Sunday, September 22, 2013

Not me this time!

Auburn, Indiana
Fireside RV Resort

This morning when we woke up it was 42 degrees outside.  I had a hard time getting myself moving.  I ended up throwing on a pair of sweat pants and sweat shirt and went to the pavilion.  I wanted to say good bye to everyone before they left and I was afraid they'd leave before I had my shower.  There were danish rolls and coffee for everyone.  No one left the pavilion before about 10 am.  It was like no one wanted to leave.  They were having a great time talking.  You'd think there wasn't anything left to say.

Check out time is 12 noon. We finally finished our good byes and helped load up the last of the supplies.

I decided I'd do laundry today since I know this will be a very busy week.  Bill loaded up the truck and we drove over to the laundry.  I checked the laundry and every washer and dryer was in use.  Since we had the laundry in the truck we decided to drive to Garrett to a laundromat.  As we pulled up to it, I noticed big rolls of carpet padding by the front door.  The doors were locked.  OK, no problem, we'll go to Auburn.  We arrived at this laundromat and it looked very nice on the outside.  Unfortunately, it wasn't open on Sunday.  Does this sound like Bill trying to find a barber pole?

I had wanted to mail some letters so we decided to drive the few blocks to the post office.  The main square of town was closed and it appeared that carnival rides were being set up.  I believe there county fair is soon so that could be what was going on.  

When we came back to the "RV Resort", I stopped back in the laundry and the washers were full and all of the dryers were going.  The fellow that was doing the laundry came over and said the dryers would be finished soon so we waited and did the laundry. 

We no sooner came back to the coach than the park host came and knocked on my door.  He said it was past noon and we had to move now.  There was a fifth wheel directly behind us waiting for our spot.  I said I thought I had paid through Monday. He said no, you paid through the 21st.  No problem I said I'll pay for another day.  He said, "no you won't, I'm full."  Everyone knows the problems I have with a calendar.  I went and got my receipt and showed the host that we had paid for a week and one day.  The receipt showed the week was up on the 21st and it also showed I paid an extra day but it didn't change the day I was suppose to leave.  The host came back and said OK, I didn't have to leave until tomorrow.  Can you believe I was right!  Mark this day down on your calendar.  It wasn't so much the problem as the way and attitude it was handled.

I guess we'll be leaving in the morning.  

Turtle Safely.......


  1. Good for you!! So if they were full what did they do with the other fifth wheel? Absolutely no excuse for that kind of attitude. I tried to do laundry today and it was busy so I'll try again tomorrow. Hopefully I don't have to go through everything you did to get some clean clothes.

  2. Glad you stood your ground! But you should have gotten an apology too. Submit a review on - it's always helpful to let others know what things to watch for.


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