Monday, January 13, 2014

Chapter 21 Beach Party Rally at Parker--Day 3

Parker, Arizona
La Paz County RV Park
Escapees Chapter 21 Rally

Bill and I decided not to go to the Da Vinci Exhibit as we had seen it in Bozeman, Montana a few years ago.  I was cooking the food for the Beach Party and didn't want to leave it in the crock pot unattended.  I think there were quite a few that attended and everyone seemed to enjoy it. 

Before you knew it, it was time for crafts and happy hour.  A nice Escapee couple from Canada, Lorraine and Al joined our group. 

 Newbies, Barb and Dan Lopes, volunteered to not only teach the crafts but they donated the materials as well. 

Dan and Barb had the perfect craft for our beach party. 

We're making sun visors, something we really needed with the beautiful sunny warm weather.
Here's our finished products.

 We all made visors except for this small group who were busy solving all the world problems.

Sharon Del Rosario brought over some of the beautiful items she knits to show us some of the articles that will be donated for the CARE auction in Quartzite.

And then we were ready to start the Beach Party.....

Don Dement, John Knoll and me.

Did you notice the souvenir margarita glasses?
I make no bones about not enjoying cooking so Bill and I donated this.

We figured with enough of these we wouldn't get complaints about the food.  We were right, and people even complemented us on the barbecue pork sandwiches with calico beans and cole slaw.  The big bucket was empty and only a small bite of food was left.  However, I don't think the salt water taffy went over very well.  Must have something to do with senior dental work.

Everyone had their beach ball bingo cards filled out and were ready to play.
I'm sorry I forgot who the big winners were but I'm sure if you are short on funds, they could lend you some money.  
Marti and Drew were the official ballot counters for the Beach Party King and Queen candidates.  After a long arduous deliberation of the many candidates, they awarded John Knoll beach King and me as beach Queen.  Get out your magnifying glass to see the high quality trophy he was awarded.  

Tomorrow is the famous Polar Bear party.......

Turtle Safely.......

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  1. Looks like fun Jan. I know that you worked really hard on this and will be glad when it is over.


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