Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Our Bedsaver Is In the Bed

Casa Grande, Arizona
Home Base

I love it when everything comes together.  

The morning started off very early for us, well not as early as I wanted.  Bill was reading a book last night and couldn't keep his eyes open any longer.  I noticed he was in the bathroom for longer than usual this morning and I hollered through the door "how many pages are left".  Thankfully, he only had a chapter left.

We were taking the Mountaineer up to RV Trader to repair the closet door that was broken while we were in Goshen.  I told them we'd take it in early and pick it up later in the day.  I still can't believe how fast it is to hitch up with the 6 point level ups.  

One observation I've made, the dumpsters for Sundance RV Resort are right by the gate to the storage.  How does the trash company know exactly what time we want to get through the gate?  Every time we go to pick up the 5er, the trash company is backing in to dump all the dumpsters for the park which has over 700 sites.  That's a lot of trash!

We always go across the reservation to get to the valley.  This morning I 10 was closed down to investigate an accident.  All the interstate traffic was routed through there.  When we got to the first intersection, there was someone across from us who wanted to turn left, someone in the turn lane coming from Coolidge wanting to turn right and we needed to turn left.  It was bumper to bumper traffic.  Bill finally got out, but I don't know how he did it.  

We arrived at RV Trader around 9 am.  They were trying to be so helpful and help with the unhitching, but I finally said, I can do it.  Bill and I have our routine, and help just isn't helpful.  We drove over to Apache Junction to Jim and Sandie Dixon's site.  No sooner than we arrived, RV Trader called to say the repairs were done.    

Jim was going to "help" Bill install a bedsaver.  Everyone knows that means Jim is going to install it.  Jim said it wouldn't take long because it was just 4 bolts--maybe a half hour.  Sandie said if he said a half hour, plan on an hour. It took exactly one hour.  

 We knew we needed to leave around 11 for the first of the season Escapees Chapter 45 luncheon.  Bill and I headed over and told Jim and Sandie we'd save a seat for them, while they walked the "girls".  

It was so nice seeing everyone that we haven't seen since the chapter picnic in April.  David and Lynn Cross, Nick and Terry Russell and Jim and Sandie  and Bill and I were at one table.  I didn't get a count, but nearly every seat was taken.  It was very very noisy in there, and hard to try and carry on a conversation. 

One quick stop at The Ranch Market and we were off to pick up the trailer.  Once we arrived at RV Trader all we had to do was sign on the dotted line that says zero and have a nice day.  

Traffic going home was much lighter than what we experience in Casa Grande.  The interstate must have opened back up because the traffic was very light across the reservation.  

Bill and I did not like the king size mattress in our RV.  This was a good time to do something about it.  Sherry and Dave came over to help us remove the king mattress.  I'll put it in the homeowner's yard sale this Saturday or give it away.  It was awkward to get it out, but Bill and Dave managed it.  Dave then cut off the bed platform to fit a queen size bed.  It looks a little strange without the mattress. Now we have to add buy a mattress to our "to do list".   

It was just about getting dark when we took the trailer over to storage.  It was a very full day.  

Thank you, Sandie for today's blog pictures.  

Turtle Safely.......

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  1. Had a fun time with you guys yesterday. Good luck with your appts the rest of the week.


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