Friday, August 30, 2013

Over the bridge and off to Grayling

Grayling, Michigan
Camp Grayling Officers Club
(Michigan National Guard Base)

Bill said I should title this blog 56 shades of Gray. Enough said. 

It was OK when we woke up this morning, but the later it got, the darker the sky.  It started to sprinkle as we where hitching up and then the rain came down as we were leaving.

Sharon lead the way and we followed down I 75.  I was very glad to be in the co-pilot seat today.

As we approached the toll booth for the Mackinaw Bridge there were signs flashing that RV's speed limit was 20 mph due to the high winds.
That's Sharon driving ahead of us.  Notice all the orange barrels on the side.  The other day when we went across the concrete lane was closed to traffic and you had to go across the grated section but because the weather was so bad they had both lanes open.  While it was good we didn't have to drive on the wet grating, we had to be on the edge of the bridge.  

I won't say I was scared but I was really leaning across the middle seat of the truck and not looking out the window.  The visibility was very bad.  At 20 mph it took a lot longer to cross this bridge.

The rain got heavier and we kept watching the weather radar on the phone.

 Sharon stopped at a rest stop and we ran back to our 5er to use the bathroom.  We were soaked right through the 100% waterproof gortex raincoats by the time we took the few steps back to the truck.  Bill said "motor home wins for potty stops".  

We didn't realize that Sharon said she had enough driving and Don took over.  About 10 miles from Grayling the sky cleared and the road was dry.  As we entered the base the sky got darker.  Don and I walked over to the host site to register and the rain started down.  I was saturated by the time I got back to the truck.  At this point I walked down to  check out the road to see if we could come in on the other side to our site so Bill wouldn't have to blind side back in.  I couldn't get any wetter. 

We got set up and came inside to strip our wet clothes off.  Sharon said Don was wet down to his underwear.  

After the weather cleared up we rode around the base and downtown.  

We found this 50's diner and decided to stop for dinner. I ordered a fish sandwich so I'd have room for dessert.  I should have had the dessert first because I was too full for the ice cream.   
They had a larger collection of Coke memorabilia than the museum in Vicksburg.  
 They also had a huge bottle cap collection.

And since it was Friday, Don and Sharon were already wearing red so they matched the decor of the place.
The bicycles in the restaurant were all labeled Coke A Cola.

 I took this photo for Jim Dixon.

While we were having dinner, I told Don and Sharon about our visit to the laundromat yesterday.  
I didn't think to take a picture of it but the change machine wouldn't take colored money.  There was a sign that read "no colored bills".  It must have had something to do with the Martin Luther King speech anniversary.  Seriously, it only took old bills.  

We strolled along the boardwalk admiring the views.
The water was so clear and blue.
This is one of the ferry boats that goes to the island.

Did I mention that we got back in time to go to Clyde's drive in for burgers?  We all agreed it was the best place.  Bill had a bison burger for $4.50.

Turtle Safely...........


  1. The weather really looked horrible. Glad you made it safe but wet. I have to agree, the motorhome makes for easier potty breaks.

  2. Just wish I still had the car to park there!!!!


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