Saturday, January 18, 2014

Quartzite--RV Show

Quartzite, AZ
Polomas Road BLM

It's been a very long day, so this will be a very short blog.

Sandie and Jim Dixon picked us up at exactly 7:45 am.  We were going to park at the city park and take the trolley, but then we realized Jim wanted to get an inverter.  We had absolutely no problem parking right near the fence around the big tent.  The normal crowds seemed very light to us.  By noon we were through the big tent.  
I can't believe the number of people that care so little about their pets that they would bring them into the tent with all those people.  I almost stepped on a couple of small dogs.  I would think that would make a dog very nervous surrounded by all those people and the noise.  We even saw people with strollers for their dogs.  What are the owners thinking?

I was surprised at the number of RV parks that had booths.  Even the place we store our coach was there as well as I think 4 other parks from our home town.

Do you think Jim and Bill are up to no good? 

I talked with the Redland Trucking representative of Pacbrake and told him I had a whistle when the exhaust brake was on.  It was one of those high pitched sounds that Bill couldn't hear.  He said it was probably a clamp and to bring it right in and they'd take care of it.  

We went back to the Montana Circle and brought the truck back. 

Bill and walked across the street to Tyson Wells while the truck was in their bay. 

We saw the mechanic underneath the truck and then under the hood.  After a few hours they said it wasn't the exhaust brake it's a gasket leaking.  They will get the part on Monday and install it Tuesday.  

They invited us to stay for a barbecue dinner, but we were both exhausted and came on back.  

Here's an ultralight flying over Jim and Sandie's home. 

We visited at Happy Hour for awhile and finally saw Dick and Joyce.  I knew they were coming but hadn't seen them. 
We were going to ride over with Jim and Sandie for lunch with Jenny and Mickey who are at Blythe for the Blue Grass Festival tomorrow, but we're so tired I think we'll pass.  

Turtle Safely......

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