Friday, April 29, 2016

Broke the Rules

Junction, Texas
Junction North Llano River RV Park

Bill and I both agreed we need to slow down.  The Escapade in Vermont is in July, but I'm worried about having enough time to see some places of interest and still arrive in time.  We've been over theses same roads a lot of times, but I did find something I wanted to stop and see. 

We checked the map this morning and changed direction again.  Our plan was to head south to US 90 and head east on that road.  It isn't a freeway but the road was in great condition the last time we traveled it. When we started to hook up, we realized the winds weren't over yet.  It just made better sense to us, to continue on I 10 and take advantage of the tail wind.  You can't feel any wind when driving until you get out of the truck.  No problem, we can cut south at Fort Stockton.  

 This is the signage at the Texas Rest Areas.
A mural in the ladies restroom.

Bill drove today and we took the business route through Fort Stockton.  Maybe we'd tour the historical fort.  As we pulled up to the entrance it didn't look like much and we both said we'd pass until next time.

We still had a tailwind so we decided to drive on I 10 and stay in Ozona.  There is a reason we don't like to make reservations.  You never know what condition a RV park is until you pull up.  There was a highway sign directing us to a Economy Inn RV park.  It was literally a gravel area with small old travel trailers.  I noticed one site had a 50 amp service.  The sites were extremely narrow and short.  There were so many empty sites, we could have hung over the site and it wouldn't have bothered anyone.  Now bear in mind, we paid $13.50 last night for 50 amp full hook ups with WIFI and cable.  We walked over to the office and had to push a doorbell for the attendant.  I asked how much and the man said $32.  Now if you can picture the smell of the man and that he didn't speak English well, you'll understand why he put up three fingers on one had and two on the other.  He thought I didn't understand the $32.  I asked if there were any discounts thinking this might be expensive if it was a PA half price at $16.  He said he'd do a 30 amp for $30.  Bill and I both turned around and said "no thanks." 

I said there was another park a few exits down and we could still drive back to see the Davey Crockett monument.   We drove through the park and neither of us wanted to get out of the truck.  There were a couple of rigs in it, but the grass was knee high and paint was peeling everywhere.  It was an old KOA. 

Now were have broken our two, two, two, two rules.  No more than 200 miles, stay two days, in by 2 pm and no more than two attractions in a day.  Bill was feeling fine, so we didn't change drivers and drove eastward to Junction.  

This is a prime example of why we don't make reservations.  We never know where we might end up and just because a RV park looked good when they took photos of it for advertising doesn't mean they are in the same condition today. 

We are in a beautiful well kept park on the LLano River.  You can tell when you pull in how the management is.  After we were parked we went back and extended another day.  This town has 3 days free parking at the city park overlooking the river without hook ups.

When we went back to extend our stay the lady suggested either Isaack's or Lum's Bar-b-cue.  She said Isaack's had a all you can eat catfish tonight.  It was a hard decision since we passed Lum's and they were really smoking something, but we weren't disappointed.  We both ordered the senior special of three pieces of catfish with choice of two sides, and the salad bar.  This also included peach cobbler.  Did I mention it was $7.99?

When we returned we were going to go swimming, in the pool not the river, but I called Direct TV to change our service location.  That took me over an hour and the girl said she'd call me back in an hour.  Nothing unusual, I knew neither of the two people I talked with knew what they were doing.  Of course it has been over three hours and no one called me back.  

Not sure what we'll do tomorrow.  There is the Devil's Sinkhole, Lyndon Johnson's birth home, the Caverns of Sonora, the Bat Cave and they also rent canoes and tubes.  

 Here's a few photos earlier in the week.
Brother in law, Dave, helping with my new computer.
 Notice my turtle that rides with us.  Thank you again, Shay.

Abernathy's and ours.

For those of you in states that don't recognize problems with the illegals, here's a border patrol checkpoint which is common in the southwest.

Turtle Safely......


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Frustration Continues

Desert Willow RV Park
Van Horn, Texas

Yesterday we got up and decided to just veg another day.  We lost one hour since Arizona doesn't have daylight avings time and we knew the next leg of the trip meant another lost hour in the time change.  Other than making a stop at Pepper's Grocery for some fresh produce and some salt for the water softener we didn't do anything else. 

Martha and Jim had a great time exploring the area with a visit to Columbus, NM.  Columbus is where Pancho Villa invaded the United States.  Martha came over when they returned and I had a chance to visit with her while Bill enjoyed a nap upstairs.  We chatted right through Happy Hour but I enjoyed Martha's visit much more than if I had attended the Happy Hour. 

Bill and I walked up to the clubhouse later to exchange a book.  I saw a coupon for the Escapees Saguaro park in Benson.  It was for a week's stay for $50.00 for full hook ups for a first timer Escapee member.  I picked it up and gave it to the Abernathy's.  A little while later Jim came over to ask about seeing Tombstone while staying in Benson.  I had a number of other interesting places to visit while in the area.

We were ready to leave around 9 and Jim and Martha came over to say good by.  I'm hoping they decide to go to the Escapade in Vermont.  I know they would love it and have some fun.  If they don't, I guess we'll meet up with them in September. 

Today was my turn to drive and as I pulled out of the park, the GPS announced there was construction ahead.  There was some wind today but nothing you could feel until you were out of the truck. 

We have a perfect record with the by-pass around El Paso.  Sharon Del Rosario gave it to us many years ago and every time we almost make it without a hitch.  Today was no exception.  Our record is intact.  I thought maybe coming from the west would make it easier but we still missed a turn.  Not as bad as the time we went up over the mountain, but this time I ended up in central El Paso.  I was doing fine....across 404 to the 213 (which messed us up last time as it was Martin Luther King Road). Down to US 54.  Then the GPS announced 54 West and South.  I took 54 West and then in about 50 feet 54 South went off to the left.  Of course, I was in the right hand lane.  We then saw a sign that said Van Horn and I 10 so instead of turning around and going back to 54 South and then 375 we continued on down 54 west.  Just a note to anyone headed in that direction--don't do it!  Just goes to show I should have been following that motorhome which has the upper running lights not working.

Other than that, the drive was uneventful.  I did stop about 40 miles from Van Horn and give the wheel back to Bill. 

We are in an Escapees discount park in Van Horn--$13.50 per night for full hook ups. 

Not sure which way we'll go tomorrow.  Two days of driving on I 10 is really boring.  Thank goodness for a good audio book. 

Are there any readers out there from southern Texas?  We saw so much on TV about all the flooding around Houston that we wondering if we should detour Houston. 

Now for my frustration continues......I turned on my computer and punched in the code for the park wifi.  It wouldn't work.  I then was so frustrated I went to my hotspot and that wouldn't work.  After trying it over and over it wouldn't work so I called brother in law Dave.  He had me doing a few things of which was restarting the computer and it still wouldn't work.  After a while he said he didn't know what else to try.  I hung up and restarted the computer again and my hotspot worked.  I then tried the park WIFI and it worked. 

Have you noticed I haven't posted photos in awhile.  I'm a creature of old habits and this Windows 10 is driving me crazy. 

Turtle Safely......

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Deming, New Mexico

This morning we had an 8:30 appointment with our family doctor for our annual six month checkup.  We stopped for breakfast after receiving a good report from our doctor.  Bill was at the wheel when we pulled out of Sundance RV Resort at around 10:30. 

We noticed that the sky wasn't real blue but it took about 60 miles before we realized that there was blowing dust making the sky look so strange.  Texas Canyon is always our first stop when traveling east on I 10 but not today.  It was closed last month and is still closed.  No problem, we'll stop at the next rest area near the border.  Nope not there either, it's closed. 

I had told Bill I would take over the driving at Texas Canyon but since we didn't stop until a few miles before we reached Deming, he drove the entire day.  The winds weren't bad as they were tail winds, but when finally stopped at Bowin's we could hardly get out of the truck.  We arrived at Dreamcatchers around 4:30.  We missed Happy Hour! 

Jim and Martha Abernathy were already there but we got a site next to them.  Jim was out to say "hi" as we pulled in.  The winds were really bad now that we're parked. 

A big group of Escapees went over to the hotel as Tuesday is one dollar taco night.  The four of us decided to go over as no one was real hungry.  They weren't bad and where can you get a meal for that price.  Needless to say we talked a lot longer than the food lasted. 

We were really exhausted due to the time change and for some reason we were up about 5 am this morning.  I felt badly that we declined the invitation to the Abernathy's, but we wouldn't have been great company anyway . 

A lot has happened since I last blogged but the most frustrating is I got a new laptop.  This one is Windows 10 and the keys are spaced differently than my old one.  I am having trouble typing and find I keep hitting the wrong key.  I can't remember all the passwords I had on the old computer.

Where are my photos for the blog?  Well let's see.  There's the one of Dave Sweetman on the roof of our coach, the one's of the wooden legs he made to raise my shelf for my can goods.  The one of Bud and Susie Walsh who had us for dinner.  The one of John and Gerri Beckman who spent the afternoon gathering info for their summer adventures.  I carried the camera with me, but neglected the photos.  I must remember to use it, not just carry it around with me. 

I had a photo memory pop up on Facebook.  It was two years ago when we left Benson with Don and Sharon Del Rosario headed for Deming.  We ended up staying three days with the blowing dust and winds.  Not as bad as it was two years ago but the girl at check in told me they had I 10 closed yesterday because of the dust storms too.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Western Spirit

Casa Grande, Arizona
Sundance RV Resort

Bill seemed to be almost back to his normal self.  He felt like doing something today so we took off early this morning for an event at Salt River Field in Scottsdale, unfortunately when we arrived we found out the event had been cancelled.  Now being the good RVer's that we are, we realized a little bump in the road can lead you down another road. That other road led us to the Scottsdale's Museum of the West--Western Spirit.

We've been talking about visiting it ever since they opened it last year.  Nothing like having free underground parking so you're parked out of the sunlight.  Another great thing was that we arrived just as they were opening so it wasn't very busy yet.  

If you've ever toured the Basha's museum, you'll love this one.  Bill loves art and anything cowboy.  He had both in this museum.  

There was a video, but we didn't see it.  We were too busy looking at all the great artwork they had.

There were huge bronzes in the lobby.
 There was an entire exhibit from painter Charles Fritz who painted the exposition from the writings of Lewis and Clark.
This collection had over 100 paintings.

The next exhibition was A Salute to Cowboy Artists of America.  This organization is celebrating its 50th anniversary.  
This was my favorite painting.
The wall and floor was painted so it made it look like you were out on the ranch somewhere.
Bill needed his western hat and boots in this photo.
The A. P. Hays Spirit of the West Collection had anything cowboy from the 19 western states.  There was a small gun collection but a great holster display.

Saddles, bits, spurs, knives and rodeo paraphernalia were tastefully displayed.
This museum didn't have so much reading that it overpowered everything.
 There was even a collection of prison made items.
Bill always wanted to own a pair of woolies.  I'm sorry the photo doesn't show all the silver on that saddle.

Every item was a good example of the west.
I never knew knives came in so many different shapes.

As I was reading where the prison items came from, I realized we've visited all but one.  Does that say something?
Marshal badges are the very simply ones.

I was glad that there were comfortable chairs to sit on while I waited for Bill to take everything in.

We were so absorbed with the museum that we didn't take the opportunity to visit the sculpture courtyard.

They had a very expensive gift shop offering western themed items.  First rate but way above my budget.

We were getting very tired and then realized that there is a second floor.  The second floor contained a collection of contemporary artists on loan from western art collector Tim Peterson.  

Another one of my favorites.  Do you think maybe this has to do with our love of RVing?  Anything with wheels to get you over the next horizon.

Are you tired of looking at all of this art?  I get to a point where I just can't absorb anymore and yell "overload".  
It was a great experience and I'm so happy things worked out the way they did. 

You can't see the sidewalks but they have artwork in them.

Turtle Safely........

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hospitals to Picnic

Casa Grande, AZ
Sundance RV Resort

I realized it's been a week since I last blogged.  It's been an interesting week.  

Last Wednesday night, about midnight, Bill woke up with chest pains.  He insisted that it was nothing and he'd feel better in a little time.  All morning he was in pain but his blood pressure was in his normal range.  I kept suggesting we go to the emergency room, but Bill kept thinking the pain would go away.  

I finally said let's just go to our family doctor and see what he says.  Bill reluctantly agreed to that and we left for his office.  I was surprised when we walked in and there was no one waiting in the office.  Bonnie said the doctor wasn't in and we should either go to the urgent care of the emergency room.  The urgent care is a couple of blocks away, so I headed to their office without asking Bill if we should go.  There wasn't a soul in there.  Mid afternoon and the urgent care is empty.  This was a good sign.  Bill walked in and said he had chest pains and they took him right back.  He didn't have to show any  medical insurance cards.  They hooked him to a EKG and came back and said to go directly to the emergency room.  

When we walked into the emergency room I knew why the urgent care was empty.  Everyone was in the ER.  They took Bill back immediately without even putting an arm band on him.  Still no medicare or insurance cards were asked for. 

I counted the seats while I was waiting and there were 50.  There were people outside the emergency room waiting for seats.

I can't remember ever being in the emergency room but I must say I was surprised to see a dog being used by the security men.  Was he sniffing for drugs or bombs?  

The nurse came and took me back to his room after they completed some testing.  They called number 1 cardiologist, who was out of the country then tried the number 2 one who he saw for the AFIB a few weeks earlier.  He wasn't available either.  Another new cardiologist  said to admit him for observation.  Once it was determined that they would admit him, it didn't take long for them to come and take him to his room.  He was taken to his room by 5 pm.  The pain finally subsided and they  started treating him for GERD.  

He said they woke him up through the night as his heart rate went very low.  They decreased his medicine by a half. The following morning he was discharged.  Bill said he couldn't have had any better care than the hospital gave him.  

He was to follow up with his family doctor and his cardiologist.  I said we already had an appointment with the cardiologist on the 11th  and that was fine.

Bill started getting a terrible cough, muscle pains, and headache.  Our family doctor took him off the statin for his cholesterol.  He has a follow up appointment on the 26th.  

Every day since his hospital stay he seems to be feeling better.  He's not completely back to normal but heading in the right direction.

Yesterday was the Escapees Chapter 45 annual picnic.  Bill didn't feel up to going, so I rode with John and Karen Knoll.  They drove from Green Valley.  This made a 300 mile round trip for them to attend the picnic.  

I believe there were 54 people who attended.  It was great fun and a lot of members were eager to tell there plans for the summer.  

The picnic was catered and members were asked to bring either desserts or appetizers.  They had baked chicken, fried chicken, pasta, salad and beef sandwiches.  No one went away hungry.  

Gene Christensen always gets the bean bag baseball going.  I didn't play this year as my foot hasn't been cooperating lately.  The temperatures was expected to be 98 degrees but it was windy, so I don't think the heat bothered anyone.  
John and Karen were going to stop and visit some friends in Mesa so I rode back with Dave and Sherry.  I was anxious to see how Bill was doing and he looked like he felt better.  Things are looking up.

Speaking of things looking up.  Don Del Rosario called as he was leaving his kidney doctor.  He no longer has to be on dialysis.  I had no idea that this could happen and I'm sure it's extremely rare.  We're so happy for Don and Sharon.  Their great attitude during this whole ordeal has been superb, which, I'm sure, contributed to this success.

Here's some photos from the picnic.  

Turtle Safely.......