Monday, September 23, 2013

Back to the Tracks

Goshen, Indiana
Elkhart County Fairgrounds Site #311

We woke up this morning to 42 degrees so we weren't in any hurry to get moving.  By the time we left around 10 am it was in the 60's and the sun was shining.  Our travels took us on county highway 205 to highway 6 to 33 north.  Sounds like a long way but was only about 50 miles to Goshen.  We made a quick stop at Walmart before taking the detour to the fairgrounds.  I don't think they have done much with the bridge since we were through here two weeks ago.  I hope it will be completed before the Escapade in May.

I ran into the office to pay for our two extra days before the MOC (Montana Owners Club) starts.  Bill and I had checked out this section when we stayed at the fairgrounds a couple of weeks ago.  We knew they had changed from the infield sites to these on the south side along the creek.  Knowing that we were some of the last people to register for the rally, we figured we'd be down here in the 300 section.  We had no problem finding our site and it's a good thing as they gave out no site maps or the nice packets they usually give you at the office.   

It looks like the field directly across from us is where the big tent will be.  We're right along the creek and train track but they don't blow the whistles here.  
We even managed to get a tree.

Both sides of us are empty now, but I'm sure this place will be filled Wednesday.

We walked up to the northeast side and Linda and Dennis Ward were waving at us as we were walking.  They wanted us to meet some friends of theirs and we were invited to happy hour with them.  After a couple of hours of enjoying everyone, we decided to leave as we were getting chilled.  They invited us to go to the flea market tomorrow in Shipshewana but we went two weeks ago and I wasn't ready yet for a return visit.

We've attended a lot of rallies but other than the MOC rally in Nebraska this is the first where there is all 5th wheels.  I've never seen so many Montana's.  I would guess that probably half have already arrived.  

Tell me they don't think highly of the Montana here!

Turtle Safely..........

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