Friday, September 4, 2015

An Inch to Spare

Country Acres
Ravenna, Ohio

I never want to have another close call like today.  Let me tell you about the fun things first.

Here's a photo of neighbors across from us at the COE.  It had two flamingos painted on the front.  It was really unique and I thought tastefully painted.

We enjoyed watching all the sailboats out on the lake last evening.  
There were people on the beach swimming, but it wasn't warm enough for our Arizona blood.

Check out time was 3 pm so we decided to drive to Rogers, Ohio for the flea market today.  On the way we passed a Mail Pouch barn.  We've seen so many, but always in a blind turn or bad spot for a photo.  

This one is for Al of the Bayfield Bunch.

It rained during the night and the weather forecast said there was a chance of showers.  We searched around and found an umbrella and decided to take our chances.  As it turned out, it was a perfect day.
 It was packed.  I have never understood why they only have it held on Friday.  As we were walking down one aisle, we saw George, who lives in New Cumberland, WV.  Never did have any time to go visit him when we were in West Virginia.  

I didn't take the camera into the flea market since there are many Amish people.  We bought a flat of strawberries for $5.00--8 quarts.  The butcher shop was packed but we waited in line to get some summer sausage.  There were many cheese shops and ended up with some lacy Swiss and some pepperoni cheese.  I would have never bought any, but they had samples and it was delicious.   I also bought a huge bag of limes for a dollar.  

We had about a third of the market left to walk when all of a sudden, John and Doris Care all most walked into us.  John stopped by and visited us often when we were in West Virginia.  He lives in Wellsburg, WV.  People travel a long way to attend this flea market.  I so wished I had my camera or phone with me so I could have had a photo.

Bill and I arrived back at the Corps of Engineer park around 1 pm and decided to pack up and drive the short distance to Ravenna where we'll hide out for the holiday weekend.  

I drove and when I found out it was a back in said "no problem."  Let me give you a little feel for this place.  It's Ohio and on a lake.  Trees are everywhere and there is no rhyme or reason how they put the sites in here.  There is nothing straight and the road goes around all the trees.  There are no road signs, actually there aren't what you would call streets.  You can only get one truck through the road at a time.  

When I  checked in the girl gave me a map and said not to take the first road.  Somehow I missed the road I should have come in on.  I checked the map and it showed the road circled around the lake.  No problem, I'll just circle around and try again.  There was no other way to go.  

As I was coming around the other end of the lake, the road turned into more of a path.  This was right on the edge of the lake with low hanging trees everywhere.  People came out of their cabins with their mouths hanging open when they saw us.  Now I know why I didn't see RV's back there. 

There was no way to back up.  I finally came up to this sign. 

About this time, some people pulled up on golf carts.  They asked how long the fifth wheel was.  They just shook their heads and said there was no way to back up nor to go forward.  Finally they moved the sign and said that was my only chance to get out of there.  There were Z turns through the trees and I had to back up many times to make a turn.  I had to pull the mirrors in to get between the trees.  I was backing and driving without mirrors.  Bill was directing me and there were four guys on all four corners watching the trees.  I inched through there.  
  This was the end of it.  I also had to drive over a spillway and they had to take big lengths of PVC pipe to move the low power lines out of the way.  I did knock off the top of the vent cap from some of the tree branches, but one young fellow, found it and climbed up on the roof to put it back.  This photo doesn't show how close I was on the passenger side.  

After all that, backing into a sideways over the hill site was a piece of cake.  It's so unlevel our tires are off the ground. I had the shakes when it was all done.  

After it was all done, everyone congratulated me on doing a great job.  It wasn't my driving as I only inched through there, having Bill direct me got me through there.   The guys that watched the corners, said there was only a inch or two from hitting the trees.

If you haven't tried "Not Your Father's Root Beer", you're missing something good.  Shay and Doug gave us some and I didn't even realize it was beer.  I think tonight is a good time to have one.  

Turtle Safely........ 

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