Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Small Montana Mingle

Casa Grande, Arizona
Sundance RV Resort

Yesterday Curtis and Stephanie Matthews came over for a visit.  They brought their Alaska mementos and gave us a slide show of some of the things we will see on our trip to Alaska.  David and Linda had also given them some tips and she shared those too.  There's so much information out there from everyone.  

Linda and George Morey came over a little later.  I think George knew we had some Yuenling Beer left.  We all visited for awhile.

My 2017 Milepost arrived along with Bill's bug guard for the truck.  If that wasn't enough, I finally had a call from our insurance company that the yellow Canada vehicle liability card was in the the mail. Check, check, check.  The to do list is getting much smaller.  

Our Loosey Goosey t-shirts have been ordered.  I can't wait to see them.   

Curtis and Stephanie were pulling out today but we'll see them again at Escapade.

Randy and Harry had their induction into the Elk's last night.  Bill and I both went with them.  Pam had pictures of their new winter home.

Carlena told us that the ballgame had been cancelled due to all the rain.  Looks like Casa Grande missed a lot of it.  They have decided not to go back to the valley.  They got the last site at Val Vista and will stay until time for the Escapade.  They will go with George and Linda and park together.  

After my doctor appointment, we took George and Linda with us to the Chapter 45 Escapees luncheon.  We got over on the reservation, and the engine light came on.  Knowing we had a long drive, we came back and took George's truck. The engine light turned out to be a loose gas cap.  

George and Linda knew a few people who were there from being at the Winter Blast.  We've been at different functions in the fifth wheel during a lot of meetings, so we haven't seen people in awhile.

I've started counting the days before we leave and not counting the time at the Escapade we have 32 days left.  I need to get those last minute items taken care of.

We stopped at Costco today and picked up some food items we wanted to take with us.  

Another doctor appointment tomorrow at 7:45 am and we will hit rush hour.  

We've been in Arizona 25 years and I've never seen the desert so green.  The wild flowers are coming out everywhere. 

John and Karen Knoll do you remember this little cactus?
One day later.

Turtle Safely......


  1. Let's hope the snow is gone for your trip north.

  2. We are loving the green desert and wild flowers blooming, first time for us as well looks so beautiful. Hope the weather gets better top there for your trip north.


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