Thursday, January 16, 2014

Montana Circling of the Wagons

Quartzite, Arizona
Plomosa Road BLM

I've been so busy and having fun, I have been neglecting my blog.

Tuesday we started the morning off with a french toast and sausage breakfast for the Chapter 21 attendees.  

The prize drawing followed breakfast.
Here's a photo of the happy winners.

We gathered up all the supplies and returned the pavilion key to park host as everyone wanted to have Happy Hour outside since the weather was so warm.

Bill and I drove downtown to get some laundry done.  Every laundry was packed--someone ought to take the hint and build a bigger one.  Don and Sharon were finishing up their laundry when we arrived.  

I read facebook while I was waiting for the laundry and saw my girlfriend, Karia, was at a meeting in Parker.  I didn't know where, but we were trying to get in touch with her so she could join the fun.  

We rushed back to La Paz in time for Happy Hour.  Everyone was waiting to hear the correct answers for the Jeopardy Tour.  Gene Struble had the most correct questions.  Everyone who did the tour received a trophy (RV compatible size).  

Here's a photo of Gene wearing his prize hat.

Don, Sharon, Karen, John, Carol, Tom and us went to the Steakhouse for dinner.  It is just a short jaunt from the La Paz County RV park.  
The Wounded Warrior Windmill had a place where you could pitch a coin.  All donations benefit the Wounded Warriors and families.  We already liked this place and we haven't even gone through the front door.  

The food and service was very good.  We were glad to have the chance to get to know Carol and Tom better.  

The next morning we were up early and made our way to the dump station.  There were two RV's already in the dump station but we came from the other end so we didn't have to wait.  We followed Sharon and Don down to Quartzite, registered and proceeded out the road to the MOC Circle.  Don and Sharon are staying with Chapter 21 and 6 which is located near us.  

Jim and Sandie were already at the circle and there was a spot saved right next to them.  We thought Dianna was coming back and then Dave told us there was another area where the other three rigs from Florida we were meeting could go.  We opted to leave the one site for Dianna and go farther down the oval.

No sooner than we got parked and said "hello" to everyone it was time to leave for the Escapees Happy Hour sponsored by Susie Orr.  It was so nice to see people we hadn't seen in a while.   

Each of the chapters and BOF's could set up a table and recruit members.  Unfortunately, Chapter 45, our home chapter didn't have a table.

You do find Dennis Hill in some strange places.  
There was lots of snacks and hugs.
Don and Sharon added some new members to Chapter 21.
All it took was for Carol to get up and dance and then the dance floor was full.  

The entertainment was enjoyed by all who attended.

Sharon Hime called to say they had arrived at the circle and checked in. We had a dinner to attend so told them we'd catch up with them later.  The local dealer in town had brought out some new Montana's for viewing along with pizza, beer and entertainment that Roger, Sharon, Tony and Peggy enjoyed.

After the Happy Hour we had a few extra minutes so Don drove out to Boomerville.  We stopped long enough to say "hi" and to sign the flag for the military.  

From Boomerville Don drove to Silly Al's.  He told us we needed to be early (Isn't that the middle name of an Escapee?).  We may have been early but there was only one parking space left.  

Art and Caroline Fennell were already there, but soon everyone started arriving.  Susie had made the reservations for the VCRs--Volunteer Club Representatives.  I couldn't believe how many attended.    
Dennis Hill did tell us that he'd dressed up for the occasion. 

Look how pretty Carol's hair is.  She told me a story about how she burnt it.  Does it look like she burnt it?  
Our hostess, Susie, talking with Gloria King.
Mac McCoy, the fire guy, was in the other section of the restaurant and came in to see where all the noise was coming from.  He wasn't surprised to see it was Escapees.

The moon was just coming out, when we headed back to the circle.  Roger and Sharon Hime were parked next to us.  We stopped over for a few minutes to visit with Roger and Sharon and to meet Tony and Peggy.  The few minutes turned into a lot of minutes.  By the time we left them, we were ready for bed.  

This morning Sharon and Roger and chef, Tony, cooked french toast and sausage outside for breakfast.  She makes the best homemade bread.  

Roger needed propane and some LED lights.  We drove over to the vendors near the big tent and wandered around.  Of course, Roger found the 25 cent coffee shop.  

A trip to Quartzite has to include the bookstore.  The owner is called, Three Socks.  He doesn't wear anything else, so maybe you can figure out where he wears the third sock. I didn't take the camera today, but I also didn't want a picture of Three Socks even though there is a sign that says you can photograph him for free.  

As we were driving by Tyson Wells, Sharon saw a place she wanted to stop.  Bill found a parking place fairly easily and we did a few rows of the flea market.  Tony came over to look at some chairs as his bride to be was sick.

Roger saw a fish and chips sign so we all crossed the street for lunch.  Tony and I wouldn't order until we saw what Roger's food looked like.  Surprising to us, it was very good.  
We came back to the circle and it was about happy hour time.  The Montana owners have to be the most welcoming group we've been around.  

We came in when it got dark and missed the campfire again.  Just too much going on, maybe tomorrow.  

Turtle Safely.......

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