Friday, September 20, 2013

Chapter 51 Rally--Auburn, IN

Auburn, IN
Fireside Resort RV Park

Yesterday was the official start of the Escapees Indiana Chapter 51 rally held in Auburn, IN at the Fireside Resort RV Park.  
Registration was held 2:30-4:00 and by 4 pm everyone was accounted for except one couple en-route that had to stop because the rain was so heavy.  
Everyone enjoyed social hour and a lot of talking went on.

I thought they did a good job of decorating all the tables with baskets of apples representing the Johnny Appleseed Festival we will be attending on Saturday.  
The Escapees have to have the best pot lucks and this was no exception.  There was a nice variety and a good balance of main dishes, sides  and desserts.  (Eat your heart out Ed  Allard, there were a lot of good deeeeeesserts to sample).

It was a perfect evening for a campfire and to watch the moon rise.

Bill has volunteered to take  photos of the rally so it was a rare moment when he was caught in a photo.

The annual Chapter 51 meeting was held this morning and election of President and Secretary took place with both offices being re-elected.  
Left to right:  Dave Wheelock, Carol Humphreys, David McCreary, Sonie Vargo, Pat Miller, and Polly Miller
This was our first official rally as VCR's.  Certificates of appreciation were awarded to all the officers of the chapter.   

 Installed were-- Sonie Vargo, Secretary and David McCreary, President for another 2 year term.

Joyce McCreary, Polly Miller, Sonie Vargo and I went to Garrett to check out an antique store.  It was small but very nice.  The storekeeper told us a good place for lunch was Dot's Eatery.  Pat and David drove over and joined us.  I had a half sandwich and a bowl of soup and it was excellent.  

We didn't get our fill of antique stores so drove over to the town square in Auburn.  On our previous trip to Auburn we shopped in the same antique store as today but previously the electricity was out.  The lights today didn't improve it much.   

In keeping with the apple theme of the rally they had a contest to see who could peel the longest continuous apple peel in 1 minute. 

I scored one/sixty fourth of an inch.  

 David McCreary won the contest and was awarded a jar of "Barf in a Jar Salsa".

David proudly displayed his prize.

Dinner was prepared by Polly and Sonie and some helpers.  It was a wonderful ham dinner with potatoes, green beans and homemade apple sauce complete with dessert.   

They had a 50/50 drawing and Bill had the winning ticket.  In today's meeting the treasurer reported that they were spending more money than what they were taking in.  Bill donated the winning money back to the chapter.  

It started sprinkling a little so we didn't go over to tonight's campfire, but I did look out the window and see a few people by the campfire with umbrellas.  They are  die hards!

Tomorrow is the Johnny Appleseed Festival in Fort Wayne.  

Turtle Safely.......

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  1. You will enjoy the festival in Johnnys park. We are from Fort Wayne but in Shelbyville,In


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