Sunday, September 8, 2013


Goshen, IN
Elkhart County Fairgrounds

Today was a sad day.  We had to say goodbye to Don and Sharon as they are on their way to Leisure Lakes where John and Karen Knoll are staying.  It's hard to believe how fast the past two weeks flew by.  We felt like we had been on an professional  guided trip.  Don and Sharon took care of making the RV park reservations, potty stops, restaurants and entertainment.  They planned the route and length of driving days. You couldn't ask for more.  Were we spoiled!

After we said our goodbyes, we made a quick stop at the dump station and drove up to the fairground entrance.  Bill says to me "which way".  I was so used to all that being taken care of I had to stop and think what to do.  

Eventually, we found ourselves headed south to Goshen.  It was a perfect day for driving.  Temperatures were staying around 69 degrees, no wind and nice overcast skies.

I was surprised to find that our Rand McNally GPS knew about the bridge being out to the Elkart County Fairgrounds.  I had read about the bridge in the MOC forum so I was prepared for the detour instructions.   

As we arrived at the fairgrounds we noticed a rally sign and many fifth wheels.  The office was closed so some of the Carriage Volunteers said that the sites along the road near the office parking lot were 50 amp.  Bill backed the fiver into a site that should be easy to get out.  We have an appointment on Thursday for the 6 point levelers so we will need to take it out and back into the same site.  

Our plans are to stay here a week and then head down to Auburn for the Escapees rally we will be VCRs at.  We'll stay in Auburn for the week and then come back to Goshen for the MOC rally.  

It was tough figuring out that schedule all by myself.  I miss Don and Sharon.  

Turtle Safely.........


  1. We miss you too! A few times I looked in my mirrors expecting to see a white 5th wheel pulled by a red truck. Have fun at the rally and getting your new jacks.

  2. Your blog isn't showing up on my blog roll. Not sure why. So I have to remember to check in with you. Bill should really be getting good at backing into spots now. He'll be better than Jim by the next time we see you guys.


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