Saturday, July 6, 2013

Eastbound to South Dakota

The sun was shining, no clouds and no wind.  A good day to volunteer to drive today.  It was much easier hitching up with the ground flat.  

It's always sad to leave friends behind, but we always say "See Ya" as we know we'll hitch up together again.

Left to right, Dave and Sherry Sweetman, Nick and Jeannie Schmidt, and Ed and Sandy Spearse.  Gerri Beckman walked down before we left to say good by.  

Our travels took us eastbound on I 90.  We talked about going south at Newcastle but we were enjoying our audio book and passed up the exit.  I pulled into the South Dakota Welcome Station--Northern Hills.  

The terrain changed quickly.  Time wasn't a factor with us, so we decided to head south on highway 85 through Deadwood.  We weren't the only RV's driving through that town.  We spent time in Deadwood a few years ago so didn't stop.  Did I mention that when we decided to do highway 85 I decided to give the wheel back to Bill?  The highway had grooves in it the entire way to Highway 16.  

I told Bill we weren't in any hurry other than it was suppose to rain at 1:30.  Guess what time we pulled into Heartland here in Hermosa?  Yep, there were a few sprinkles so we had the door open in case it let loose while we unhitched.  Thankfully, the rain came after we completed setting up and it only lasted a few minutes.  

The laundry is done and we're ready to explore the area tomorrow.  

Turtle Safely.......

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  1. Welcome to the Black Hills. The weather is not supposed to be too good today. Dry from now (8:00 A.M.) until around 2:00 P.M. when scattered thunderstorms are supposed to kick back in through the evening. The weather can be severe in Hermosa so be on your toes. Not so much in Custer Park and Custer.
    Are you interested in meeting somewhere for dinner later? We could meet up here at our house in Custer for a drink and then head out to town somewhere. Perhaps as you end your travels around the area.
    Give us a call - 443-799-0045

    Hank and Joyce


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