Friday, January 17, 2014

Quartzite--Circling of the Wagons

Quartzite, Arizona
Plomosa Road BLM

This is a picture of the moon going down this morning while we were fixing breakfast.  How can you not love the desert?

It's been so busy, I can't begin to tell you everything. Tony and Peggy headed out today as Peggy was still sick and wanted to see a doctor in California.   Roger and Sharon needed to go back to the LED light store for Tony so they took Mike and Maureen Woodward with them to show them the town.  They attended Mac, the fire guy's seminar, before they left the circle.  We debated about attending, because the seminars are all good but knew we needed to be back from town in the early afternoon for the potluck and we were getting a late start.  

Jim and Sandie needed a few things in town, so Bill crawled behind the wheel and took us back to town.  First stop was the Dollar Store as Sandie needed some things.  Bealls was next door and Sandie found a bathing suit.  

I saw something for Dennis Hill, didn't buy it, because we didn't know when we'd see him again.  There was an orange web belt in a package with two other colors.  There was only one package, and we probably should have bought it.  

We tried to find a parking place at Tyson Wells but couldn't find one.  We went over to the flea markets on the west side of town.  
  Bill said every man should have a big belt buckle but I said this wasn't RV compatible in size.
It probably looks better on the bear, than it would holding up Bill's pants.

Sandie spotted a barbecue food stand and we stopped for lunch.  I had beef brisket that was very good.  
Bill was impressed with this large kachina since he makes much smaller ones.  

Bill decided to stop and water this unique camel.  

Here's Jim and Sandie by this camel.  I suppose those  are Chevy wheels or Jim wouldn't get that close.  

Since we were so close we drove over to the Hi Jolly Cemetery.

There actually is a lot of history in this tiny (without RVers) town.
Here's the circle potluck photos.

One thing that I like about the circle is that the rear windows all face into the circle.  Instead of people setting their chairs by the doors they are set up at the rear of the rigs.  It just seems like it's easier to get to meet people when you walk the circle and they are sitting right there.

Did I tell you how much we're enjoying this group?

Turtle Safely.......


  1. Sandi is getting better about her picture. Rod told me she would kill me for publishing her doing YMCA, but I told her I was going to, so she expected it.


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