Monday, January 27, 2014

Boring, Boring, Boring

Casa Grande, AZ
Back at the Shack

What's the most boring topic seniors can have?  Why it's about all your doctor visits.  You can stop reading now and I wouldn't blame you.  

Thursday Bill went for his annual check-up with the dermatologist.  He had skin cancer and he got a good report.  The doctor took off some pre cancerous spots but nothing that needed a biopsy. Good for another year. 

Friday we were back up to Phoenix for his pre-op tests.  Once again he got a very good report and a go for the surgery.

Saturday we drove up to Scottsdale for Nancy Moritz's service.  I know this probably doesn't sound right, but it was a very nice service with a lot of laughter. It was the nicest service I've ever attended.  It was nice to finally meet the rest of the family even if the circumstances could have been better.  Nancy was a very special lady.  She put a lot of happiness in a lot of lives.  

Nancy also served as the "Sunshine Lady" for the Escapees Chapter 45 RV club.  She brought so much sunshine for so many people.  I was surprised by how few from the chapter showed up.  Polly had surgery the day before and Jim and Sandie were in Yuma and both asked us to extend their condolences.  There wasn't an empty seat in the funeral home.  

Today was Bill's surgery in Mesa.  He was over his surgery and back home by 12:30.  He's in never never land from the anesthesia but in no pain.  We have to follow up in Chandler tomorrow with the doctor.  

Bill let me take this photo.  He must be in never never land because he forgot about his haircut he got in Quartzite.  

On a happier note, Susie and Bud Walsh are coming to Casa Grande on Wednesday.  We're looking forward to showing them why we love this area.

Nothing is for sure about the Winter Blast until Bill gets his final check up.  It seems like I always drive in that direction for one reason or another.  He's not allowed to bend or lift anything over 20 pounds for this week.     

He'd feel better if he looked outside and saw a clean polished truck.  Oh well, he can wait a week before he can tackle that.     

Turtle Safely......


  1. So glad to hear Bill's surgery went well.

  2. It was cataract surgery and hopefully he'll be able to see better driving down the road. Maybe we can even stay out after dark. Thanks for caring.

  3. Take good care of the ole boy, will ya???

    1. I'll make sure he listens to the doctor.

  4. He must be out of it if he let you post that picture with his short hair. But the haircut doesn't change the fact he's still so handsome. Wish we could have been there for Nancy's service but glad you were there and could share it with us. Fingers crossed for the winter blast for you guys.

  5. As long as you are not planning your social life around your doctor visits, you are not a complete medical obsessed senior. ;-). Of course, leading with a photo may begin to tip the scales so the next several entries should be adventurous! Glad to see all is well!


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