Friday, September 6, 2013

Here's your Ticket

Here's your ticket..... Your entry to the Presidential Library and Museum...... I was impressed with how nicely done the tickets for the Gerald Ford Museum were.  As we entered the museum, we weren't disappointed with the rest of it.  

Don and Sharon Del Rosario and Bill and I thought we were going to the Presidential Library.  All four of us read the brochure and saw that there was a library and a museum. As we circled the Presidential Museum, we discovered the library was in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan a mere 130 miles away.  

Do you ever take a detour and find things are better?  Well that was the case today.  We all thought the museum was very well done and really enjoyed the day. 

The museum was located in the center of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The front of the building faces the river.  

Don and Sharon are waiting for Bill who is taking photos of the grounds.

The bronze of Ford was life size and very well done.

The museum was celebrating the 100th year of Gerald Ford's birth.

Here's the door handle of the doors and we haven't even entered the museum yet.  You know you are going to be impressed.

Our timing was perfect. The theater was just starting the video about Gerald Ford's life as we entered.  After the movie when the drapes opened, we were surprised to see the number of Escapees there. 

As you entered this first room, music from the 70's started to play.
I'm sorry I didn't take more pictures, but I think you get so caught up in the exhibits that you forget to take photos.

There was a large exhibit on Watergate which refreshed our history of that event.  

They had a replica of the Oval Office and they played a recording of a typical day in the office.  

Betty Ford picked out the design for the carpet.

This was a gift to Betty Ford.

One thing I learned was that Ford was adopted and his adopted father changed his name from Leslie King, Jr. to Gerald R. Ford, Jr.  

This was a replica of the Cabinet Room.

Bill tried out the teleprompter but there was only one so he was sure it didn't belong to our current President.  

Here's the pistol taken from Squeaky Fromme and the letter she wrote to Ford while she was in prison.

I have found that after so much I get brain overload. There's just so much to see and read.  

Do you notice all of us remembered to wear red on Friday in support of our troops? 

 This is one room, I didn't get to see.

We knew we needed to get back to the fairgrounds so Sharon could spend some time in training us to be VCR's for the Escapees.

But first, we had training in the use of chopsticks.  The waitress didn't even ask Bill and I if we wanted them, she just brought the silverware.  

Turtle Safely.......

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  1. I had no idea Ford was adopted. No chopsticks for me. I'd starve to death before I ever got any food in my mouth.


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