Friday, July 5, 2013

Escapade Ends

July 4th was a busy day and Bill was ready for the festivities.

 After lunch we went down to the last happy hour put on by Paul Evert RV.  Everyday they have had appetizers and 
beer and wine.

It looked like there might be a storm brewing so we hopped on the golf cart shuttle to go back to the rig and put our awning up.  

Bill and I volunteered to help serve the birthday cake at the banquet dinner.  Our job was to "guard" the cake until the attendees had gone through the serving lines allowing only one piece of cake per person.  

We were told to "guard" the cake until the speakers began and then we could sit at our table until they began to sing the traveling song.   Sherry and Dave Sweetman were also on guard duty.  

We took our job seriously.  As we were sitting at our table listening to the speeches we noticed a women at the cake table with two pieces of cake.  All four of us jumped up simultaneously and ran over to the "thief".  We told her she couldn't have any cake and she absolutely couldn't have two.  As we confronted her, her eyes got huge and she said it was alright--as she was the caterer!

Prizes were awarded and Kay Petersen gave a wonderful speech.  

Total attendance was 586 rigs.  Paul Evert RV announced they sold 15 RV's during the show. 

Every table had a bottle of champagne and souvenir glasses.

Molly Pinner, Escapade director, lead everyone in toasts to the 35th Birthday Bash.

The dinner was followed by a dance with the Rivioli's music.  

On our walk back to the rig we encountered this fellow.

The fireworks display was suppose to start at 9:30 or 10 depending on which schedule you read.  We were  setting out in our chairs when lightning began slowly in the west. It looked as if it could blow over.  We moved to the edge of the "fallout zone" and had our table with food and bug repellent  handy.  Then the winds started to get stronger and a few sprinkles came down.  Bill and I decided we'd just go back to the rig while others sat in their vehicles.  

The rains came down harder and we just opened the bedroom blind and had a perfect view out our window.  
Here are some photos taken by our nice neighbor (sorry I forgot her name). If you read this make a comment so you can have credit for such great photos.  I told her I'd use hers in the blog.  

It's hare to describe how close we were, but believe me when I say close.  

This was a great photo interspersed with the lightning.  

Bill made a comment that this was a great fireworks show for such a small town. 

Polly and Vern Fogler pulled out this morning.  There were a few that left, but most are still here.  

This was our last "social" hour as we are pulling out in the morning.  Having a social hour for the last 2 weeks everyday  has been fun but we are ready to be off by ourselves for a little while.  I think everyone is exhausted being on the go so much.  We all agreed that one more day of the Escapade would have been too much.  

Bill and I both agree that this has been the best Escapade we've ever been to.  We'd like to say "thank you" to all the people behind the scenes that made this such a success.  Of course none of this would have been possible without Bob and Molly Pinner as directors. 

Sherry and Dave Sweetman, Ed Allard, and Jeanne Nelson are all going to Cody, WY tomorrow.  We are headed to Hermosa, SD to Heartland RV.   

Turtle Safely.......


  1. That's too funny about that poor caterer. You guys were definitely doing your job. She did get great pictures of the fireworks - so neat with the lightning in the one pic. Looking forward to seeing Polly and Vern tomorrow.

  2. You have new careers as the "Cake Nazis"................:)


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