Sunday, September 29, 2013

MOC Day 5

Goshen, Indiana
Elkhart County Fairgrounds #311

The weatherman promised a light rain while we were sleeping and it would clear up by 8 am and he didn't disappoint us.

John Kohl, came over this morning to install plastic in our screen door.  It was damp and cool, but that didn't discourage John.
 He came fully equipped including his remarkable positive attitude which a camera couldn't capture.


The project soon drew a crowd.

John said the project went faster than most.
Thumbs up and thank you John.

Keystone donated ham and chicken for dinner and everyone else brought side dishes or desserts.  

That was a lot of food and I didn't get a picture of the desserts.  This was taken after everyone ate. 

We're afraid we're going to have to get bigger springs on our truck to be able to haul us after all the food we've eaten at this rally.  

While we were eating dinner the wagon masters had a slide show playing of all ten years of the MOC Rally.  

The prize drawing was held after the dinner and we won a prize, a light and some barbecue sauce.  After all that food, we walked back to the fiver and decided to skip the campfire.  

When we got back an alarm went off.  I thought it was coming from the propane alarm.  Bill turned off the propane and we turned on the vent fan but the alarm kept going off.  I walked over to the campfire to ask if anyone knew anything else we could try.  The next thing I knew two men were are the door, followed by Rondo Lichtenberg and John Kohl.  It turned out to be the carbon monoxide alarm battery in the bedroom.  John always bragged about the number of the opposite sex he took to his bedroom, but I don't think he had 5 of them in there at one time like I did.  This MOC group is wonderful.  

Turtle Safely.........

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  1. Why plastic for the door? Just curious. You're having way too much fun.


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