Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Visit to the Pig Sty

Those were the days when we used to get up early.  By the time we had ourselves together this morning, breakfast was over.  We still managed to make it in time for the Chapter 6 meeting.

Don and Sharon Del Rosario gave a presentation regarding the role of an Escapees VCR.
Elections of officers took place and Don and Sharon gave certificates of appreciation to those who were officers and also installed new officers.

After the meeting everyone headed out to the Blanchard House.  

The Blanchard House was built in 1880
Harriet's father did not like John, who was a farmer.  Her father, a socially prominent individual, told her if she married him she would end up living in a pig sty.  
Eventually after their marriage John became a successful attorney and acquired much wealth.  During the construction of the house John hand picked the stone from his quarry.  He had quite a sense of humor.  Do you see the pig face in the stone he hand selected?  When Harriet's father came to see the house, John said, "welcome to my pig sty."
The rooms and furnishing were very beautiful.  The home was elaborately appointed by use of wood from his lumber business and stone from his quarry.  
After such an interesting tour and story of the Blanchard's, we were hungry.

We had heard stories about the Smokehouse and since it was our last day here, we had to try it out.
Bill and I both ordered the Taco Salad and it was very good.
Sharon's record is intact.  She always asks if she can have her burger cooked medium rare.  All the restaurants have said yes, but when it comes it isn't pink.  Maybe Bill and I are her jinx.  Our last meal together before we part for different directions and nothing has changed.  It's still cooked too much.  The rest of us were pleased with our selections.

Happy Hour was well attended and the weather was still nice for sitting outside.  

Mike Foley, president of Chapter 6, cooked the chili dinner.  There were 29 rigs in attendance and  I believe everyone came for dinner. 

Bernie and Carol managed to find some items to bid on.  I think Don was coaching him.  

After dinner they had a CARE auction that raised $440.00.  

Tomorrow is hitch up.

Turtle Safely........

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