Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July

My first thing to do when we woke up was to call our daughter, Nikki, and wish her happy birthday.  

Bill and I picked up Ed Allard, Jeanne Nelson and Alice Knox to go to the fireman's breakfast.  Dave and Sherry had Ed, Sandy and Joe in their truck.  They had pancakes, sausage, juice and coffee for breakfast.  No charge, just a boot to make a donation in.  The firemen invited us to attend the town festivities which included a parade, free lunch and games.  

 The town of Gillette has a public garden.  Individual plots are laid out for the local citizens.
  They even had an organic section with no chemicals.

The town had a city parade but we had things going on back at the Cam-Plex.  Walking through the doors of Spirit Hall, you could smell the next event.  It was a chili cook-off and did it smell good.  

Unfortunately, the chili cook-off started at the same time as the pet parade.  I picked the pet parade instead of the chili only because my husband makes the best chili and no one can compare with his.  

The pets were all well behaved.  I was amazed that I didn't hear any dogs barking or snarling at each other.

Didn't this look like a family photo?

And last but not least, none of the dogs noticed it was a cat.

I'll post the dinner, banquet and fire works story tomorrow. 

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  1. Did you enter Monte in the dog show? I love firemen breakfasts. We always go when we're in a small town. Grew up going to them in Sidney when Dad was a volunteer fireman.


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