Sunday, January 31, 2016

Twice in One Week

Casa Grande, AZ
Sundance, AZ

Is there anything that is more enjoyable than spending time with your friends?  Throw in a delicious meal and there's nothing better.

Everyone knows how much I hate cooking for two people.  I truly think the worst part is deciding what to cook.  Friday night Gerri Beckman called and wanted to know if we wanted to join them at Baro's.  This was one day that I had decided to cook.  It took two trips to the store to get it done.  I was making a tomato vodka cream pasta.  We'd gone to the store to pick up some fresh basil and tomatoes in the morning.  About the time Gerri called, I had it half cooked and I discovered that the bottle of vodka I had in the cabinet was actually rum.  How could I be out of vodka?  I always have vodka for my adult candy I take to happy hours.  Bill made another trip to the store for the vodka.  Any other time, I would have put everything in the refrigerator and gone to dinner with John and Gerri.  I must say the pasta did turn out well.  Mark that one on your calendar!

Last night Bud and Susie Walsh invited us over for dinner. Susie is an excellent cook, and she really enjoys cooking. Can you believe there are people that actually love to cook?

She had also invited another couple who are also from Colorado.  We found we had a lot in common and really enjoyed them.  
Linda, Bud, Skip, Zoey (dog), Susie and Jan

Susie had been playing pickle ball a few days ago and pulled a calf muscle. She said she was doing a lot better but still kept going up and down the steps serving everyone for happy hour.  I still get nervous with people on the steps.

If you've ever stayed at the Casa Grande RV Resort, you probably know about the peacocks.  Here's one that decided to perch on the fence and watch us while we solved all the world problems during happy hour.

I must say I was shocked at the number of empty sites.  Usually there are none at this time of the year.  I think the Canadians have decided to stay in Canada due to the exchange rate.  

 Susie has fixed some delicious meals for us since we've known them but she really outdid herself this time.  I must say I made a pig out of myself and had second helpings.  
Here's a photo of Linda and Skip.  They were a lot of fun and we enjoyed our evening with them.
Susie decided since it was dark and it does cool down in the evenings we should go inside to eat.  Everyone was in short pants and sleeves except me.  Bud even shut the window behind us as they know our blood is much thinner than their's.

As we were leaving we noticed a lot more Montana's in the park.  

I put this photo on Facebook, but wanted to share it here. 
I received a beautiful pair of turtle earring inside a birthday card from Don and Sharon Del Rosario.  We had planned to stay in Quartzite for my birthday but decided to head back early to Casa Grande to check on Dad.  It was definitely a surprise when we picked up the mail.  

 Turtle Safely...........

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Montana Mingle

Casa Grande, AZ
Sundance RV Resort

Where does the time go?  I guess by now everyone figured out that we've left Quartzite.  We had a great time and the weather wasn't bad considering we were in the middle of the desert in January.  

I drove the entire way back until it was time to back in.  Any other time, I might have attempted it but I was tired and I know it takes me a lot longer than it does Bill.  

We immediately went to visit Dad, but he seemed the same as the last time we visited him.  

John and Gerri Beckman stopped by for a visit.  They are getting anxious for the Winter Blast.  They wanted us to go to the movies with them but we'd gone to see 13 Hours the day before.  I highly recommend this movie.  

Bill treated me to a very special day for my 70th birthday.  I spent most of the day, however, on the telephone.  Thanks all those who called with birthday wishes.  

Another visit to see Dad was entirely different in 48 hours time.  He was talking about some weird things, that I'm not sure ever happened  to him.  He walked outside with us and said someone took his car.  Some days he's so much better than other days.  You wonder what he really thinks.

Yesterday, Bud and Susie Walsh, Jim and Sandie Dixon, and Bob and Pam Beltz came over and we cooked some burgers.  These are all Montana Owners so I said we had a "Montana Mingle".  Even though we're all Montana owners we all have our own style of RVing.  

Sandie was kind enough to bring me the cholesterol pills that another Montana owner, Ray Warner, picked up for us in Mexico when we decided to go over to California from Quartzite.  Unfortunately, our plans changed and we returned to Casa Grande.  I was going to pick them up from Ray at the Bloggerfest but we left Quartzite before the event.

I'm sure I missed a good time, but I do plan to attend next year's Bloggerfest.

Turtle Safely, 

Monday, January 18, 2016

We Set A Record!

Quartzite, Arizona
BLM Plomosa Road

Bill and I have attended  Quartzite every year since 2009 and this is a record breaking year.  This is the longest we've ever stayed.  We've gone from one day to over a week.  In case you don't know it, we don't boondock often.  For those readers that aren't into RV's, boondocking is without city water, sewer and electric.  We don't find solar panels cost effective for us since we only boondock a couple of weeks in the year.  We carry fresh water with us and use a generator to recharge our batteries.  On our way home we'll stop at a dump station and empty our tanks. 

Last night I had an email from Curtis Coleman asking me to call him.  When I called him, he said he was giving a seminar on RVillage at the Circle but didn't know where we were.  I gave him directions but he talks in East/West language and I do left/right directions.  I was happy when he did arrive this morning following my directions.  Unfortunately, most people were over at the big tent and missed his talk.  

I am so amazed at how many people join the free site.  He showed us that someone is joining every few minutes.  

Bill and Auggie were getting acquainted.

We wanted to top off our propane so we'd have a full tank for Winter Blast so took it to town to fill.  We stopped by Escapee Chapter 6 and Chapter 21 groups to say hi.  
Stu came over to great us. As you can see, he's a nut and we love him.  Bruce told us that Bernie and Carol Patton had just left.  

Bill found a real "flea market"in town, so we walked around it for awhile.  They had everything from an airplane propeller to a gas pump. Thankfully, we came home empty handed.  
 There were a lot of western items that we escaped buying.
Here's what the Montana Circling of the Wagons looks like from the road.
Here's a shot when you pull into the circle.
It was almost Happy Hour by the time we got back.

And I'll sign off with another spectacular Arizona sunset.

Turtle Safely.......

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Quartzite Day 7

Quartzite, Arizona
BLM Polomos Road
Circling of the Wagons

Is it five, six or seven?  Sharon Del Rosario mentioned that I had two Quartzite Day 5 blogs.  I'm hoping I have the right number today.

If you didn't watch the Arizona Cardinals and Packers play last night, you really missed a good game.  I can't remember when there was such an evenly matched game.  Of course, I am happy that the Cardinals won.

Today was a little more laid back than yesterday.  I didn't want to be gone long, as I wanted to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers win.  We used to live in West Virginia about 50 miles from the stadium. Sadly, they lost. 

Bob and Pam left today.  Bob was still having problems with the vertigo and said it was worse today.  Pam has never driven the rig, but she was ready to give it a whirl.  I keep preaching to couples that both spouses need to be able to do everything.  Even those men that say she does the inside and I do the outside.  You need to be able to do it all.  I've had to hitch and drive before and Bill has had to do it all when I was laid up.  Enough said, I preach this a couple of times a year.

Bob said he didn't need any help and he was fine as long as he wasn't bending over.  

Bill and I  made our annual trek to the big tent.  Luckily for us, Bill found a great parking place even though there were vehicles parked everywhere.  

I wonder every year, why any responsible pet owner would subject a pet to the crowds.  There were dogs shaking in fear of being stepped on and some people got tangled in leashes.  You would have thought it was a pet parade instead of an RV show.  I haven't figured out why anyone that has a four legged dog would put it in a stroller and roll it around.  

I think we left before breaking the bank.  I remember the first years of RVing when we went "hog wild" thinking we just had to have so much.  I knew I wanted to renew our roadside service, and Passport America.  I did pick up a water heater flusher that I needed to replace from the disastrous flush I did on the water heater while at the MOC (Montana Owners Club) national rally.  

I guess I was also disappointed that I didn't get my candy fix.  I told Bill that is the first time I walked through the tent with only a tootsie roll and a Twizzler.  No wonder the vendors didn't get our money, when they didn't have any candy out.  

We had a key for a padlock that mysteriously would got lost and then found again.  Since the spare key was still in a lost mode we decided it was time to go to the hardware store and get a spare.  I guess it has been a long time since we had a key made.  It was $3.50.  

Bill kept asking me where I wanted to eat.  I decided I wanted to have a taco.  We drove down to the taco stand and it was closed.  Okay no problem, let's stop at Darlene's.  We finally found a parking space and when we went inside, I turned around  and said "no thanks". It was packed and I didn't want to miss the game.

We arrived back just as the Steeler/Bronco game was starting.  I'm sure Vicki Allen enjoyed it.

I was just watching the weather report.  Did you notice the temps should be in the mid 70's next week?  Do you think the change in the weather has anything to do with Nick Russell leaving Arizona?  

Turtle Safely..........

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Quaartzite Day 5

Quartzite, Arizona
BLM Polomos Road

Up and at 'em today.  We wanted to leave for the Desert Bar by 9:45 am.  The Montana owners that have never been to the Desert Bar were going to caravan and leave the circle at 10 am.  We've been every year and since the dirt road is 5 miles long, we decided not to follow all the cars and hopefully there is less dust.  

Bob and Pam Beltz invited us to ride with them.  Everyone knows how much Bill hates to drive.  George and Linda Morey decided to follow along.  I love to hear comments from people that have never been to the bar.

The bar doesn't officially open until noon, but they always seem to open up whenever anyone comes early.  

Bob had no trouble finding a parking place right in front of the bridge.  
Bill is showing Bob what the women's restroom looks like.
I've never thought about the rock "wall" behind the toilets.  Do you think any creatures could be in there?
I don't remember seeing this turtle made out of horseshoes.  Do you think Mark Allen or Freddy Prather could make one?

The only problem with arriving early is that the bands weren't playing.  

The food is plentiful and good.  The lines and crowds were down this year.  

 Shirley and John Kohl.
Bob and Pam Beltz and Linda and George Morey.

Pam is sporting the turquoise hat with rhinestones and Linda bought a cute visor.  I ended up with a t-shirt on the mark down rack.  

Notice all the empty seats.  Even the upper patio is nearly empty.

Shortly after we returned from the Desert Bar we had company.
Dennis and Carol Hill

I think Dennis thought I had ice cream so I could make real root beer floats, but I only had the real root beer with 5.9 % alcohol.   Dennis said he was surprised to see me with a beer in hand. 
I went up to the Happy Hour for a little while but went back to watch the Cardinals play.  It's definitely nicer watching it in HD with the new satellite.  

Here's what four Doves look like.
Julie and Don Klein and Janet and Rollie Newman

Another beautiful sunset
How can you not love Arizona in January?

Turtle Safely..........

Friday, January 15, 2016

Quartzite Day 5

Quartzite, Arizona
BLM Land Plomosa Road

Today was the busiest day of the whole week.  This morning George Morey came to the door and said he was going to climb up on the roof and attach the over the air antenna.  

In no time at all, George not only attached the new antenna but he also greased the gears.  Dave came over and wanted to know how the Winegard antenna worked.  We were just tuning in the channels so he came in to see.  
Dave, George, Me and Bob

With the old bat wing antenna you just turned it around and kept programming and hoping we got it turned in the right direction.  With this one it shows a bar on the TV as you turn it from bad to good and the color also changes.  I think this is going to be much better than the bat wing.  George did tell me that we should put it down in winds of 75 mph or greater.  

George has done so many neat additions to his coach.  He also installed our sewer hose container that we've had in the basement for years.  Thank you again, George.

We had wondered where Bob and Pam were most of yesterday.  Bob came over and said he was very dizzy yesterday and Pam took him to the urgent care.  They sent him up to the hospital in Parker thinking he might have had a stroke.  Luckily, it turned out to be vertigo.  They'll always remember their first time in Quartzite with a visit to the hospital.

Dennis and Linda Ward came over to see how our satellite worked.  I said our appointment wasn't until 2 pm.  We hitched up the coach shortly afterward and drove it into town.  There were four motor homes already there.  We were about 25 minutes  early but they started on it right away.  

I knew Don had dialysis today so I gave Sharon a call and we stopped to visit for a few minutes.  Gigi did not leave Bill's lap the entire time we were there.

There's always someplace in town to kill some time.  We went to the flea markets on the western part of Main.  We thought of Don Del Rosario when we saw this giant anchor.  Don probably likes his wooden carved one better.
It's amazing some of the items you see at a flea market.  

By now, we've missed the Montana group potluck.  Bill wanted to know where I wanted to go for dinner.  As we were driving down the street, I saw a big crowd at the Yacht Club.  Someone had told us that it had been closed or sold so I wanted to see if it was as good as before.  Tonight's special was $7.95 for fish, fries and cole slaw.  Even though they were crowded we didn't have to wait for a table.  Our waitress was very quick and efficient.  Of course, when you're trying to kill time, you get your food quickly.  I even drank my entire beer without passing it over to Bill to finish.  

We were told the satellite installation would take a minimum of 3 to 4 hours.  We went back over and the installer was just finishing.  I listened to the instructions and when she looked at me, she gave me her cell number in case I couldn't figure it out.  I'm sure it will be easier once we start using it.  I didn't have both receivers with us, so I was trying to take notes on how to install the other receiver. 

We picked up our receipt and warranty information and started hitching up.  It was getting dark fast.
The sun was setting when we started back to the Circling of the Wagons.  By the time we made the turn it was pitch dark.  Nothing like setting up in the dark.  

Turtle Safely......

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Quartzite Day 4

Quartzite, Arizona
Circling of the Wagons

Another gorgeous day, what can I say.  I wanted to walk Tyson Wells today before the tent opens tomorrow, so Bill suggested we go out for breakfast and then walk the flea markets.  

For those of you who have attended Quartzite during January here's a view from the truck.  I think this was around Silly Al's Pizza around 10 am.  

I had a quest.  I actually needed something.  I found out that I couldn't get local channels because half of the bat wing antenna is missing.  Could that have happened in Ohio from the "campground from hell"?  If you don't know the story it's in this blog-- An Inch to Spare, September 2015 An Inch to Spare .  Sorry I can't figure out how to post that link here.  

Our neighbors, George and Linda, are the neighbors anyone like us needs.  George likes to fix things.  You should see the neat hose reel he made.  Anyway when he found out we don't climb up on ladders, he said if we got a new antenna, he'd install it for us.  

Of course, before we found the antenna there was this cute little t-shirt that is perfect for the winter blast.  I don't bother caring a purse in all this madhouse.  The girl I bought the shirt from asked if I was paying by credit card or cash.  I said I'm paying by husband.  

I found an antenna to replace the bat wing but not sure it's going to be an easy installation.  

We did miss Mac the Fire Guy who gave a seminar on fire safety.  As usual those who have never been to one of his seminars, was very impressed with his presentation. 

We hurried back to the Circling of the Wagons as Everts was delivering pizza and beer to everyone.  They also brought out four new models of Montana's for everyone to view.  No salesmen, just the models.  That's the way you can enjoy viewing them.  

Evert's always go first class.  The pizza was from Silly Al's.  I had never tried the Reuben pizza and it was very good.  There was a great selection of almost any kind of pizza you could think of. 

For those Escapees members reading this that have attended the Escapade in the past, I have good news that I'll share.  I asked Jorge if they would be attending the Escapade in Essex Junction, Vermont in July.  He checked his schedule and said "yes".  No need to fix anything for Happy Hour as they do such a great job.  

Here's George studying the manual for the Wingard antenna.

Music was suppose to be provided for the pizza and beer party but I knew Johnny Goodrum was at the Escapees happy hour.  He came over after the Happy Hour was over and it was decided that they'd have music during the campfire and give him time to rest a little.  

During Happy Hour there was a seminar on the locks for the basements.  There were four nice prizes that the presenter (sorry I forgot his name) donated.  I didn't win any nor did I win the lottery.  

Bill and I were torn as we enjoy the Escapees Happy Hour but since we attended on Wednesday we thought we should spend some time here and skip the second Escapees Happy Hour.

We didn't stay out for the campfire as I started getting cold and when I went back for warmer clothes, I decided it was perfectly comfortable inside.  

I guess I have been remiss, in mentioning that George Yates of Our Awesome Travels blog, is hosting a Bloggerfest on January 23.  It will be at La Posa South LTV.  Details of the event can be found on RVillage Get Togethers.  It's a chance for bloggers and blog readers to come and meet each other.  I hope to meet other bloggers and readers.  For those of you who don't make comments, now's your chance to come meet someone in person.  

I'll close this blog with a sunset from tonight.  

Turtle Safely........