Saturday, July 27, 2013

Christmas in July

It's Christmas here at Pine Grove RV Park.  The entire park is decorated.  We started off this morning with breakfast provided by the RV park at the clubhouse.  Bill and I ended up sitting there for two hours talking. We were talking with a couple who lives two blocks away from my sister and brother-in-law in Spring Branch, Texas. They knew exactly which house was my sister's.

The weather was in the mid to upper 70's.  We all set outside filling and tying water balloons and filled the coolers with them. We've been with lots of RV people but these Montana owners never lack for some entertainment.  At 1 pm the RV park takes the kids through the park in a wagon pulled by a backhoe.  Now these kids are wearing their bathing suits and armed with water cannons.  

The backhoe then drives up and down the roads while all the people have buckets and hoses and have a water fight with the children (the children in the wagon, the other children were Montana Owners). The MOC group have water launchers and have practiced all morning.  

Look at the form these professional water launchers use.

After the kids were finished, there were water balloons left so the next thing you know, there is a water balloon fight among the Montana members.

A rally wouldn't be complete without seeing people working on their rigs.  

How many guys does it take to put up a flagpole?

Notice the OSHA approved head gear. Ron and Jim showed us how to get our surround sound system working.  Thanks to both of them, it works great.

At 3 pm we had an ice cream sundae at the ice cream social. 

Christmas dinner began at 5:30.  There was smoked turkey, roasted turkey and ham.  Any kind of side dish you could think of was on the table.  We waddled back to the rigs, but we were so full we could hardly move.

Joy Johnson, author, was there to sign her books.  She writes the Boob Girls--The Burned Out Old Broads at Table 12.  She told some of the stories and they were hilarious.  We bought all five of her current books.  The story takes place in Omaha and also mentions Pine Grove RV Park as well as the owner, Cathy.  

The campground had a root beer float at 8 pm but there was no way we were going to be able to handle it.

We searched for our long pants and sweatshirts and went outside to join the group.

The night evening brought about a hayride and judging for the best Christmas decorations.  

And then Santa came by as we sang Christmas songs.
Another fun day and night with the Montana Owners Club.

Turtle Safely.........

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