Monday, July 1, 2013

Escapade Day 2

Activities started early this morning but we didn't go up to Spirit Hall until after 9 am. These guys didn't even offer to give us a ride.

We made a short trip around the market before our first seminar "All About Rand McNally RV GPS."  Phil May was the instructor and we've been to his classes before.  We previously purchased a 7710 Rand McNally with a 7 inch screen which is made for RV's.  It's been easy to use but we had no idea all the information it can provide.  By the time we left the class, we felt very good about our GPS.  I had the added advantage that I had ours in class and could go along with each step.

"Highway History & Back Road Mystery" was the next class.  It was presented by Nick Russell.  We've attended this class before and enjoyed it.  There were many people in the class and we had to sit on the side.  The microphone would get softer every time Nick turned his head so it was impossible to hear everything.  

We came back to the 5'er for lunch and then returned to the Wyoming Center.  Bill and I visited the "the Row" and met representatives of the various chapters and BOF's.  There were a few local chapter events that we may be able to attend.

The third class for the day was about blogging.  It was very informative and was given by our favorite instructors Chris and Jim Guld, the Geeks on Tour.  I am going to implement some of the things I learned into this blog.

Back to the rig to fix dinner and then back to Spirit Hall for the evening's prize drawing and entertainment.  

It was nice to see that two of our chapter members won prizes--Vern Fogler and Gerri Beckman.  I didn't get a photo of Gerri as she was seated on the main floor.

The entertainer was Patty Davidson and she had a funny ventriloquist routine.  She also had two people from the audience join her.  She picked two of the vendors. 

Jim Guld, with the pigtails, is such a ham.  All I could think of with him on the stage was the "Hoosier Beauty Queen" he participated in at the Gypsy Journal Rally in Elkhart, IN.  This was very funny, but nothing will top his performance in Elkhart when he portrayed a sultry lady and was crowned queen of the beauty contest.  

Sorry about the photo but we were up in the balcony and too far away to get a good one but hopefully you get the idea.  

Turtle Safely.........

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