Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Not through yet

Casa Grande, AZ
Sticks and Bricks

I can't understand why businesses don't have hours for customers.  We went to Chandler early for our eye appointments as I wanted to stopped at Anna's Linens for some valances.  It was after 9 am and they didn't open until 10 am.  No problem we went to the Chandler Mall and the stores there didn't open until 10.  In Arizona we have no daylight savings time so most people from the state are used to getting up early.  I know it is winter, but the hours don't change in the summer.  If you want to shop in the morning, you can't do it before 10 am.  Do you know the difference in temperatures at 8 am versus 10 in an Arizona summer?

Today Bill had his check up from yesterday's surgery and everything looked fine and doesn't have to return until the 17th.  I had decided to have an eye exam after seeing how professional and  thorough they were when they checked Bill.  My father is legally blind and with a family history of macular degeneration and glaucoma.  I was a little startled when I made the appointment for today and they said it would cost $210.  For what it's worth, I didn't have to pay the $210 because I now have medical problems and medicare will kick in.  I was told that my pressure is high and needs to be checked again and that I have a separated retina.  My doctor said I needed to see a retina specialist and they wouldn't be at the office until Monday so I have an appointment then. I guess we'll be making another trip to Chandler.  

My eyes were dilated so Bill decided since only one of his were dilated he would be better to drive home.  

On our way home we stopped to see how Polly Folger was doing.  I should have had my camera with me she looked so good.  She seemed to be doing fine.  She can't put any weight on her foot so she's confined to the couch and using crutches to get around.  She seemed to be in fine spirits.

Polly had a gift for us.  It was this unique saguaro cactus surrounded by barb wire.  
This photo didn't come out well but trust me it goes well with western decor.  

I'll probably have withdrawals not having to drive to the valley tomorrow.  I can't believe in my working days I drove up there everyday in rush hour traffic.  

Turtle Safely.......



  1. Okay you two - enough with eye issues. But I'm really glad the two of you with one good eye made it home okay. Just think of all the money you saved because the stores weren't open. Good news about Polly. Hopefully we'll get over to see them when we get back.


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