Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Goshen, Indiana
Elkhart County Fairground #311

Yesterday we watched all the Montana's roll in.  Except for a short trip to Walmart we didn't do much.  We ended up talking to people and missed Happy Hour at Janet and Rollie Newman's.  Every time we finished talking to someone and were ready to walk up to the Newman's, someone else stopped by.  We finally gave up and just came in to watch TV.

This morning we walked up to register and Les and Darlene Atkinson walked in.  They were going to look at furniture and stop at the Shipshewana Flea Market for peaches.  Les and Darlene suggested we meet them for lunch at Das Dutchman Essenhaus.  Next thing I knew, we decided to ride along with them to the Lambright Furniture store.   

I thought I remembered where it was but we stopped at the office to get a map to be sure.  The fairgrounds have the best package of maps and information of any RV park I've been to.  I was surprised when we came in on Monday that we didn't get a packet.  While we were in the office, Bev explained that it was in our MOC welcome bag.  As we turned to leave, in walked David and Joyce McCreary, Chapter 51 Escapee members.  We didn't get much of a chance to talk to them but it sure was a pleasant surprise to see them again.  
Joyce and David McCreary and Jan and Bill Mains

I played navigator while Les drove.  The roads are so crowded with the bridge work and all the detours.  We enjoyed seeing the craftsmanship of the furniture and will probably think about replacing our sofa in the future.

Lunch buffet at Das Essenhaus was just as good as the last time we stopped.  We browsed through the bakery, but we were so stuffed nothing jumped out at us to buy.  I showed Les and Darlene how to take a detour to get to Walmart.  We arrived back at the fairgrounds with an hour or two to spare before Meet N Greet.

What a kickoff for the rally.  All the events are held in a huge tent with tables and chairs.  I'm sorry I didn't get very many photos but here are a few.
Our wagon master Jim Schlee with his pacifier.

A representative from Montana Keystone
This is the 10th Montana Owners Club Rally and these three couples have attended all ten.  

There's a lot going on tomorrow.  I leave for the ladies only driving course put on by Montana personnel tomorrow morning at 8 am.  We have an appointment with the Montana tech tomorrow afternoon to answer any questions we may have.  Mor Ryde, Lippert, Dicor, Dometic, Thedford, Norcold, Dexter Axles, Tredit, Fantastic and Crane Components will all have seminars.  We also signed up for a tour of the Mor Ryde plant.  Dinner tomorrow is sponsored by a local Montana dealer, Tiara.  

Enough said....time for bed

Turtle Safely........

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  1. Share any good info that you get. Sounds like some great seminars - Jim would be especially interested in the Mor Ryde.


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