Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sault St. Marie

Sault St. Marie, Michigan
Elk's Lodge

We were on the road this morning by 8 am and it didn't take long to find a detour.  We took highway 41 to Rapid River and then eastbound to highway 2, north on highway 117 and then east on 28.  The roads weren't crowded and were smoother than the Minnesota and Wisconsin roads we've been on.  The weather was great except for some winds.  Sharon had sent directions that were better than following the GPS through Sault St. Marie.  We arrived at the Elks before 2 pm.  This is our first time here and we've heard other people brag about the great views.  
  But you have to be here to experience it.  There are 4 sites and you are surrounded by water on three sides.  

 Here's a few from the Elk's parking lot.
Here's a view out our living room window.  Sharon and Don have a better view since they have a one piece windshield. 
This is the view from the front of the 5er.  Bill wanted to know if those Canadian Geese had their passports.  The boat in the top left is the Soo Boat Tours.  
That is Canada across the water.
Hard to believe that is another country.

We sat outside and visited all afternoon.  As I told Sharon, it was nice to have them all to ourselves.  They know so many people they are always surrounded by friends. 

Don fixed dinner while we visited with Sharon.  What a dinner!   Bill has told me over and over that he never in his life ever had any beef that tasted as good as Don's special recipe.  I have to agree, never have I ever had such a good meal.  

 I told you it was delicious.  Well it looked good too, but I ate it so fast, I didn't have time for a picture. 
Don said I could take a picture of his best side.

Don and Sharon Del Rosario are very special people.

Tomorrow more adventures await.

Turtle Safely.......

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  1. That is a beautiful Elks. And having special friends to visit with when you get there - extra special.


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