Friday, August 16, 2013

Gold Rush days in Oronoco

Last evening we went to Rochester with the Sweetman's and their daughter, Dani and grandson, Troy.  They wanted to do "Thursday's on First".  The town of Rochester closes off the streets for a craft and food street fair  every Thursday in the summer.  It was very crowded.  There were food vendors everywhere and with the diverse cultures and population in the the area, there were some strange smells coming from the vendor stands.  People were walking down the street eating and some were sitting everywhere they could find including sitting on the sidewalks.  

Troy wanted to play in the water fountain.

This morning Bill put on his glasses but they fell apart in his hands.
They broke across the bridge.  We were just leaving for the Oronoco Gold Rush Days so he put on his prescription sunglasses.  Dave was at the Dodge dealer to have his EGR repaired so we took Sherry with us and he spent time with Dani and Troy while waiting for the truck. 

 This small village had people and cars everywhere.  All the local residents sell parking spots in their lawns.  Most were full but we found one empty.  
I showed this to Sherry and asked if she liked this model.  She looked it over and said there was a hole in the screen.  Other than that, I think they would have traded for it.
Every nook and cranny had tables set up.  The problem was there wasn't an orderly way to go up and down the aisles.

Everyone who knows Bill knows he wants to get his hair cut where they have a barber pole outside.  I suggested we buy that one, and I could cut his hair.  They wanted $350 for it.  I think we'll pass.
Here's a Chevrolet that bit the dust.  They made it into a bench.  See Jim, they don't all work. They wanted $1,400 for it or we would have bought it for him.  Yeah, sure!
The terrain was hilly and there were a lot of obstacles to watch out for.  We walked around until we didn't feel like walking anymore without buying a thing.  There were plenty of tables we missed but I think it would be impossible to see all of them in one day but there's still Saturday and Sunday. 

We went back to Tilly's and Dani contacted Costco about Bill's glasses.  They can't weld titanium which his frames are but they said to bring them in and see if another frame will fit the lenses.  His frame has been discontinued. 

  Off to Costco again and in no time at all the girl removed his lenses with a safety pin and put them in a new frame.  She even adjusted my glasses and put different nose pads on Bill's.  Eighty one dollars later Bill had a pair of glasses.  

Dave picked his truck up and the dealer told him to bring it back on Tuesday for the repair but not to drive it too much.  
Turtle Safely........


  1. We're guessing duct tape wasn't an option for
    Bill's glasses???

  2. Glad Bill got new glasses. We're getting too blind to be without glasses for too long. Way too many people for me. We were going to go to a yard sale at a church in East Helena - got there and took one look at the crowds and left. I don't need or want anything that bad.


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