Friday, July 26, 2013


Today's blog title about sums up our day.  The guys all went out today while the ladies had a luncheon.  The men left about 10 am.  
I'm in the center trying to get everyone saddled up to go.
Then I found out my batteries were dead.
Eventually the guys all left.

Some of the ladies went to a quilt shop while the other ones toured each others Montana's.  It's amazing how they are the same but very much different.  

I am so sorry I didn't bring the camera today.  We left for Ashland in 3 vehicles.  Cheri's was our destination for lunch.  Everyone who had been there previously was excited about returning.  It was a unique restaurant reminiscent of an old fashioned ice cream parlor and perfect for the luncheon.  We had a room to ourselves upstairs.  The food was good, great company and the service was fine.  After lunch we walked the quaint town and gift shops.  

Mary and Jan have done such a great job it wasn't over yet.  Everyone was given a red package with more goodies in it. 

Believe it or not no one ordered dessert but the reason was we were going to a chocolate factory.  A short drive away and we arrived at Bakers Candies Inc in Greenwood.

Bakers Candies was founded in 1987 and by Valentine's Day 1988 the plant's retail outlet store was opened to the public.  The company is 100% owned and operated in Nebraska.  The plant is 25,000 square feet and produces more than  1/2 million pounds of superlative quality meltaways each year.  

I think we averaged about $20 a piece in chocolates.
When we returned to Pine Grove RV Park, we saw most of the guys lounging around outside.  

Bill told me that they took a trip to Camping World.
Look, they can't wait to get in the store.

And now they are off to Leach Camper Sales in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

And more shopping.....

And more shopping.....but no big purchases.

Leachs treated the guys to lunch.  
Steaks were cooked to order.

By the way this huge meal also had dessert that Bill didn't get a photo of.  

Bill was so full he didn't want to sit down when he returned. 

We tried to do our Christmas in July decorating but I'm sure if there is a booby prize we might win. We finished up "decorating" and it was time to leave for dinner.

Everyone was talking about Valentino's Italian Buffet and I can see why.  Even though we weren't hungry we found room for more food.  

We finally said "enough" we can't eat anymore.  

When we returned we realized we were late for the ice cream social.  No Jim, there wasn't anywhere for it to go. 

It was very cool out so we went inside for the rest of the evening and to watch the Diamondbacks versus the Padres.  
It was a fun day made that way because of the good people we were around.  

Oh yes, did I mention the dirt car track is running races tonight?

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