Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Going to the Dixon repair shop

Casa Grande, Arizona
Home Base

Bill and I haven't been doing anything exciting the past few days.  

Sunday was our 17th wedding anniversary.  We both agreed many years ago to not  buy gifts as we feel every day is a special day.  We always say how lucky we are to have each other.

I checked the movie schedule and it had "Lost Vegas" playing.  We jumped in the car and drove over to Harkins.  When we got there we looked for the movie.  It wasn't showing but half of the theaters were showing Free Birds.  Next time I'll call and confirm.  

Bill fixed the barbecue grill.  Yes, you heard me right.  He changed the regulator and it works just fine.  

Monday Bill had a stress test and that took up most of the morning even though we had to be there at 7:30 am.  Today he had a 2-D echocardiogram and he is scheduled Thursday for an abdominal aorta duplex test and Friday a carotid duplex.  In the past, he had all the tests done in one day.  Medicare has changed and won't pay for more than one test per day.  Does this make sense?  He now makes 4 trips, has 4 different days scheduled, see's the receptionist, gets weighed every day, has his blood pressure taken and goes to the same office.  Only our government would think this will save money.  Thursday we also have a dentist appointment and next Monday Bill has an appointment to see about his cataracts.  I hope that will be it until our 6 month check ups in the spring.  

Did you notice we didn't have anything scheduled for Wednesday?  We are driving the 5er up to get the closet door replaced that was broken during our repairs at the MOC Rally.  We'll drop it off, and then head to Jim and Sandie Dixon's place.  I read Nick Russell's blog and how he has Greg White to fix things, but he doesn't have Jim like we do.  He can fix anything.  

While we were at the Amado Rally I was reading about a bedsaver.  If you have a motorhome this won't mean anything to you.  I ordered one from Amazon at $128 including free postage.  Since we now have the 6 point level up system, I've been worried about pushing the wrong button.  The jacks move so quickly, I don't know my reaction time would cancel it quick enough if I pushed the wrong button.  It moves so much the truck has to be pulled away from the rig.  Jim said bring it up and he'll install it for us.  

After we visit the Dixon repair shop, we'll head over to the Chapter 45 luncheon.  I think if Nick and Terry Russell get the day right, they'll be there too.  When the luncheon is over we'll pick up the Montana and bring it back to the house. 

I've decided since our homeowners association is having it's annual yard sale Saturday now is the time to get rid of the king size mattress.  Ever since we got this trailer we've complained about the bed being too big.  We like snuggling and want a smaller bed.  Since we'll have the trailer out anyway, we'll pull the mattress out for this Saturday's sale.  We'll buy a new mattress before we leave in two weeks.  

Like I said, not much has been happening.  

Turtle Safely.............

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  1. Nick stopped by today. He got up early just because he though he was going to the luncheon today - then he read your comment. Oops. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.


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