Saturday, January 11, 2014

Letter to Hickory

Parker, Arizona
La Paz County RV Park
Chapter 21 Rally

Today's blog is going to be a little different.  Bill and I receive e-mails from Hickory.  Hickory's parents are Sharon and Roger Hime who are going to be joining us in Quartzite soon.  They have been traveling since December 27 when they left Florida along with Tony and Peggy.  Hickory doesn't say much but she can really e-mail the details of the trip.  

Dear Hickory,

I have to post this on my blog because your parents haven't let you get your own email account.

We were at this really neat restaurant where all the parents brought their dogs.  Nearly everyone had a dog with them.  There were very big dogs and then some of those little toy size ones with little bows on their heads.
There also were some very nice looking boy dogs about your size without a spouse.  Some of the parents even brought their kids water bowls with them. 

It is at the Desert Bar which is 5 miles out a dirt road.  You might have to hang your head out the window as the road is curvy and over the hills which may cause you to get car sick.  They don't have electric but a lot of solar which means the filthy habit those boy dogs have when they see a pole won't be happening out there.  You can watch the senior citizens get up and dance to the band, but most of the dogs that see their Mom and Dad on the dance floor just turn their head like they don't know who belongs to them.   Our friend Dan had three women dancing with him at the same time.

They don't sell dog food but the portions are so big that Bill and I shared a sandwich and still had leftovers we would have shared with you, if you were there. 

The sun was shining and you could have lounged anywhere in the sun.  

You better talk with your Mom and Dad and let them know that if they go to the Desert Bar they can take you.  It is only open on Saturday and Sunday for three months out of the year.    

We're looking forward to your visit in a few days.  Have you had your tubby and ready to come visit Aunt Jan and Uncle Bill?  Your parents can come with you. 

Aunt Jan and Uncle Bill

The weather was perfect for the flea market in the park and everyone was strolling through it.  I think everyone walked back with bags of stuff.

Even though we arrived at the Desert Bar at noon when they opened there were many people ahead of us.  

By the time we returned it was almost time for happy hour.  The weather was beautiful and once again we looked for shade.  

We were happy to see that Drew and Marti had arrived without incident.  

A busy day tomorrow--we're having a beach party.

Oh, by the way, Hickory is a very lovely rescue dog with a wonderful personality.

Turtle Safely.......

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