Saturday, March 4, 2017

Catching Up Again

Casa Grande, AZ

I used to be so good about blogging regularly.  I guess we've been way too busy to keep up.

We had the truck serviced on Thursday so we should be good to go except for rotating the tires.  Bill had the serpentine belt changed on the truck.  Just to be sure it doesn't give us problems later this summer.

Bill had an eye appointment at 7:45 am in Chandler.  I think we are still playing catch up on getting up so early.  I wanted to go to Costco so we walked around Target for a little while waiting until 10 when Costco opens.  Now that they have raised their membership fee, maybe they can afford to open at 9 am.  

Here's another question to my blog readers.  Why do men's pants come in one inch increments for sizes 29, 31, and 33, but then they are sized every two inches after that.  Bill really needs a size 35 and we were lucky enough to find that size in Wranglers.  Even nicer, they were $16.99 a pair. I only saw three pairs and I put all three in the basket.  

By the time we got back to Casa Grande and picked up the truck we were both tired.  

Yesterday we had some errands to run.  I found a great buy on waterproof hiking boots in Big 5 Sporting Goods, but they didn't have my size.  I did get a bathing suit for $10, when it comes to a bathing suit more money wouldn't make a difference with this body.  

George wanted to check out our TV lift.  It seems over time, it rides close to one edge.  Of course, my forgetting to put it down before we went down the road had nothing to do with that.  In a couple of minutes, George found the screws were loose and repaired it.  It's nice to have them nearby.

Harry and Carlena had a ballgame so we didn't see them.  The asked us out to dinner, but I already had our dinner almost done since we didn't have any lunch.

They had another game today so just Linda and George went with us to the Queen Creek Olive Mill.  We've been on the tour a couple of times, so we just waited on the beautiful patio while Linda and George took it.  As usual I spent much more than I planned. I didn't even buy olive oil, but I now have a good supply of olives as well as another olive dish.  Have you tried Jalapeno lime stuffed olives? 

It was still early so we decided to go to the Superstition Mountain Museum in Apache Junction.  This is a real jewel. Admission was $4.00 for old folks.  
Yes, we do have skunks in Arizona.

Here's a Navajo loom and rugs.  
Navajo story telling basket.

Bill, of course, enjoyed the ranch house display.

I've seen a lot of these stoves, but never a blue one.

Being from Casa Grande and going past the monument for the Mormon Battalion a lot, I was interested in this.

Pauline Weaver.

I knew there would be some displays of Jacob Waltz.

Ron Lichtenberg and Vicki Allen did you have these in your post office?

We were watching an old Death Valley Days on TV the other day and saw that it was filmed here at Apacheland.  It's a shame that it wasn't rebuilt after the second fire, but that land is full of houses now.

This cowboy wanted to steal Linda, but I stopped him.

We were about to leave, when we discovered there was a lot more.

Can you see the stamping plant in front of the Superstition Mountains?

Our timing was perfect as they were giving a demonstration on how it worked.

All of these workers are volunteers.

It was originally located in Bland, NM and five volunteers dismantled this 70 ton stamp mill and transported it to Apache Junction.  After many years of restoration, they have it working.  

I believe this was a Power's well-boring machine.

The barn was used in an Audie Murphy movie called Arizona Rangers.  The barn now has a gift shop and snack shack.  There is movie memorabilia from Apacheland inside the barn.  Do you think my age has anything to do with the fact that I knew what roles the stars played?

There was a lot more to see at this jewel including Boot Hill, the Railroad exhibit, and the Elvis chapel.

We drove back to Casa Grande via Florence.  Haven't been that way in a long time.  It was a great day spent with two great people.  

Turtle Safely......


  1. We hope to get to this Museum this week. Looks like a great one. So my husband, Paul, used to be called Pauline in another life. Would have never guessed that.
    I love olives. Paul hates them. I would still like to take that tour.

  2. The Olive Mill also had some great beauty products. Linda bought some soap. They also have a little restaurant and coffee shop that looked very popular.


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