the winds.

We left Santa Rosa under sunny and calm skies.  I said I'd do the first shift of driving as the winds get bad later in the day.  It was beautiful for the first hours.  Our travels took us over I 40 and then north on US 54.  As soon as we'd traveled about 45 miles the winds started.  They were much stronger today.  Tumbleweed was flying across the road.  
When we got into Texas, the winds had increased.
The dust really became a problem.  
Believe it or not, Sharon and Don are in front of us.  This is when we decided to quit for the day.

Thankfully, there were two sites left at the Elks Lodge in Dalhart.  The wind was blowing so hard you could hardly open the doors.

Sharon and Don changed drivers at a construction site, one of the advantages of a motor home over a 5th wheel.  I ended up driving the whole way.  The yellow shooting glasses really helped with the visibility.  

Here's the few out our back window.  

Don and Sharon said a local lady recommended this restaurant.

Bill wanted to know if he could buy these six guns.

The food was very good as well as the service.  Of course we all ate too much.  
I know it's difficult to see but those of you who know Don Del Rosario probably have never seem him wear long pants and socks before.  If you enlarge the photo maybe you can see the pants.  

Bill took this photo yesterday and I forgot to post it.  This was very near where the turnoff to go to Lincoln County and see Fort Sumner where Bill the Kid escaped from jail.  It's good I was behind the wheel then or we would have stopped again.  

Turtle Safely........

Monday, April 28, 2014

Historic Route 66

Santa Rosa, New Mexico
Santa Rosa Campground
Site #66  Pull Thru

rted to leave in a Winnebago were underneath their motor home messing with their jacks.  I think the dust storms might have had something to do with it. Don told Bill he'd never seen his truck that dirty before.  

Today's plan was for us to follow along with Don and Sharon for a couple more days.  They have to go to South Dakota before the Escapade.  

Sharon pulled out about 8:30 with Bill following behind.  The weather was perfect.  Sharon stopped for fuel in Las Cruces and we were back on the road in no time.  

We stopped for a lunch break in Alamogordo and to change drivers.  I was anxious to drive as the weather was perfect.  Perfect for about 10 minutes.  The winds started up with crosswinds and then the road was very rough with construction.  

I thought I was pretty smart when we started saying I'd take the second leg of driving.  I thought the sun would be bad heading east in the morning.  I also thought we'd be taking the short cut through Las Cruces, which we didn't.  I'd just drive while on highway 54 which should have been an easy drive.  

I checked the weather while going through Vaughn and it said 43 mph sustained winds with gusts up to 60 mph and there were a lot of gusts.  We made a potty stop and Sharon said they decided to stop in Santa Rosa.  We'd all had our share of the wind.  Bill took the wheel for the next 40 miles.  

This RV park has a restaurant and the special was an 8 oz flatiron steak for $10.95.  It was a very good meal.  

Notice that all the plates were empty.  No one left a speck of food.  

Sharon said she took lots of pictures because she was bored today so check out her blog.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Another Day in Deming

Deming, New Mexico
Dream Catcher Escapees RV Park
Site #20

The winds were still blowing when we got up.  We just vegged today.  Walked over to the office and signed up for another day.  I watched the Diamondbacks lose again while Bill read a book.  

The plans for dinner were the Italian restaurant with the Del Rosario's.  Don pulled into a parking space right in front of the old bank building.  There were lots of empty spaces.  There also were no lights on inside.  The hours sign said they closed at 3 pm on Sundays.  Oh well, let's try someplace else.  We went to the Rancher's Grill which Bill and I have gone to before.  
Can you tell why we've been there before?  Check out the sign between us and the buffalo and rifle on the wall.  

The photo didn't come out well but it is lot of brands on the wall. 

The winds were still blowing when we returned.  

We all agreed that we've been in Deming long enough and are looking forward to going on down the road.  

I had some comments on the I 10 interstate being closed  asking why they closed it.  Besides the heavy winds, for those of you not familiar with the west, the dust was blowing so bad that at one point they said there was zero visibility.  

Turtle Safely........

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Blown Away

Deming, New Mexico
Dream Catcher Escapees RV Park
Site #20

The weather warning forecasts were for heavy winds, blowing dust and fire warnings. They were absolutely correct. 

It's always windy here, but nothing like today.  The winds were 42 miles per hour with gusts up to 60 mph.  It didn't take much convincing to walk over to the office and pay for another day.  
This is a view out our window, where on a normal day you could see the traffic on I 10. 

We made a quick trip to the store and came back and hunkered down.  I suggested to Bill that we could play golf as it didn't look like anyone was playing.  I got one of those looks.  

We watched truck after truck pull into the motel next door. I turned on the local stations and found out that I 10 was closed from Las Cruces to the Arizona border.  Good idea not to chance traveling today.  

Don and Sharon invited us to dinner.  Don was making his famous pork chops with caramelized onions.    

Although the cook sustained an injury to his thumb, the meal was delicious. 

It didn't matter what was happening with the weather, we still enjoyed the evening with the Del Rosario's. 

Turtle Safely........ 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Stuffed and Stuffed Some More

Deming, New Mexico
Dreamcatcher Escapee Park 
Site #20

We pulled out this morning about 8:30.  Don lead the way and I followed him.  Bill was the co-pilot today.  It was such a nice day for driving, we didn't stop until we reached the Escapees Park.  

I was happy to notice that the one section of I 10 that was so bad the last time we came through had been resurfaced.

After we got parked, Bill, Sharon and I went to Walmart.  Our Rand McNally GPS quit and we thought maybe it was the cord.  We found a Radio Shack but they didn't have the correct cord.  I took apart another old power cord and swapped the fuses and it now works.  

We paid for one night here, but the lady that checked us in said they were expecting gusts up to 60 mph.  Not sure what we'll do tomorrow.  That's the beauty, we don't have to go down the road until we're ready to.   It's nice to pull into a park and you know someone here.

Shirley and Doug Miller are here.  They decided to join us and the Del Rosario's for our dinner at the Adobe Deli.  Now if you have never been, it's worth the trip to Deming to go. It's located out of Deming about 10 miles in the middle of nowhere.   It's a very old school that was built in 1955 ( I think I got that date right).

It doesn't look like a restaurant.  Are we sure we have the right place?

Finally there is a sign.  This must be the place.  The dog came to greet everyone.

Billy and Billy.
I was wondering if this used to be a taxidermy shop.

What a bar!

Notice the size of the TV screen.
I ordered the fish platter.  There was shrimp, crab, scallops and fish, baked potato, salad or soup and cole slaw.  I had the salad instead of the french onion soup. Sharon said the soup was delicious.  
The grape vines were covered with masses of tiny grapes.  
Turtle Safely........

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Back in the Saddle Again

Benson, Arizona
Cochise Terrace

Just a few catch ups from this previous week.  First off the good news all the doctor appointments went fine and we're good to go for another six months.

Yesterday we  we're driving west on I 10 and saw this accident.
I didn't get a very good photo but the truck was on it's side.

Dad's favorite restaurant is Red Lobster and we wanted to treat him to lunch.  It's a shame we have to drive to the valley for the closest one.
On the drive home the traffic was backed up a couple of miles on I 10 from the overturned truck we'd seen on the drive up.

This morning we had an appointment  with our family doctor, stopped for breakfast, picked up our medication, and pulled out of the RV park by 10:30.  

Sharon gave us directions and said to be sure and not take Cactus Barrel Ridge.  We needed to take the one that said south.  Bill took the Cactus Barrel Ridge road which turned out to be the right one even though he was wrong.  We all had a good laugh over that one.

Sharon showed us around Cochise Terrace.  It's really pretty here with some fantastic views.  
Here's where we are parked for the night.  

Here's Sharon and Don Del Rosario's place.  
What a great job parking it.  The photo doesn't show the posts that the slide comes out in between.  

There was a little excitement at the truck stop.  Bill was pumping diesel and it was really pumping slowly.  I mean real slowly.  Sharon and I were sitting in the truck just gabbing away like we haven't seen one or the other in years.  Bill's starring at the pump watching the gallons trickle in.  A guy pulls in to the next pump and gets out and yells at us that the diesel is running out from under the truck.  The cut off didn't work and there was diesel everywhere.  
Don and Sharon suggested Pablo's for dinner.  Once again it was a good choice.  I had Hoki which was delicious.  Bill, Don, and Sharon all chose the sirloin steak.  Besides a great entree the side dishes were just as good.
Tonight was a special night as Don was celebrating.  You'll have to read Sharon's blog to find out why he was celebrating.  The reason should come from them.  

The evening was fun and we've already got our plans for tomorrow in Deming. 

We're finally on our way to the Escapade in Goshen.  

Turtle Safely.........