Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Floating Down the Au Sable

Grayling, Michigan
Camp Grayling National Guard

Yesterday it was cool and dreary when I got up and the campfires were roaring.  We actually got our wish for a few sprinkles thinking the rain would put the fires out.  Instead I looked out and they put more wood on the fire and had umbrellas standing by the fire.  I left our fireplace on all day with the heat on.  

I never left the fiver all day.  It was kind of nice to kick back and do nothing.  

It's a good thing we kicked back yesterday because today made up for it.  We went kayaking! Just an easy float down the river, we were told.  I can't understand why every bone in my body aches.
Even though Don and Sharon have their own kayaks, they decided to rent a double one.  The livery would have charged them $10 a piece portage fee.   Don assured us that kayaking is easier than canoeing.  

It was in the 50's when I got up but quickly warmed up.  

Don showed us the proper technique for getting into the kayak.

Look, we think we're doing real well, then I find out we're still tied to the dock.  
Don and Sharon had all their own equipment and used their paddles and dry bag.  Look at that form!
The river was very quiet and we didn't see anyone else until we got to a resting area.  I didn't get many photos because I didn't have a spare battery and it was difficult to get it out of the waterproof case.
Here we are at the halfway point.  Notice anything strange about the kayaks?  They are pointed in opposite directions.  I won't tell you which one we were in.  

Bill's paddle didn't have the little splash guard on it and he was drenched the first part of the trip.  I changed paddles with him but mine was much shorter.

I thought for sure we'd see a lot of deer but the woods were so thick you couldn't see into them.  We did see some turtles, lots of ducks who wouldn't move out of your way, one snake and 3 large birds that could have been eagles.

I was very proud of the way we handled the kayak.  Our other experience in Alaska wasn't the same.  

Down to our last 100 feet of the trip and somehow we went off to our right and I ended up clobbering Bill in the head with my paddle.  We managed to get straightened out and up on the beach. 


Everyone had a good time and we were so glad we waited until today to avoid the holiday crowds.  Our driver pulled up a few minutes later and took us back to the livery.  Don was telling him about his kayak getting a hole in it.  The driver told him how to fix it and when we got back he showed Don how he did it.  

The driver told us to go to Spike's for the best hamburger in town.  The grill and bar has been there since 1933, the day after prohibition ended.  

One unique thing on the wall was a clock that was counting down the days until St. Patrick's Day.  

Sharon got a lot of good photos today so check out her blog at Gypsy and the Mariner's RV adventures.  

It's amazing how crowded this RV park was over the weekend and I think there are only a few of us here now.  

Tomorrow we're off to Ionia.

Turtle Safely........


  1. Fun to read about your kayaking adventures. We hope to give that a try one of these days. Dianne & Tom

  2. So are you guys going to join the crowds and invest in some kayaks to carry with you? You really made this entertaining - I could just picture you guys splashing your way. Love it.

  3. It was fun, but I don't see us buying any. If you have to pay portage, you might as well rent them. You know Bill is not a water person. I was surprised he went.

  4. It was fun, but I don't see us buying any. If you have to pay portage, you might as well rent them. You know Bill is not a water person. I was surprised he went.

  5. It is nice to see you wear your WV gear for a conversation piece in Michigan. I guess I should also outfit you in Ohio State clothes for Michigan!


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