Thursday, January 23, 2014


Casa Grande, AZ
Home Base

Bill and I both agree that we had the best time ever at Quartzite this year.  I don't know if it's because we combined Pilot Knob, Parker and Quartzite into one perfect package, the perfect weather, the perfect friends, the perfect Circling of the Wagons, the perfect parking at the big tent, the perfect repairs on the truck, perfect driving weather, perfect sunrises and sunsets, perfect social hours, perfect Susie's Happy Hour, perfect VCR's dinner, you get the idea.  It was perfect.  

Yesterday we were probably the first ones to leave.  When we woke up were out of propane.  Decided not to shower or wash our hair until we got home.  Bill didn't have any hair left anyway after his terrible haircut.  We could have run the fireplace and turned the hot water heater to electric but wasn't sure how long it would take to heat up enough for a shower.  

This was our view as we went outside to hitch up.
I'm sorry not everyone can experience Arizona in January.  Another glorious day.
This hot air balloon has been soaring overhead and I've always forgotten to get a photo.

Three big waves good bye from Roger, Mike and Sharon.  I got a wag earlier from Hickory.
This photo was taken of the circle from Plomosa Road.  Notice the shadow of the rig. 

Jim and Sandie were moving over to La Posa while Roger and Sharon were headed over to meet up with Tony and Peggy, for their wedding day.  

When we stopped in Gila Bend to empty our tanks there was a few other rigs with the same idea.  We were surprised by how little water was in the gray tank.  According to our gauges we had 2/3 of our fresh water left.  If it weren't for Bill's appointments we could have stayed much longer.   

Unloading was pretty simple but we couldn't figure out why the freezer had so much food left.  We gained a few pounds.  I wonder why? We hosed off some of the dust but realized it might need more some other time.

We took the rig back over to storage and George Obrien was there to greet us.  He told us about his bad experience with the Escapees in Quartzite and how he didn't get one hug.  Well he got one from me.  We plan to change his opinion of the Escapees soon.  

Bill was upset that we spent my birthday on a hitch up day but it was fine with me.  I had this cake base in the freezer and Bill put it together for my birthday.  I just wanted a l-o-n-g hot bath.

Didn't get it because the phone rang the rest of the day and evening. Some were happy birthday songs to me, some were of bad news.  

I didn't look at my e-mails while riding home and there was one yesterday morning from Bob Moritz telling us that Nancy passed away.  Her health had been very bad for a very long time but she was always so up beat and never ever complained.  She will be missed.       

Turtle Safely......


  1. Found your blog. Sorry we didn't share your birthday with us. Hope you have many more. Hugs Janet

  2. We miss you guys. I was so sorry to hear about Nancy. More so for Bob though. Can you believe it? I have internet. As soon as we got unhitched, we headed into the Verizon store in Yuma. They reset our jetpack and put in a new SIM card. We have 4G. We also have TV down here so it had to be where we were parked up there. It was a great time.

  3. Maybe you should have moved over to the space by us. I knew there had to be something wrong with that jetpack. It's been bad for a long time.


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