Sunday, July 7, 2013


What a pleasant surprise when I answered the phone this morning.  It was Hank Whitney and he and Joyce wanted to meet us somewhere to have dinner.  Unfortunately, we had made plans to go to Rapid City to refill my medication.  As true RVers we agreed to meet them tomorrow instead and go to the Woodcarvers Museum with them.  

Instead of going straight up highway 79 we decided to take Highway 40 through Keystone and then north to Rapid City. Yesterday we planned on taking 40 but somehow looked at the sights and missed the turn.  That was a very good thing we found out today.  There were a least 4 bridges that had one lane construction.  They were very narrow and had a stop sign at either end.  In some cases going around a turn where you had to get in the other lane to see around.  I had no trouble driving the truck through there but was glad we didn't have the 5er.  At one point I saw a truck pulling a trailer very fast.  He slammed on his brakes and started backing up.  

This was "The Holy Terror" which is now an antique store.  The legend is that the complaints of a miner's wife that none of the family mines had ever been named in her honor.  Her husband did just that!  He named it the "The Holy Terror!"
We were parked near the Chamber of Commerce (one of the few free parking places) and found a brochure for the Historic Keystone Walking Tour.   Do you think this telephone booth should be part of the historic tour?  I never see any of these anymore.
It was a beautiful day and we walked the boardwalk.  There were t-shirt shops, pizza stands, ice cream shops, and gift shops.  The population of the town is 232.  Typical tourist trap.  

The Borglum Museum was closed.  It might have been worth a visit.  

Dahl's Chainsaw Art was worth the walk.  Although they weren't carving anything you could view their works.  

These were huge--bigger than life size. 
This "motorcycle" had a carved sign which said to climb on.

I can't imagine using a chainsaw to cut wood straight much less to do these beautiful carvings.  I didn't think the prices for such beautiful artwork were bad at all.  

 We traveled north on highway 16 to the Rapid City Walmart.  I dropped off my prescription and the girl said it would take 15 minutes.  At home you usually have to come back the next day.  While we were waiting we saw the blood pressure machine and decided to use it.  It is the first one like it we've ever seen.  It checked your eyes, your blood pressure, BMI, sleep habits, and health.  
On our way back to the RV park we noticed this.  
Do you remember going to a drive in movie?

These stone faced men were lining the highway.

Bill had the steaks on the grill for dinner and the wind was blowing so hard he couldn't keep the grill lit.  He finally brought them in and I finished them up on the stove.  

Tomorrow we're off to see Hank and Joyce.

Turtle Safely......

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  1. We've never spent any time in Keystone. Drove through and then just kept going. Good thing Jim didn't know about those ice cream shops. He just can't pass one by.


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