Saturday, May 4, 2013

Today was spent at the show.  The doors opened to the public at 8 am which is an hour earlier than most shows.  We enjoyed talking to the people and were lucky enough to have the same people next to us at the last show.  

A newspaper reporter came by and took our pictures and names for the local newspaper.  They had a sign posted that the Elks had a steak dinner which included baked potato, beans, corn and bread for $12.00.  We decided to stay and try their dinner.  Our steaks were cooked perfectly.

Bill spend after dinner watching Dave air up his trailer tires and believe it or not we had the compressor.  Everyone thinks Bill doesn't have any tools, he just doesn't enjoy using them.


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  1. Too funny. I'm with Bill on the tool thing. That steak sounds really good.


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