Thursday, September 26, 2013

MOC Schol is Over

I forgot to mention something yesterday about the awards.  They gave an award for the newest Montana Fifth Wheel.  One couple (sorry I forgot their name) had just received delivery of theirs 30 minutes earlier.  Now that is new!

I did give Bill an anxious moment.  I opened the shower door to ask him something and then shut and locked it.  I heard this banging and I thought someone was at the door.  He did not see any humor in this incident.

It was cool when I went out to start the truck up and it had dew all over it.  I drove the truck to get in line with the ones going to the Keystone Montana Ladies Driving School.  Marilyn Wyatt Hill and Nancy and Sharon climbed in the truck to ride with me.  I won't say there was a lot of hot air in the truck, but the windows were all fogging up.  I never knew we had defrosters on the mirrors before, no need to use them in Arizona.  

Keystone Montana had a continental breakfast set out for us.  Twenty four women were signed up to take the free course offered by Keystone.  The course was a 30 minute seminar on the basics of driving.  Even though they said no men, there were some that had to drive their wives over and wanted to stay.  Other men were sending texts or calling their wives while they were there.  I'm lucky, Bill is supportive and encouraging.  I can see why some of these women will never be able to drive with their husbands along.  

There were 5 other trucks besides ours used in the course.  
While we were in the classroom, six of the techs hitched 6 brand new Montana Mountaineers to the trucks.  Everyone got a chance to drive a truck with a Mountaineer on a 15 minute drive with a tech.  They had a good route planned out with a lot of turns.   Two other trucks were used for hitching and unhitching a Mountaineer without 6 point level-ups.  I realized I never want to go back to the other kind of jacks.  Two other trucks were used for backing into a campsite.  

How do you think our truck looks with a new Mountaineer?

These people were responsible for making the program run smoothly.

I was happy that I got to do the road portion with our truck.  Even though I have driven the rig, it was very different using a different brand.  Yes, Jim, I did drive a Chevy to hitch up.  

We were all rewarded with a certificate "For Successful Completion of the 2013 MOC Ladies Keystone Driving Course."

Bill attended some classes today sponsored by Dicor and Domentic while I was at the driving seminar. 

I arrived back about lunchtime and the RV yard sale was going strong.  I never got a chance to check out anything. 

There was a 15 minutes to talk with a Montana tech appointment for 2:15 and Bart was right on time and answered questions about anything on our Montana.

I put out our patio rug for the RV sale and someone came by and bought it.  While we were outside talking, Les and Darlene Atkinson came by in their truck.  They had been trying to call us and see if we wanted to ride with them to the free dinner sponsored by Tiara RV Sales. We just jumped in their truck and off to dinner we went without my camera.  

Tiara had all their fifth wheels opened so the Montana Owners Club could all look through them.  For dinner they cooked chicken and had potato salad, beans, pickles and cookies for dessert.  I don't know how many prizes they gave away but they even gave away a new mattress.   

We opted to forget the campfire tonight and just came back and kicked our shoes off and relaxed.

Tomorrow morning our appointment to tour the Montana plant is at 8:40 so we have another early day.  

Turtle Safely.......  


  1. So did you win anything? This sounds like a really great Rally.

  2. Bill won the 50/50 while at the Escapee Rally but I sold the tickets to him and the chapter was spending more than bringing in so he gave it back to them.

  3. Bill won the 50/50 while at the Escapee Rally but I sold the tickets to him and the chapter was spending more than bringing in so he gave it back to them.


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