Sunday, November 17, 2013

Perfect back in except.......

Parker, Arizona
La Paz County Park, #1

What a beautiful day for a drive.  I know how to pick them!
I told Bill I'd drive over to Gila Bend. 

We have to be back for a doctor visit on the 26th so we knew we wouldn't be gone long.  We didn't load the coach yesterday or go over and turn the refrigerator on.  It didn't take long to throw the stuff in the truck and take it over to storage and load it.  

By 9 am I was behind the wheel and looking at the storage area.  They've added some extra spaces near our site and it takes a very tight right hand turn to get out of there.  I opted to make a tight left circle to get out of there.  Bill can do it, but I'm not that confident. The traffic was very light on I 8 and made for an enjoyable drive.  I asked Bill if he wanted me to stop when we got to the Shell station in Gila Bend.  He said he was fine so I kept on going.  He must have been to a shooting part of the audio book he was listening to and didn't want to stop. 

I pulled into the rest area on I 10 for a break.  When Bill came out of the bathroom, he climbed back into the co-pilot seat but not before admiring his headlight lids that he recently installed. 

 I guess I'm driving the whole way.  I must say his co-pilot tasks are getting much better.  He programmed the GPS, turned on the tire monitors and made sure I had snacks and coffee all without my asking.  

When I pulled into La Paz County Park the host took us on the golf cart to show us a spot he thought we'd like.  We are on the southern end of the park in the "Lagoon".  This is where they have the flea market on the weekend.   There are only 4 sites here and we are the only ones in this section.  We have a great view of the Colorado River out our window.
But wait, someone has to back this coach in!  Bill got out of the co-pilot seat and said I needed to turn it to the right. Well I backed it in and it looked perfect except for one small problem.  I'm now in site 2 not site 1.  I said no problem, I'll just go to the office and ask them to change the site number.  Bill says "no problem just pull it out and move it over to the next site."  I got it in, but not as quickly as I did in the other site.

The host told us that the park is a mile long.  We took a walk before dinner and was amazed at how many RV's are here.  They have over 100 sites rented on the monthly rate.  

That's California across the river.

I hope the weather is this perfect when we come back in January 10th to the 15th for the Escapees Chapter 21 Rally here.  There is absolutely no breeze whatsoever.  

Turtle Safely.......

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  1. You know you wanted that extra backing in practice. Too funny. I think Bill is really beginning to enjoy being a co-pilot.


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