Wednesday, September 18, 2013

No Buns for Bill

Auburn, Indiana
Fireside Resort RV Park

Yesterday was spent doing as little as possible.  The movie theater is at the next exit so we drove up to see "The Family."  It was entertaining and had a great cast.

I knew that some of the members of the Escapees Chapter 51 would be arriving today for tomorrow's rally.  I decided I couldn't stand another day without a haircut so off we went to find a hair salon before they started arriving.  Bill decided he could use a shearing too.  Of course, we all know Bill has to have that red and white pole out front or he won't go inside.  First stop at a hair salon, they took me right in.  And then there's Bill...... The first barbershop that had the red and white pole outside had a sign that said "closed for the week". No clue as to how long the sign was in the window.  The next one had a sign that said "By appointment only."   We couldn't find any other barbershops with the red and white pole so we drove over to Garrett.  The first barbershop we found had a red and white pole and the barber had been cutting hair for 37 years, so Bill was in heaven.  

We arrived back at Fireside Resort to meet Polly and Pat Miller and Sonie Vargo.  
The wagon masters thought of every detail.  The Escapees sign was placed at the end of the ramp off the interstate and beside the rv park entrance.  

Sonie Vargo and Polly Miller.

There are now 6 rigs and 11 people parked and ready for Happy Hour.   
I was a little concerned because I told everyone the beautician told me the Italian Grill was a good place.  It was in a little tiny strip mall but the recommendation was a good one.

The service was excellent for such a large group.  Fresh homemade Italian bread hot from the oven with  flavored olive oil was provided as an appetizer. Everyone soon had their orders except for Bill.  The girl came out to say it would be a short while longer because they dropped Bill's buns.  That drew lots of comments.  Everyone had enough food left over for another meal.  
Bill took this photo and for some reason it looks like it was taken in the afternoon.  This was in the dark around the campfire.  

 Just to prove how well planned this rally was, look at the full moon for the campfire.  Now that's good planning!

And the rally and fun hasn't officially started yet.  Can't wait for tomorrow.

Turtle Safely..........

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