Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I'm baaaaaaaack!

Casa Grande, AZ

I just want to thank all of you who sent  get well wishes.  What would I do without such dear friends?  

I finished up the antibiotics Saturday.  Bill did a show in Casa Grande and I thought I could handle it but ended up coming home.  Yesterday, I told Bill I thought I was almost back up to normal.  It's a good thing because we had one of those house projects going on.  Today I declare I'm 100% back to normal, whatever that is!

I've slowly gained back most of the 7 pounds I lost the first couple of days.  Darn it!

My dear friend, Karia Basta Hanson, stopped for a visit while I was still in the PJ's all day stage.  It was great seeing her.  We just never seem to find enough time for visiting.  

I had a call from Sharon Hime, our friends from Florida who were so supportive when Bill was in the hospital in Kentucky.  They are coming out for a visit and going to Quartzite with us.  Mike and Maureen, who we will be meeting tomorrow,  will also be joining us.  I love seeing the reaction to Quartzite, the Woodstock for Seniors, the first time someone goes.  

It's amazing some of the things that run through your head when you have a scary situation.  I've always handled the bank statement and bill paying.  Today was spent making sure Bill knows how to handle that stuff.  

Bill did see another eye doctor and he has agreed to have the cataract surgery.  This doctor did not recommend spending the $5,000 for a special lens.  This doctor also said his cataract was ready to be removed while the one last May made it sound like it had to be done immediately.  I'm so thankful Bill walked out of the local eye doctor in town.  They will call us when they have the schedule for the surgery.

I'm getting anxious for the circling of the wagons at Q.  This will be our first year to stay with the Montana Owners Club.  They've already asked for the names of our guests so that they will have name tags ready.  

Plans are coming along for the Chapter 21 Rally to be held in Parker on January 10th to the 15th.  I've placed phone calls to a business and they still haven't returned my call.  Why do you have an answering machine, if you aren't going to return calls?  

Are you going to the Escapade in Goshen this year?  I finally got our registration in.  Let us know if you are going and we can arrange to have a meeting place close by so we can go in as a group.  

Thanks again to all of you.

Turtle Safely..........

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  1. So glad you are doing so much better. Been without a computer since last Saturday and I'm lost without it. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.


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