Monday, March 27, 2017

Jan and Jan

Casa Grande, AZ

Yesterday Bill wasn't quite up to par and we didn't do much.  There was a lot of catching up to do after the Escapade.  Number one on my list was to lay on the couch, turn on the TV and watch a movie with my eyes closed.

Jan Kelpe called me yesterday and said they were driving in from Needles.  She had called Sundance and they had a site available under the Passport America rate.  They figured they should arrive around 4:30.

She and Paul wanted to know if we wanted to go to dinner.  I said I didn't think Bill felt like going as his stomach has been upset.  Bill started feeling better around 4:30, so I called her back just as they were going through the gate at Sundance to tell her we'd go out to dinner.  

An hour later, we meet them at Manuel's.  We know Paul loved the tamales when they were here in February.  Bill and I both ordered our favorite, shrimp salad.  Of course there is a fancy Mexican name for it, but they know what we want when we say shrimp salad.  

It was nice hearing about their adventures when they left Casa Grande last month.  They really enjoyed the time they spent with Hobo Bob and Mina other members of the Montana Owners Club.  

They pulled out this morning heading to Deming.  I told them about the Adobe Grill and the Pink Store, so I don't think they will be cooking while they are in Deming, NM.  She said Dream Catcher was almost full.  I'm sure there are a lot of RV's there that were at the Escapade.

I have been busy crossing off the last of my Alaska to do list.  Now we just have to wait for all those doctor check ups next week.  

Turtle Safely.......

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Last Ten Days

Casa Grande, Arizona

I've had a few emails wondering what's been going on.  Well the 57th Escapade has occupied all of my time.

We arrived on the 16th and our parking space was one over from the last Escapade in Tucson.  Very convenient and I wasn't on a scooter this year.  

Usually, that day is very busy but when we picked up our packet it didn't have anything for the staff listed.

We sat outside and visited with Nanc and Jim Tidball.  That's when I realized that the staff sheet for the 16th had been missing in our packet.  We would have helped do the registration packets and eat the pizza, if we had known.

The Schoolcraft's and Morey's arrived the following day.  It was hot.  No other way to say it.  We worked on our booth and then met them for lunch.  

Linda passed out and fell backward off the picnic table bench.  911 was called and the great Escapade staff showed their stuff.  All RV's that were coming in were stopped so the EMT's and ambulance could get in.  George rode in the ambulance and we followed behind.  That was some ride, and at speeds we aren't used to.  The hospital took excellent care of Linda and checked to make sure the seizures weren't caused by anything other than heat stroke. She was released a few hours later.  

Saturday was early registration and the hall was packed.  The row reps were very busy making their chapter or BOF's tables inviting.  I must say Chapter 45's looked great.  Sorry I didn't take a photo of it.

We had new assistants this year and they were very helpful.  Judy and Bob Christian's and Beth and Wayne Robert's were 
great.  For a while we had the lost and found in the far corner and the Robert's manned it while Judy and Bob worked with us.  Our booth was next to registration so anyone who wanted to volunteer for anything couldn't miss us.  There were actually people who were disappointed that former positions weren't available.  

There was a jam session and first timers Escapade orientation that was well attended.  Everyone walked over to Thurber Hall for the Opening Ceremony.  Of course the highlight was listening to Kay Peterson, co-founder, speak.  At 90 years old, she can still bring the house down.

Travis gave everyone a laugh with the pink panties.

The opening ceremony was followed by an ice cream social. Sorry, to busy eating the ice cream to take photos.

The Boyd's hosted a Happy Hour for the Chapter 45 members.  Unfortunately, many of the members attended the Phil Evert Happy Hour as they didn't get the invitation in time.

Those of us that attended enjoyed ourselves.

It was nice that they had shade and grass for the happy hour.
The evening entertainment was one of the best I've ever seen at an Escapade.  The title was Native Spirit and they have preformed all over the world.  The leader Brian Hammill and his son are world champion hoop dancers.
Bill and I were lucky enough to be able to have a little time to visit with Rick and Kathy Rousseau.  He writes a blog--"It's about time." 

Anyone that knows me, knows I take a lot of photos.  Well, not the past 10 days.  We were just too busy and having too much fun to take any.

I'm not sure what night this was and what Paul Evert's was serving for Happy Hour.  It might have been margarita's.

Since we were so close we just took our chairs over instead of trying to find an empty table.

George just can't stand not to be doing anything.  He convinced us that we needed a motion detector light.  Thanks, again George for installing it.

We did have a very nice Loosey Goosey meeting that Mark Nemeth hosted.  Sue Valentine gave us a bunch of options of ways to communicate while we are in Alaska.  It's so nice to personally get to know the group.

Dennis and Carol Hill were in California and said they'd be in town on Friday so of course there was another Loosey Goosey dinner.  

The TTT truckstop wasn't big enough that we could all sit together.  Bill and I both ordered the seafood platter but after we had our salad, they said they were out of the seafood.  It was difficult to make another selection after we really wanted the seafood.  

We did celebrate Jim's 77th birthday.

Greg and Jan White ended up in a booth by themselves.

We are back in Casa Grande where we will be before we take off for Alaska.  Carlena and Harry are on their way.  Don and Sharon Del Rosario are en route to California and we'll see them again soon before the WARE rally.  A few doctor appointments and we won't be far behind.

Turtle Safely........

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Escapees Friends

Casa Grande, Arizona

I had a message yesterday from Julie and Don Klein asking if we were at the Escapees park in town.  No we aren't, but I had a full plate yesterday and today was even fuller. Just no time to go out and visit them. 

In the morning Carlena and Harry came over.  I tried to set up a blog template for Carlena.  I know it was simple, because I did mine.  No worries, I e-mailed Sharon Del Rosario and she said she'd help during the Escapade.  Aren't friends wonderful?   

We ended up just gabbing about the great adventure to Alaska.  When they leave Casa Grande on Friday, they are on their way.  They'll head west directly after the Escapade and we'll meet up with them before we cross into Canada.  

On the other hand, we have to return to Casa Grande for the annual doctor visits before we can head out.  

After they left, we drove over to Leslie and WC Ernst's new home.  Our visit was way over due.  As many of you know, Leslie has been battling cancer.  She's a fighter and has such a positive attitude.  Our intention was to take her some flowers and a pie since it was Pi day and just visit was a short time.  Yes, Fry's made it.  

When we walked in the door, Jodie Scales was there.  A short time later, in walked Julie and Don Klein.  
I could have sworn I took a picture of Leslie as she was the star of the party.  I have to say they have a lovely home with a parking place for their motorhome.

This morning I had an appointment to get my eyes checked again.  Good news, I don't have to go back until October.  

Our timing worked out that we could attend the last luncheon of the winter season for the Escapees Chapter 45 in Apache Junction.  

I received a text from Rick and Kathy Rousseau saying they were coming to Casa Grande.  Well darn, not again, we'll miss them.  Good thing they'll be at the Escapade.  

We plan to pull out early for the Escapade in the morning. Bill and I want to arrive before the heat gets too bad.  

It promises to be a very busy ten days.  

Here's some photos from today's luncheon.  Click on them to make them larger.

Mickie D's was a packed house and we were all treated to pumpkin pie.  
Turtle Safely......

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Playing Chamber of Commerce

Casa Grande, Arizona

We have really enjoyed having Harry, Carlena, Linda and George nearby.  It's nice to show others why we love this area.

Friday we all piled into the van with George at the wheel.
Harry grew up in Arizona and he knows all the neat places to see.

By the time we got up to the Apache Trail it was time for lunch.  We stopped at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants thanks to Jim and Sandie Dixon.  Unfortunately, everyone else stopped at the Los Gringo Loco too.  

We thought going on a Friday it wouldn't be as crowded. George was the perfect driver.  He stopped at all the little pull offs for views.  
I'm glad I have pictures of the sign so I know where we were.

This is how George took the photo with the camera turned around.
I know I keep saying it, but all that rainy weather sure makes a very green desert.

George asked if we wanted to shop at the stores in Tortilla Flat.  Dumb question to ask three women.

Harry and Boo did a lot of people watching.

Here's Bill paying for my purchase.

Here's what he bought.

This has been a huge tourist area for anyone coming to Arizona.

The saloon is very unique.  

Of course, Bill loved the saddles for bar stools.

The road turned into dirt but George navigated the switchbacks like every professional driver should.

Harry told us all the stories of where cars went over the edge.  

Finally Apache Lake came into view.  Boo, checked out all the smells.

I can't imagine pulling an RV up those dirt roads.

If you've never been to Arizona, would you expect it to look like this.

It was a perfect day, no wind and great temperatures.

The last time we were at Roosevelt Lake the dam was shorter and you could drive over it.

Do you know how a mud puddle will attract kids?  Well a no trespassing sign has the same affect on Bill.

The bridge was named one of the top twelve in the nation in 1995.  Not bad when you know the Golden Gate and Brooklyn bridge were on that list.
"Roosevelt Lake Bridge is the longest two lane single span, steel arch bridge in North America."

If you look closely you can see the difference in color where the dam height used to be.

We were having such a great time, I didn't think to take many photos.

We stopped at the Tonto National Monument to see the Petroglyphs but we were too late for the tour.

By now we had a search to find an ice cream place.  We needed Frank and Gloria King with us to find one.  We didn't find any in Globe, Miami or Superior.  Of course, by now we all wanted ice cream.

We ended up at the Sonic in Florence for our ice cream.  George was the big spender.  He asked for a glass of water with his ice cream and was charged forty cents.  We all had a few jokes to say about that.  No one else asked for water.  We all sat outside admiring the full moon.  The full moon, yes, we were out after dark.  It was a very long day, but we all had a great time.  

Yesterday we were out the door before 7 am.  Cabela's had the Frogg Togg's on sale for 50%.  We were there shortly after they opened at 8 am.  I immediately went to the women's section for the Frogg Togg's.  They had two rainsuits and the rest were separate pieces.  One of which was in my size.  I bought a large so it would fit over clothes easier.  

I went to the men's department and they didn't have any to fit Bill, but I did find some for Carlena and Harry.  They weren't the rainsuits just jackets and pants sold separately.  When I went to pay for them, they weren't 50% off they were 25% off.  

Since we were very close to the Avondale Camping World we stopped to see if we could find the cover that Dennis and Carol Hill have on their portable step.  Lucky for us, they were serving coffee and donuts.  Even luckier they had what I was looking for.  

The step cover and the rainsuits all in the same day.  Two more check offs on the Alaska list.

Today we went to tour the Casa Grande Museum with George, Linda, Carlena and Harry.  I mentioned to Barb and Tom Westerfield that we were going and they stopped by.  

We hadn't been in a very long time and it was fun to see it.  

Harry knew right away that this was a telephone booth.

This fire truck is always in the Christmas Light Parade.

Harry and Tom talking trains again.

Harry just loves anything to do with trains.

The Westerfield's went out to find a cache but Harry ended up finding it.

I had a cake that I bought from Sam's Club and invited everyone over for cake.  We knew we'd end up eating out so everyone suggested we go back to the Hong Kong Kitchen first.

Why is it we never run out of things to say?  

Everyone was full when we left the restaurant but we still managed to eat the cake.  

Now the Morey's and Schoolcraft's will know someone else when the attend the Escapade.  

Turtle Safely.........