Thursday, January 9, 2014

And the Party Begins....

Parker, AZ
La Paz County RV Park
Group Site B

This morning we went back to Mexico and Bill had his temporary replaced with his new crown.  We were surprised that we found a parking place in the very front row but when we returned the lot looked almost full.  I can't believe how busy these dental offices are and how many they have.  
Bill wanted to know if I wanted to get something to eat and I said let's just get back across the border and get hitched up. (I mean attach the fifth wheel to the truck). We figured we should be in Parker after 2.  
I thought this was a beautiful picture of Dome Mountain as we whizzed by.

Sharon Del Rosario called to say they were already parked.  John and Karen were stopped for lunch in Gila Bend.  Sharon went down to the chamber of commerce for me to pick up the tourist attraction bags but they weren't ready.  We stopped when we arrived in town and they still weren't ready but we stood around and waited.  

Art and Caroline Fennell were already here.  Sharon suggested we use our site since our picnic table was in the shade.  Yes, we were looking for shade.  Everyone agreed the almond tequila was very good and seconds made it taste even better.  

Don really wanted to go to the steakhouse for dinner.  I saw the Pirates Den had their fish fry on Thursday so Don said we'd do the steakhouse another night.  The fish was very good and John, Bill and I all had seconds.  Sharon and Karen had enough lasagna for tomorrow.  Don even had some leftover steak.  

The Knolls and us walked over to the Pirates Den, but by the time we left it was pitch dark.  We ended up walking past our rigs and exploring the park trying to find our way back.  Oh well, it was a beautiful evening and we needed to walk off that big meal.  

Tomorrow the rally officially gets underway.   

Turtle Safely......

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