Wednesday, August 21, 2013

EAST of the Mississippi

Baraboo, Wiconsin
Fox Hill RV Park & Campground

On Saturday they had Gold Rush days at the Rochester Fairgrounds so we had to go and see if there were any treasures we couldn't live without.

First stop was the farmer's market.  Prices were much higher than the local grocery but everything looked so fresh it was worth the price.
They really had a good turn-out of people and perfect weather.  
There were many booths with beautiful fresh cut flowers.
The vegetables were plentiful and had a great selection.
Here's where we parked across the street.
On both sides of the crosswalks they have a bucket of flags.
Here's Troy carrying the flag to the other side of the street.  When you get to the other side, you put the flag in the bucket for the person going the other way.
After the Farmers' Market we went to the fairgrounds for the Gold Rush Days.  Here's Bill looking at what he considers the best treasures.  We walked all of the buildings and outside tables without buying a thing.   Do you like the ear of corn tower in the background?

One thing that I can't understand is why a fairground that has RV sites doesn't use them except for special events.  It's seems like that is lost revenue to me.  

Sherry and Dave took their truck into the dealer on Monday and they said to bring it back on Tuesday but not to drive it much.  The parts would be available then.  When they took it back on Tuesday they said they ordered the wrong parts but to bring it back today.  We hated to leave them with the truck problems, but they have been babysitting every day while Dani works so they are able to use her car.   

We pulled out of Tilley's RV Resort this morning.  The fellow two sites down was complaining about the high sewers.  He couldn't understand why they were so high off the ground.  We were glad we had the macerator.  

We took the interstate today figuring it might not have a detour.  It seems like this area has detour signs every where. 

Bill did it!  He made me promise when we left in May that we weren't going East.  He considers anything east of the Mississippi East.  He had such a great time with the Montana Owners Club (MOC) rally in Nebraska he suggested we attend the National Rally in Goshen.  So we're headed to Goshen, only we're taking the northern route.  

Sharon and Don Del Rosario suggested we join them for an Escapee Chapter Rally in Michigan so we'll meet up with them along the way next week.  We're looking forward to seeing them especially since we had to cancel our plans to see them in Albuquerque at the balloon festival which is the same time as the MOC Rally.  Things have a way of working out.  

Do you ever do something and wonder why you did it?  Well today was one of those days.  We pulled into Fox Hill RV Park and they pointed out the site for us.  It was right next to the office and water was on one side and the electric on the other.  The girl said we could pull in from either end.  It had a lot of trees and was pretty narrow between them.  There was one tree branch there was no way to miss.  I went back to the office and the girl didn't know what to do. I walked around further and found some sites without trees.  They were full hook ups so I went back to the office and asked if we could change to one of those sites.  This place is practically empty except for seasonal sites.  It did cost us $3.69 more for the two nights.   The humidity is terrible and I guess I must have been hot and tired.  I had a brain meltdown.  Bill was in the truck and ready to pull the truck away from the trailer.  For some reason, I don't know why, I put the break release cord back on the handle of the hitch.  
I decided I'm not making any important decisions or handling anything dangerous.  Time to stay inside and hibernate and maybe I'll find my brain somewhere.  

Turtle Safely........


  1. Ahhhhh......nice to know I'm not the only one with mechanical brain-freezes........:)

  2. Well, you still haven't dropped the fiver on the bed of the truck. We have you beat by a long shot. Great shot of the ear of corn tower.


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