Friday, August 23, 2013

The other side of the river from Wisconsin

River Park
Menominee, MI

The weather was perfect for driving today.  Temperatures in the 70's and plenty of sunshine with no winds.  

The roads were in poor condition but we're getting used to it.  

Our drive took us past a lot of farmland.  We passed a lot of wind farms.  

We arrived at Menominee City River Park around 1 pm and were happy to see that our reservation was one of a very few pull thru sites that were not under all the big trees. I'll be able to watch the Diamondbacks play tonight.  We hung over a few inches in the front and back.  Sites were nice and level and we have full hook ups.

 You can see the size of the trees here.  They have a special area to park your boat.
That's Wisconsin on the other side of the water.
The views are terrific.
There are benches and picnic tables right on the banks of the river.
Bill said he really liked the barrier between him and the water.  
I thought the ships in Wisconsin would come out in this photo but they're hardly visible.  The water surrounds three sides of this park.  

Bill wanted to get a haircut and the first place we stopped was closed on Thursday's and Friday's.  The second place address was now a park.  The third place had a sign on the door by appointment only.  It was packed but they took Bill anyway.  

Bill and I drove down historic Main Street.  What a beautiful little town.  They really know how to make use of the waterfront.  
The marina had very few empty slips. Why would you have such beautiful boats on a day like today and not be using it?
The American Legion had a sign for a fish fry so we went in to check it out.  They told us they wouldn't start serving for an hour and half.  We decided we'd just go back and fix dinner.
Look, not one boat, ship, or sailboat in sight.
There were not a lot people swimming or sunbathing for such a beautiful day.

It's amazing how you take things for granted.  As we were driving down the streets I saw blankets spread out at the curb covering something.  It didn't take long to figure out what they were covering.  It was their garbage.  We saw a garbage truck pull up, worker get out, uncover the pile of garbage, throw the blanket on the ground and the garbage in the truck.  

Sharon e-mailed us directions for the easiest way to get to the Elks.  We've got a longer than normal drive tomorrow but we're anxious to see Don and Sharon.  

Turtle Safely........

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  1. Probably, most of those boat owners were working today. It was a work day for most folks you know. Beautiful campground. I cannot believe the trouble Bill has getting a haircut.


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