Saturday, September 28, 2013

Moc 3 and 4

Goshen, Indiana
Elkhart County Fairgrounds #311

Another beautiful day in Indiana even if we needed to be up and ready by 8:15 am.  The Keystone factory Montana plant tour was scheduled for 8:40.  With all the extra traffic from the bridge being out we arrived at the parking lot at 8:40.  As we entered the plant, we could see our group leaving.  No problem they said, just have some Dunkin Donuts and Coffee and wait 20 minutes for the next tour.  (Eat your heart out, Roger.)
Keystone closed the operation of the  Montana plant for the Montana Owners Club.  It allowed us to look anywhere we wanted and ask questions.  I was impressed by all the things that Montana does and uses that the rest of the industry doesn't.  They have been the number one seller for 13 years in a row and everyone we talked with at the rally is happy they own a Montana. 

 We were allowed to take pictures inside the plant, but not to take pictures of the prototype.  All of the different models were opened for us to see.  Keystone employees wanted to hear our feedback on what we liked and didn't like.  

Our plant guide was so informative that I got caught up in everything he was saying and showing us that I realized I didn't take one photo in the plant.  They have a lot of Mennonite employees and therefore the work hours start at 4:30 am so they can go home and take care of their farms.  We truly enjoyed the tour and speaking with our guide.  You could tell they really liked working for Keystone.

When we got back to the fairgrounds the Mennonite Relief Fair was in full progress.  I couldn't believe how quickly the fairgrounds filled up.  Bill and I walked around to all the different buildings trying to decide which place we wanted to stop at for our dinner.  After careful consideration, we choose the ham wrap.  We sat down at a picnic table and while we were eating Don Sellers and his wife sat down beside us.  We last saw them in Gillette.  It was nice seeing them again.  

One person told me they made over one million dollars for the relief fund.  The quilt show was impressive and when we walked by one bid was $1500 and still open.  

For dessert we decided we couldn't go wrong with pie and ice cream.  The big problem was standing there looking at the selection.  We both said just pie, we were watching our waistline, but when we got to the end of the line and saw the homemade ice cream, we weakened.  We sat with other MOC members and chatted and laughed until it started to get dark.  

The rest were going back to the campfire, but we said we had a busy day and were just going to crash.  As we started back to our coach, we saw Jeannette and Tom, Escapees members we met at Chapter 51 rally.  That makes 3 couples, not with the MOC that we've seen while here.  It truly is a small world.  
Les and Darlene Atkinson

A potluck breakfast began this morning at 8 am.  It was fun and there surely was a lot of food.  

Some of the door prizes
Some more door prizes.

No sooner than the breakfast and door prize drawing was over, it was almost time for our group photo.  Everyone wore their souvenir 10th anniversary MOC t-shirt for the photo.  

I believe everyone skipped lunch today to prepare for tonight's dinner in Shipshewana at a Mennonite home.  We were on the waiting list for this event when we first got signed up for the rally.  It was a wonderful family style meal for over one hundred and fifty people.  There is no way you wouldn't have enjoyed it.  No photos were allowed.  
When we returned to the fairgrounds, we went for a bicycle ride.  I think everyone that went for the dinner was out walking or riding a bike trying to wear off that huge meal. I knew I had eaten too much when my rear bike tire gave out.

What do you think we are doing tomorrow?  Dinner sponsored by Keystone.

Bill said the definition of RVing is, "One long meal and no one cooks."

Turtle Safely........ 


  1. Bill - I love that definition. Especially the part about no cooking. Too funny about the bike tire. Sounds like a wonderful Rally and that Keystone is really going all out for it.

  2. You were the one that convinced us about Montana's.


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