Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Have you done this with your friends in Mexico?

Today was another gorgeous day and we were all ready to go about 8:30.  Jim was going to drive all six of us--that way we only had to pay to park one vehicle at the Mexican border.  Anyone that knows Jim Dixon knows he lives and breathes Chevy.  Can you imagine how he felt when he said we'd have to take our Dodge because his Chevy wouldn't start?  No problem we emptied out the junk in the back seat and all piled in.  

As we were walking down the street in Mexico
we spotted an Escapees sign on a store window.    
We were headed to our 10 am appointment.  Without much trouble we found our destination.  We all piled into the storefront and announced we were there.  The receptionist said we needed to go to the new office a couple of blocks away and they would show us the way.  It seemed like more than 2 blocks but it didn't take long.   At last we were there!  And where, you ask, is there.

Don't you and your friends all go to the dentist together?  Tell me RVers don't take socializing to a different level.  

Bill, Diane and Tom all went first

Tom was in another room, but my camera found him.
Jim and Sandie had to wait until the rest of them were finished.  Notice I only took pictures and got to watch everyone get their treatments.  
My battery died so I didn't get a photo of Jim.

But Dianne took this one.

Tom, Diane and Bill were finished first so we took a walk around town and stopped for some food.  We returned to the office and Sandie was finished and waiting for Jim.  Back to the taco shop so Jim and Sandie could get some lunch. 

Here's the happy faces from the dentist party.

Last nights happy hour introduced us to almond tequila so we made sure we bought a bottle each before returning to the USA.  The lines to cross the border were not bad at all and we returned to Pilot Knob without incident.   

Jim looked at his truck and Bill tried jumping the battery but that didn't work.  Bill drove Jim back to Yuma so he could buy two batteries.  By the time he returned it was almost 7.  It was a very long day made much shorter by the great company we were with.  

Tomorrow morning we go back for the crown.  Cost for a Bill's crown was $187.  

Hopefully, we'll be able to leave tomorrow and be in Parker before dark.  

Turtle Safely.....


  1. Great adventure with a fun group today!

  2. I have admired/swooned at Sandie's new smile. Now I have to inspect everyone elses before they leave.


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