Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Escapade Day 4

Up early today to attend an 8:30 am seminar about cleaning the RV without a ladder.  The seminar was well done.  I won a $10 gift certificate to their booth.  Of course, the $10 wouldn't cover the tax on what we spent. 

Here's a photo with pins on the map where attendees were from.  

Today was the last day for the market place and people were making their last minute purchases.

The "Row" had their party this afternoon.  There were many people and it was difficult to see everyone's display.

We came back to the rig without going to the free happy hour.  Chapter 45 pot luck started at 4:30 and I needed time to prepare a dish. 

Here's the chapter 45 members that attended the potluck.  Don Smith was unable to attend.  Left to right front row--Sandy Sperse, Jan Mains, Dick George, Judy George, Alice Knox, Polly Fogler, Jeanne Parrish, Sherry Sweetman.  Back row: Ed Sperse, Jeanne Schmidt, Bill Mains, Nick Schmidt, Jimmy Williams, Gerri Beckman, John Beckman, Ed Allard, Jeanne, Dave Sweetman, Bill Parrish, Linda Greig, Don Greig, and Vern Fogler. 

We barely had time to return our dishes to the rig and get back in time for the prize drawing.  Most of the winners  names that were drawn were from those in the balcony seating.  

Knox's, Greig's, Beckman's and Fogler's were all prize winners.  I hope I didn't forget anyone.  There was a "Ham-a-rama tonight for entertainment but we were tired and returned back to the rig.  

Bill and I took a bike ride as I wanted to check out my new tires.  I looked at Bill's bike and he had a flat tire.  He put some air in it and it rode much better.  We went up and down all the roads in the Cam-plex.  

Tomorrow is the big birthday bash.  Bill and I volunteered to serve the cake.  

Turtle Safely......

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  1. Lots of fun and lots of eating. Riding those bikes is a great idea. Have a great 4th.


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