Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 4 Chapter 21 Parker Rally

Bill and I got up early today and rushed down to the pavilion.  Drew had the key because he was going to go early and get the big coffee pot going.  We got over to the pavilion to find it locked.  We waited and waited and finally Drew arrived.  Drew had set his smartphone alarm.  The problem is that we are right on the Colorado River with California on the other side.  We find that the cell phones go back and forth to California and Arizona towers. Which means they bounce back and forth between two separate time zones.  Unfortunately, his cell phone alarm went to California time.  

I must say having a delay in my morning coffee made for a sluggish time in the kitchen.  Thank goodness for all those people that pitched in and helped.  Don Del Rosario, Betty Dawson and Karen Knoll ran back and forth to their RV's gathering cooking utensils.
  Betty Dawson cooking the sausage.
The breakfast consisted of pancakes, sausage and fruit.

Our official coffee maker.

Just before social hour started I received a call from our friends, Sharon and Roger Hime.  They had e-mailed us over the weekend that their dining room slide on their new Open Range wasn't working.  Knowing how Roger is able to fix everything and he couldn't get it working we were really worried about meeting up with them.  I know how slow some dealers are and have heard many horror stories on how long some of them take to order parts.  Sharon called to say they had it repaired by Robert Crist and would see us tomorrow.  I believe Sharon and Roger purchased their fifth wheel last fall in Florida, so  this dealer repaired it promptly even though it wasn't purchased there.  

The famous Polar Bear Party started at the 3 pm social hour.  Bunny and Bruce Ratcliff and their apprentice John came from Quartzite to make the Polar Bears.  I'm not sure of the whole contents but I know vodka, Kahlua and ice cream go into them. 

The 5 pm potluck had a great selection of food.  I forgot to bring the camera, but trust me these people know how to cook.  

Turtle Safely........

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